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Who is Zeh Wulf? A brooding, plot-obsessed delinquent... who never updates on time.

Who is the Girl Who Pretends to be Zeh Wulf? A graduate from the University of Texas. Currently making my way in the working world. I'm short, nerdy, and socially impaired. Hobbies include listening to indie music, reading like a fiend, trying (desperately) to learn to speak Japanese, mooching around on the internet, and singing.

Shameless Plugging

Awards and Contests:

So, apparently ITFH won Fan Fic of the Year for 2003-2004 over at the RKRC Awards hosted by Meiji Tales It was also runner up for best Action Adventure. SHOCK! I honestly hadn't thought it'd generated that much of a fanbase. Well! Pleasant surprise for me! Thanks to everyone who supported ITFH and to all the admins over at Meiji Tales for taking up the task of revamping the RKRC Awards. Appreciation to all! http:///index.php


Evil Karyta (aka Eden)Kaoru in her ballgown from ITFH.Also my current bio picture _

SibunA: http:///deviation/9142712/ A steamy-sweet moment from ITFH. Check out her other works... http:///

Kat Morning: My kawaii beta sent me a little pic of Kagome (mermaid-style) in hopes of inspiring me to get moving on chapter 5 of WW. It worked _ http:///images/art/kagome-mermaid.jpg

Fan Fiction Info

General Update: 1/23/07 - Hey! An update! Go me!

Reminder: Because decided to notice song lyrics in fics, I've removed ITFH's lyrics from chapter 12 and completely removed the IY oneshot "I Am Waiting for Something to Go Wrong." You can find them over at mediaminer.


Working On...

"Without Words" - To clear up questions, this is based on the original, Hans Christian Anderson version of the fairy tale. Check out this site http:///~johnr/aesop/aesophca.html " to read the tale online.

Status: Chapter seven up

"Wakareru" -This... might actually get ressurrected. I recently got excited about it again.

Will Eventually Get To...

Nothing right now. If anyone has any ideas for plots/situations they'd like to see, drop me a line. I'll write for Inu-Yasha and Rurouni Kenshin, obviously, but I also feel confident enough to do Teen Titans, Bleach, Fruits Basket, and maybe even some Mahoro (manga only, please). Or, you can pitch me something obscure. You never know what I'll know, cause I read a lot.

C2 News

"Inu-Yasha Elite List" http://www.fanfiction.net/c2/945/0/1/ : Well! They finally decided to let Mature fics into the C2 system. The EL is now considerably bigger.

"I want so badly to believe that there is truth that love is real. And I want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd." ~The Postal Service~

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