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Greetings Fanfiction readers! I am alfonse08 and I have been an avid reader of fanfiction for quite a few years now. I absolutely love this site and all the amazing stories and ideas I see posted on it everyday.

I have a lot of Manga, Anime, Video Games, Light Novels, and Books I love, however some of the more notable examples are Campione!, Fate/Stay Night, Highschool DXD, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Negima!, Digimon, One Piece, Buso Renkin, The Percy Jackson series, Kane Chronicles, Harry Potter, and many more.

I kind of like most harem stories, provided they can be done in a somewhat believable fashion. What really matters most to me is that the characters genuinely love each other and can make the relationships work, and I prefer most canon pairings. It irritates me when I see other authors bashing on the people who get together in canon. It's natural to not really like some characters over others, but one thing that makes most authors so successful is that they keep most of their bias out of their works and not blatantly favor or hate one character too much. Otherwise it ends up souring the story.

I really hate character bashing. I mean, come on guys and girls, you're bashing FICTIONAL PEOPLE! Some of whom have done absolutely nothing in my opinion to deserve getting hated. Take Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter for example. Yes she was rather shy around Harry and Rowling really took her sweet time getting that relationship going, but I really feel that you guys can be rather unfair towards her. When people see Hinata act like this towards Naruto they typically think it's cute, but when Ginny does this it seems to piss people off under the pretense she is nothing but a fan-girl, a phase which she grew out of. The characters in most series may have dislikeable qualities, but it simply goes to show they have a more human side. If we ourselves cannot claim perfection then why should we expect it in others. The only reason why I haven't removed some of the stories from my profile with character bashing is because I find some of their other elements to be interesting enough to let it slide.

I love Kinoko Nasu's Typemoon universe despite the grimness it often presents. That though, in a way, makes it even more appealing as it simply shows what can be construed as the truth of the world and human nature, and that despite the harshness of reality, people still manage to live and thrive and that the world isn't without hope. All it takes is simply for those people that care about others to never give up and find it.

However, part of the reason I am typing this is because I have some ideas for a challenge involving any kind of Grail War you authors may want, even if it's outside the Typemoonverse, the only stipulation is that you use some of my servant ideas from various universes that I will be posting on this page, and then PM me if you want permission to use them. The reason why I'm doing this is because, despite the fact I received an A in my college writing class, I have little confidence in my story crafting abilities. So I'm hoping you other authors on this site can use the ideas floating around in my head that I may never create to make some true masterpieces. And before you complain about any stats, skills, or Noble Phantasms, keep in mind I am not adverse to you changing some things to suit your needs, I am new to this after all so I completely understand if some revision is in order to make it sound better or more believable. And yes I am fully aware that there are multiple factors that can affect a Servant's stats, but these are mostly just general statistics to give you a good idea as to what they tend to lean toward. You'll also note I left out the Range and Maximum Number of Targets in the Noble Phantasms because I didn't feel like doing those parts. You want to do them, go ahead, but I'm not doing them.

(P.S. Some of these ideas may have been used before and there are a few ideas I will admit are from different authors I may use. If you happen to see this profile and the idea was even partially your own than I apologize in advance, although some might actually be flattered their ideas were considered good enough that someone wants to copy them. I'm pretty sure I would so long as I got credit for it. I like to do as the Romans did and take a good idea when I see it.)

Servant Ideas:

Identity: Perseus "Percy" Jackson

Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Classes: (Saber) [Rider] {Berserker}

Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Mad (When Mad Enhancement is active)

Basic Stats:

Strength: (A-plus) [B] {A-plus}

Endurance: (B) [C] {A}

Agility: (A) [B-plus] {A}

Mana: (C) [B] {C}

Luck: (B) [A] {D}

Noble Phantasms: (A-plus-plus) [A-plus-plus] {B-plus}

Class Skills:

Riding: (A) [A-plus]- The expertise to ride animals and vehicles. At these ranks it is high enough to have aptitude for the Rider class. At A rank it is possible to ride all creatures but those of Phantasmal and Divine Beast Rank. At A-plus rank it is high enough to ride all manner of Phantasmal and Divine creatures besides those of Dragon Kind.

