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Note: I usually go by foxohki, but there is already an author with that name on this site! I am in no way associated with them or even know who they are! I'm not sure how many of my stories I will upload here, for now it will just be my most recent one. To see any of my others, which are all about feral pokemons and foxes doing naughty things, you can go to sofurry: http:///browse/user/stories?by=119925

Please don't ever hesitate to send me a message! I don't care who you are or what you've done, I want to be your friend, to love and care for you! :3 If you're ever feeling sad, or depressed, or have a problem and need a friend or someone to talk to! Please send me a message and come find me so I can try and make things better! I want to love you and make you happy! TT*

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