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Mes series preferres sont H2O, Harry Potter, Bones, Twilight et d'autres.

Lire mes histoires, au-dessous.

Read my stories below.

click the link below and download the map of atlantis if you want to know where everything is on the island


http:///gallery/?catpath=/#/d5bt8w5 this is the new coverpage with Will and Bella that I made

http:///gallery/38620796#/d59x7ur - these are medallions and the royal council that were drawn by Calyn, who I thank a lot for her hard work :D

http:///cgi/collection?id=2536918 - This is a link to a rather exquisite wardrobe for the four main princesses we all know and love Cleo, Emma, Bella and Rikki done by The Dark Waltz

So far I have really enjoyed writing Creating Atlantis.

PM me if you have an idea for Creating Atlantis I may not use it but new plot possibilities keep the story from dying. :)

I have another account called TempduMinuit where all my rated M stories are. I did this because the stories on this account were written so that kids twelve and up could read it. If you like my writing, you're an adult and you like Iron man then TempduMinuit is for you.

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