Magic Resistance: (A)- Grants protection against magical effects. At this rank, it is possible to cancel spells of A-Rank or below. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi, so it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a "Magus Killer."

Independent Action: [C-plus]- The ability to remain independent even when rejecting prana supply from master. At higher ranks it can even allow the servant to remain in the world for extended periods of time without an established contract. At C-rank servant is capable of remaining materialized in the world for one day without an established contract, however if within a body of water servant would receive aid from the planet and could remain active for roughly three days.

Mad Enhancement: {D}-Rank up for strength and agility, but robs one of most of their reason.

Personal Skills:

Divinity: B (A-plus-plus)- Percy's father was Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea, as such he is granted a heightened resistance towards attacks from those with ocean-deity based lineage. It also has a special effect that reduces special defense values called "purge defense" in proportion to the Divinity's rank. At B-rank, it is considered to be high enough where Percy can be classified as a lesser Divine Spirit given manifested form. When under the effects of Demi-Blood, this rank is automatically raised to A-plus-plus where he is treated as a true Divine Spirit with all the power that comes with it.

Bravery: A- The ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion, and fascination. Not usable under the effects of Mad Enhancement.

Animal Dialogue: B- An ability that allows for communication of intention with animals that don't speak a "language of words". Being descended from Poseidon, Percy has the ability to communicate with equine creatures and sea life.

Noble Phantasms:

Perseus: The Deception of Divinity: Rank: A-plus-plus, Type: Anti-Unit (Towards himself), Classes: All Classes

The Noble Phantasm closest to Percy's legend, Perseus was not a 'physical object' or even a 'way of attacking.' Rather, it was a 'set of abilities' that defined his legend.

Its' effect is simple—it grants him Divine Authority over his father's dominions by raising his Divinity. But Percy was an illegitimate child, born against a sworn oath, whose very existence was considered a mistake—he has no rightful claim to that authority. And yet, the sea obeys him. Though it was being his father's son that gifted him with his power, it could not be his father's authority that he wielded, for he had no need to call upon his father to wield it and could use it in lands beyond the gods. Then where did his power come from? When he became a Heroic Spirit, his legend crystalized into an answer that was never given.

His authority was a result of Deception. His father broke his oath and deceived the world. His mother hid him away and deceived the world. And so his birth, from which he drew his power, was shrouded in 'Deception.' And so, his authority, too, was 'Deception.' The Noble Phantasm Demi-Blood functions by affecting not any single target, but the 'Truth.' Over the Truth that says he has no right, it writes his Divine Authority. It says that he has that power over the dominions of his father, because it is his right-- or rather, it says that he is the God of those Dominions. It is 'The Deception of Divinity,' because it says that he is Divine, raising his Divinity and giving him power on par with a Divine Spirit by deceiving the world into thinking he is one equal to his father.

(p.s. Credit for this Noble Phantasm lies almost solely with rgm0005. You can find it in his story Holding Back the Sea, it's under my favorite stories.)

Anaklusmos: The Ripping Tide: Rank: B-minus, Type: Anti-Monster, Classes: All Classes

Anaklusmos (Greek: Riptide) is the weapon most closely identified with Percy. It is a sword that was a gift to him from his father, Poseidon, and the only weapon outside of shields that he uses. The blade possesses a very long and tragic history dating back to the time of Pleione and Heracles. It was a weapon given to Heracles by Zoe Nightshade, one of the Hesperides who were the daughters of Atlas, in order to fight the dragon, Ladon. However, Heracles never gave Zoe any credit for the deed, leaving her to the wrath of her family. As no mention of it was ever made in his legend, it is unknown if it ever became one of his Noble Phantasms. The blade was forged using Celestial Bronze, a metal that can harm gods and monsters without any further enchantments, and it was also imbued with the power of the ocean, making it highly compatible for Percy. However, the metals properties make it unable to harm mortals, passing through them like mist.

