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My main home was and will be LiveJournal, and as of now I am returning to it. (littlesammy dot livejournal dot com)

URGENT: Cote de Pablo did not sign a contract for season 11 of NCIS and will only return for a couple of episodes to "send off" her character of Ziva David. The fandom is rioting at the moment. Cote's army is marching, and we're letter-campaigning like there's no tomorrow. But we need more help and more voices to speak up. For addresses, links, idea on what YOU can do to help, please go to either my LJ (see above) or my Tumblr (sammythinks dot tumblr dot com). I'm posting everything I see there.

Due to ffn's new policy regarding anonymous comments I will no longer have my stories associated with this site. My fiction will always be online, of course, both on Livejournal and at the Archive of Our Own. Reading my stories on LJ is possible for everyone, but if you want to comment you will need an account there or log in with Facebook. LJ accounts are free, though, much like ffn ones are, and there's always room for a few more NCIS peeps over there to have a Tiva party. ;)

Feel free to contact me there or on Tumblr.

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