Throughout the ages, Riptide has assumed several different forms in order to better conceal it. When Zoe gave it to Heracles, it could take the form of a hair comb that shifted into the blade form. When it was given to Percy millennia later, it could assume the form of a ballpoint pen that, when the cap was removed, it magically shifted into blade form, and could be re-sheathed by placing it back on. Incidentally, to better conceal its true nature, it can even serve as a real pen if its owner desires. The weapon is also magically enchanted so that, should it ever be lost, it would always return to its owners pocket in less than a minute.

It is classified as Anti-Monster because it is a weapon that slew so many monsters throughout its history that upon becoming a Noble Phantasm, it was imbued with even greater monster slaying properties. Just one slash of this blade is all it would take to instantly slay beings with demonic or monstrous attributes, such as Medusa's gorgon form or Gilles de Rais' demonic summons, much like Kanshou and Bakuya would. Even those with inhuman blood or Heroic Spirits would end up being damaged, as despite being born human they are considered to be far enough away from humanity to be harmed (although normal magi will remain unscathed). All of these abilities are passive and require no additional prana.

Blackjack: The Pitch-Black Pegasus: Rank: B, Type: Anti-Army, Classes: Rider

Blackjack is the name of the black Pegasus Percy encountered years ago after setting him free from Kronos' army. For this, he became extremely loyal to Percy, and has been considered his personal steed ever since. He is a Magical Creature belonging to the category of Monstrous Beast (due to not being particularly old when Percy befriended him), granting him the equivalent of C-ranked Magic Resistance, and is capable of flying more than 200 mph. He is an intelligent mount that Percy can easily communicate with due to his Poseidon lineage, and he is one of his closest friends that he can rely on to come whenever he calls.

Mrs. O'Leary: The Heroic Hellhound: Rank: A, Type: Anti-Army, Classes: Saber, Rider

Mrs. O'Leary is a Hellhound Phantasmal Beast Percy obtained from the demigod Daedalus to look after before he passed away. Hellhounds normally belong to the category of Monstrous Beasts, and they are creatures almost impossible for regular humans to tame due to their inherent blood-thirsty natures, also making it so that almost none manage to become Phantasmal Beasts, as they typically end up getting slain before reaching that point. Mrs. O'Leary though is an exception among her species, as she is not only one of the few Hellhounds that managed to live long enough to become one, but also quite possibly the only Hellhound to be tamed by a hero. She is extremely friendly to most people and loyal to Percy, who in turn cares deeply for her, and she is unafraid of taking on strong foes if it means protecting him. She has the ability to shadow travel, allowing her to move from one shadow to the next like a doorway, even if its on the other end of the planet. She can even turn herself into a shadow that can follow others and hide her presence like an Assassin class servant. It is also said that when someone hears her howl, it is taken as an omen of death, meaning that either they will soon die or someone close to them already has.

Armor of the Afterlife: Curse of the Underworld: Rank: B to A-plus-plus, Type: Anti-Unit (Towards himself), Classes: Berserker

In order to obtain the power necessary to match the Titan Kronos who was inhabiting Percy's then enemy Luke, he went with his friend Nico di Angelo down to the realm of Hades, where he bathed in the River Styx to obtain the same curse the hero Achilles took onto himself when he was an infant. The curse made him nearly invincible, increasing his strength to the point where few things could harm him, his only real weakness being a point on his back opposite his navel. However, he did not retain the curse forever, having lost it not even a year afterwards when crossing the Tyber River of the Roman Camp, since it was a Greek blessing. Yet it still made a big enough impact upon his legend to be considered one of his Noble Phantasms for the Berserker class, as the curse granted him greater power and combat prowess to the point he could decimate an entire army of monsters. His curse works like the original Achilles, which makes it so that those with a lower divinity cannot injure him. When combined with his other Noble Phantasm Perseus, so long as it is active then the only way by which an opponent can actually hurt him would be to possess an equally high Divinity, an Anti-God/Divine weapon, a Divine Construct, or attacking his weak spot.

Identity: Harry James Potter

Series: Harry Potter

Classes: (Rider) [Caster] {Assassin}

Alignment: Lawful Good

Basic Stats:

Strength:(C) [E] {D}

Endurance: (C) [D] {C}

Agility: (B) [C] {B}

Mana: (B) [A] {C-plus}

Luck: (C) [B] {D}

Noble Phantasm: (EX) [EX] {C-plus-plus-plus}

Class Skills:

Riding: (A)- The expertise to ride animals and vehicles. At this rank it is high enough to have aptitude for the rider class. At A rank it is possible to ride all creatures but those of Phantasmal and Divine Beast Rank.

Independent Action: (B)- The ability to remain independent even when rejecting prana supply from master. At higher ranks it can even allow the servant to remain in the world for extended periods of time without an established contract. At B-rank servant is capable of remaining materialized in the world for two days without an established contract.

Territory Creation: (EX) [EX] {C-plus}- The skill to build a terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus. Normally, Caster has difficulty creating powerful territories due to his cultures magic being in many ways inferior to that of other magi, not to mention his own lack of skill in this particular area. However, to compensate for this the territories he creates typically have properties that would be considered on the level of High-Thaumaturgy, such as distorting space to create a large area to live and work in inside an easily portable device, such as a bag, trunk, or tent. He can also create wards that can keep away most intruders such as normal humans and some magi. The Territory itself does little to enhance his abilities, but they do make for good portable homes. His Noble Phantasm, Hogwarts, is the reason why it is labeled as being EX-ranked as a Rider and Caster.

Item Construction: (C) [C-plus] {C}- The skill to manufacture magical items. At this rank servant is capable of making various magical concoctions and enchanted items of fairly high quality.

Presence Concealment: {C}(A)- The capacity to hide ones presence as a servant. At C-rank it is possible to conceal oneself from most methods of detection. Becomes A-rank when using Noble Phantasm The Invisibility Cloak.

Personal Skills:

Animal Dialogue: D-plus- An ability that allows for communication of intention with animals that don't speak a "language of words". It is not a skill that Harry possessed naturally, but was instead a side-effect of having a piece of his enemy Lord Voldemort's soul within his body. While the soul fragment and his ability to use it disappeared upon his momentary death at the hands of Voldemort, the ability was none the less considered an integral enough part of his legend he re-attained it upon his becoming a Heroic Spirit. It is an ability called Paseltongue, which only allows him to communicate with and command serpent based creatures, be they common garden snakes to monstrous Basilisks.

Magecraft:(C-plus) [B-plus-plus] {C-plus}- Capable of using advanced Orthodox Thaumaturgy. In Harry's culture, most magic required the use of wands to perform. While there are some wandless spells in his repertoire, the majority of his magecraft revolves around the usage of wand-based mystic codes to cast properly. Most of these spells consist of chanting one or two words, so the strongest level spells this type of magic can do would be classified as C-rank due to only requiring one or two words to cast, although some of the feats it can do rival that of High-Thaumaturgy. However, to make up for this he can cast all of his spells with great speed and proficiency as a Caster class servant.

Charisma: D-plus - The natural talent to command an army. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. At this rank it is sufficient to lead small groups or possibly even an army. Harry went on many adventures with his friends where he was responsible for inspiring his fellow schoolmates at Hogwarts to coalesce together to form an army that he was responsible for leading, and his own skill, experience, and bravery inspired great confidence in them. Normally Harry is not one for attention and thus represses the skill, but when necessary he has been known to inspire others with his strong will and good heart.

Noble Phantasms:

Hogwarts: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Rank: EX, Type: Anti-Army, Classes: Rider, Caster

Hogwarts is the school where Harry and his friends obtained their magical education. It was built a thousand years ago as a place for magical education by its four founders: Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, Salazar Slytherin, and Godric Gryffindor, each of whom are represented by their four houses that value a certain trait in someone. It is the place Harry considered the closest thing to home for most of his early life, where he made his first friends, went to on most of his great adventures, and where he had his final battle with his enemy Voldemort. It became so integral to his legend the school itself and all of his friends within became his Noble Phantasm. With it he can summon forth the castle as a battleground with every student, teacher, and ghost Harry ever went to school with and were his friends in life as minor servants. It is not a true Reality Marble, the manifestation of a person's Inner World, but instead is the manifestation of the memory of the school itself that exists within the hearts of every person he went to school with, similar to Iskander's Ionioi Hetairoi.

However, despite the similarities between the two Reality Marbles, there are some key differences. Harry cannot simply summon it wherever he wishes, he must first claim a nearby leyline as his territory, something that will take several days to complete. Once this territory is established, he can freely call the Reality Marble into existence whenever he wants so long as it's within the territory, similar to Vlad the III's Kazikli Bey, and because it relies partly upon the leyline to remain active, Harry can keep it materialized much longer than he normally would. He can summon forth some of the occupants within into the real world with the E-rank Independent Action Skill, even objects stored within. The entire castle is a magical territory with magically talented people and suits of armor to make it almost impossible for most Servants to get through unscathed.

(p.s. If you are wondering why he doesn't have this Phantasm as an Assassin, then the reason is both simple and complex. Reality Marbles that summon forth allies are representative of those who hold the distinction of leaders in life, ones who overwhelm their enemies using the power of the people, and at the same time uphold the glory of fair combat. Assassins are not meant to be leaders who fight opponents directly, they are meant to strike swiftly from the shadows in order to quickly and efficiently kill their targets, and their Phantasms reflect this subtlety.)

The Sword of Gryffindor: The Serpent-Slaying Blade: Rank: C-plus, Type: Anti-Unit, Classes: Rider

The Sword of Gryffindor is a blade that once belonged to Godric Gryffindor, one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and is thus a thousand years old, yet still in as good a condition as it was then due to its magical properties. Harry encountered the blade on several occasions during his adventures in school, the first time being when it appeared from his schools Sorting Hat where he then used it to slay a basilisk. Harry never used swords much during his lifetime, therefore his skill with the blade is only average compared to the legendary skills many other Heroic Spirits came to be revered for. Despite this it is still a magnificent blade that he was famous enough for so as to be considered his Noble Phantasm. It only appears from its sheathe, the Sorting Hat, in times of great need before those with a true heart of bravery worthy of Gryffindor himself, meant only to be drawn for slaying evil, and has thus ascended to being considered a holy blade that deals double damage towards serpent based creatures or those with their attributes. It was forged for Godric by Ragnuk the First, King of the Goblins, and his finest goblin metalworkers, inlaid with rubies to symbolize the Gryffindor House, has Godric's name engraved along the blade, and is made of pure goblin silver, which has the ability to absorb only that which makes it stronger, allowing the sword to potentially become even more powerful. One such example is the venom it absorbed from the Basilisk Harry slew in his second year, making it far more lethal. Another interesting feature of the blade is its capacity to act as a magical focus that allows its wielder to hurl balls of light, lightning, or venom. (p.s. This final ability is based off of the games and not the books or movies.)

Hedwig: The Forever Faithful Owl: Rank: D, Type: Anti-Unit, Classes: All Classes

Hedwig was Harry's first ever pet, familiar, and friend that he made who is a snowy owl given as a gift to him by Rubeus Hagrid when he was eleven years old. She was responsible for delivering his messages, and always listened to him and to a certain extent even understood some of the things he would tell her, proving herself to be remarkably intelligent. Unfortunately several years later she was killed in the middle of the war that Voldemort started, as she willingly intercepted a spell that would have killed Harry. Because of her importance to Harry and her sacrifice she is regarded as one of his Noble Phantasms. She has been elevated to the rank of Magical Beast, but she is only a very low ranking Monstrous Beast who, although is now stronger and smarter than most normal animals with D-ranked Magic Resistance, is otherwise quite weak and not suited for combat. However she does serve as Harry's familiar and can now act as his eyes and ears to relay information to him. She also has one final ability that is an absolute last resort on her part that formed as a result of her final act in her legend. Due to the fact that she got in the way of a spell that was close to killing Harry, she now has the ability to, if Harry's life is on the line, voluntarily switch places with him in order to receive the incoming attack herself.

Buckbeak: The Steadfast Hippogriff: Rank: B, Type: Anti-Army, Classes: Rider

Buckbeak is a Hippogriff that was a faithful friend and companion of Harry that aided him on many occasions. He first met Harry when Hagrid introduced his class to Hippogriffs he raised, and he has been loyal to him ever since, even helping him in a few tough situations. He is the real reason why he was denoted the class of Rider, for even though Harry was more well known for his skills at riding broomsticks, he also rode magical creatures such as a thestral, a dragon, but most famously of all, Buckbeak. He is a magnificent and intelligent beast belonging to the category of Monstrous Beasts, and while he possesses no esoteric magical abilities, he's still a magical creature and thus stronger than most normal ones. His proud nature makes it so he is not easily intimidated, and upon his becoming a Noble Phantasm gained the equivalent of B-ranked Magic Resistance.

The Deathly Hallows: The Three Masters of Death: Rank: C-plus-plus-plus, Type: Support, Classes: Caster, Assassin

The Deathly Hallows is a unique Noble Phantasm possessed by Harry. Instead of being a lone object, it is instead a set comprised of three objects that are strong phantasms in their own right: The Elder Wand, The Resurrection Stone, and The Invisibility Cloak. These objects are over a thousand years old, and their origins first begin in what would come to be known as the Tale of Three Brothers.

There were once three brothers, the Peverells, who were powerful wizards, and one day they needed to cross a river. Using their magic, they formed a bridge by which to cross it. However, when they did, Death appeared before them, feeling furious and cheated at the fact they didn't drown in the river. Yet, Death was clever, so he played a trick on the brothers. To reward them for their cleverness, he would grant them three gifts of their choosing. The first brother, Antioch, wanted a wand that was undefeatable; the second, Cadmus, wanted a stone that brought back the dead; the third, Ignotus, being more humble than his brothers, asked for a cloak that would allow him to hide from Death. Death, reluctantly, obliged their wishes. Antioch was killed soon afterwards in his sleep and the wand stolen after showing its power to the people in town. Cadmus used it to bring back his dead wife, but seeing as she was nothing more than a spirit that didn't remain in the world very long, he committed suicide in despair. Ignotus, though, used the cloak in order to hide from Death's clutches for years until he became an old man, where he then passed the cloak unto his son and welcomed Death's embrace.

These objects have been passed down from owner to owner for generations since, the wand being constantly stolen, the stone becoming a ring of the Peverell family with their coat of arms on it, and the cloak being passed down on Harry's father's side of the family to their children. While Harry never possessed all three objects at once, he did claim permanent ownership over the cloak and temporary ownership over the wand and stone. Each of these objects are powerful C-rank Support items in their own right, but when all of them are brought together, the three objects strengthen one another, granting additional abilities they wouldn't normally possess.

The Elder Wand: The First Master of Death: The Elder Wand is the only wand made using elder wood and Thestral hair. It has the ability to raise the rank of any spell used upon it by two additional ranks, so if it were to be used to cast a C-rank spell, it would automatically be risen to A-rank. However, due to its long history of having its owner killed and stolen, the wand has a curse upon it that makes it so that if its original owner were defeated, its new master would be the one who defeated them, even if they were not at full strength. When this happens, the wand will still work for Harry, but instead of two ranks his spells would be raised by just one rank. The only way to counteract this is by defeating the person the wand now recognizes as its new owner, although the wand itself is now incapable of harming its new master, and if used against them will instead leap into their hand. If the other two Deathly Hallows are present, the power of his spells will increase by three ranks. The Resurrection Stone: The Second Master of Death: The Resurrection Stone is a small obsidian stone that was embedded into a ring. Its power is that if it is flipped in the hand three times, it can summon forth spirits from the afterlife that can only be seen by the person touching the stone. By itself, it would be an interesting ability but rather useless in combat, unless the user wanted information from the spirits, or to use them as spies. However, when with the other Deathly Hallows, it grants the stone the power of true resurrection, able to bring the dead back in a fully incarnated spiritual body, similar to Shirou in the Heavens Feel Route. The Invisibility Cloak: The Third Master of Death: The Invisibility Cloak is possibly the most precious possession Harry has. It is a family heirloom from his father's side that has been passed down since Ignotus Peverell gave it to his own son. Harry normally wears it around himself so as to make use of a glamour effect it has that conceals his stats and features, but when the cloak is flipped around it makes any who hide under it invisible, and upon becoming a Phantasm gained the ability to grant its wielder A-rank Presence Concealment. When with the other two Deathly Hallows though it grants its wielder A-plus rank Independent Action, allowing its wielder to remain in the world almost indefinitely without an established contract, although he still requires a source of prana in order to use his abilities.

Identity: Godou Kusanagi

Series: Campione!

Classes: (Saber) [Rider] {Caster}

Alignment: Lawful Good

Basic Stats:

Strength: (C) [D-plus] {D}

Endurance: (B) [C] {C}

Agility: (C) [C-plus] {D}

Mana: (A-plus-plus-plus) [EX] {EX}

Luck: (A-plus-plus) [A-plus] {EX}

Noble Phantasm: (EX) [EX] {EX}

Class Skills:

Riding: (B-plus-plus) [A-plus]- The expertise to ride animals and vehicles. At these ranks it is high enough to have aptitude for the Rider class. At B-plus-plus rank it is high enough to ride all manner of vehicles besides Phantasmal and Divine Beasts, with the only exception being his own mount seeing as how Godou was not particularly well known for riding abilities. At A-plus rank it is possible to ride all creatures but those of Dragon kind.

Magic Resistance: A-minus- Grants protection against magical effects. At this rank, it is possible to cancel spells of A-Rank or below. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi, so it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a "Magus Killer." The one flaw in this protection is that it can be bypassed by spells and potions that are orally ingested, and even then the effects are reduced.

Independent Action: [A]- The ability to remain independent even when rejecting prana supply from master. At higher ranks it can even allow the servant to remain in the world for extended periods of time without an established contract. At A-rank the servant can remain in the world for up to one week without an established contract.

Personal Skills:

Bringer of Ruin: Not so much a blessing as it is a curse, at least in regards to those around the Servant. It is a skill that, be it intentional or not, will end up with the Servant bringing great hardship and suffering to those around them. It is unfortunately a common characteristic that all those who bear the title of Campione possess, for their own personality flaws and Authority's they wield will in some way cause those around them great distress, be it through thievery, slaughter, wide-scale property damage, etc. In Godou's case it takes the form of his own Authority's often times destroying large swaths of public property whenever he gets into a serious fight. Although he tries to reason that he is a logical modern day person that dislikes fighting, when a fight is well under way he will usually abandon most of his restraint and use whatever methods necessary to seize victory, unless those methods put many innocent people in danger.

Charisma: B (A)- The natural talent to command an army. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. At this rank it is suitable for the king of a country. Godou was born in the modern era as a normal person before becoming a Campione, however he learned skills from his grandfather that allowed him to be extremely popular with people, especially women, without even realizing it. Normally Godou prefers not to order others around, yet he has charisma worthy of a natural born leader, having the highest level of popularity most humans can get. Despite not wanting to turn into a playboy like his grandfather, he is still quite popular among women, so his Charisma receives a rank up when used against women.

Divinity: A- Godou is neither a demigod nor a fallen divinity. Instead his divinity stems from his status as a Campione, a human who slew a god and obtained powers on par with them.

Instinct: C (B)- The power to "feel" the most favorable developments for oneself during battle. Godou uses it mostly for defense and evasion. Receives a rank up when using the Camel incarnation of The Persian Warlord.

Noble Phantasms:

Campione: The Devil King: Rank: N/A, Type: Anti-Unit (Towards himself), Classes: All Classes

Campione (Italian: Champion) is the title given to those rare individuals who have successfully slain a Heretic God and usurped their divine Authorities. The ritual to bring about Campione was created by the Goddess Pandora, who cast a curse that made it so that if a Heretic God was slain by a human, she would adopt that human as her child and pass the powers of the deity on to the human that slew them. This grants them many abilities, the ones commonly shared being granted bones harder than steel, a limited capacity to manipulate luck, entering a heightened state of focus during battle, the capacity to learn any language in hours or days, magical reserves hundreds or even thousands of times greater than a normal mage, godlike magical resistance, and the ability to wield one of the Authorities of a God they slew in the past (which are powerful enough any normal human would perish after a single use). In addition, if he slays an opponent with the Divinity Skill when they are close to full health, a Luck check is made that if successful, will allow him to randomly usurp one of the Noble Phantasms of his opponent. This Noble Phantasm possesses no rank because its power cannot be properly defined within the ranking system, as the Authority's Campione wield can greatly vary. List of Authorities:

The Persian Warlord: Ten Incarnations of the War God: Rank: EX, Type: Varies: This was the first Authority Godou received upon slaying the Persian War God, Verethragna. This gods most notable characteristic was the power of transformation, the ability to assume ten different forms, each with their own abilities: wind, bull, white stallion, camel, boar, a 15-year-old youth, raptor, ram, goat, and a warrior wielding a golden sword. Godou himself thus attained the power to switch between these different forms and thus gain multiple powers, from enhanced physical abilities, resurrection, lightning control, a solar-based attack, teleportation, summoning a massive boar Divine Beast he can use as a steed, to a sword capable of sealing a gods power or even slaying them, making his combat style extremely flexible. However, this Authority also has many conditions to it. Each of them can be used only in certain situations, and each of the incarnations can only be used once per day. While he can use two of these abilities at once, it is very painful for him to do so.

Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi: The Sword of the Gathering Clouds of the Heavens: Rank: A-plus-plus to EX, Type: Anti-Unit to Anti-Fortress: The AMT is a sentient weapon that can assume the form of a long-sword or a katana that once belonged to the Japanese Storm God, Susanoo. It is a divine artifact of the highest level that actually became a Heretic God itself, although it only manifested as a Subordinate God of Susanoo, and is therefore inferior to a true Heretic God. None the less upon defeating the sword in combat it became Godou's trusted partner that typically resides within his right arm. It has many different abilities, such as taking on a giant bipedal form with which to fight by itself, grant its user a limited capacity to control storms, and it can absorb magical power to negate spells or enchantments used on Godou or his allies. It can even transform those powers it absorbed, including Godou's own Authorities, to create brand new powers. Finally is its most powerful form: Storm Bringer: The Black Blade of the Beginning and the End. Thanks to divine wisdom granted by the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, and Dawn's Secret Archives that grants divine magical control from the Greek Goddess of Dawn, Circe, Godou is able to bring forth the ritual of destruction and rebirth that grants AMT the power to create heaven and earth, creating a black void in the sky that absorbs everything in the vicinity like a black hole.

Kings Cavalry: The Rulers Valiant Vassals: Rank: A, Type: Anti-Army, Classes: All Classes

In his life, Godou was considered to be one of the weakest of the world's Campione because unlike his peers, the Authority he took from Verethragna had too many restrictions to allow him to fight effectively by himself. Instead, Godou's principle strength lay not in his own personal power, but the power he was able to bring to bear when fighting with others he trusted and relied upon. It was thanks to these people, five individuals in particular, that when he fought with them by his side, he was always able to seize victory from the jaws of defeat: Erica Blandelli, Liliana Kranjcar, Ena Seishuuin, the sisters Yuri and Hikari Mariya, along with many others. With this Noble Phantasm, he is able to summon his followers to the battlefield as minor Heroic Spirits without their Noble Phantasms, yet still possessing more strength and skill than they possessed in life with the armaments they wielded (although in the case of Ena, he can lend to her his blade AMT). With these people fighting beside and supporting him, Godou is able to bring to bear his full strength, and compared to his other powers he considers them to be his greatest and most precious treasure.

Identity: Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya

Series: Sword Art Online

Classes: Saber

Alignment: Lawful Good

Basic Stats:

Strength: B

Endurance: B-plus

Agility: A

Mana: C

Luck: C

Noble Phantasm: A-plus

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance: D- Grants protection against magical effects. At this rank, it is possible to cancel out Single-Action spells. Kazuto's magic resistance is quite weak for a Saber because he was an otherwise ordinary person of the modern era who got caught in virtual games with fake magic.

Riding: C- The expertise to ride animals and vehicles. At this rank Kazuto can ride most vehicles with a great deal of skill.

Personal Skills:

Sword Skills: C-A- A skill set of attacks that uses melee weapons. Each of these 'Skills' are single techniques that border on Miracles, executed with the entirety of Gaia's authority quickly and easily. It could be said that they enforce the 'concept' of the skill on the world itself for the duration of the attack.

Battle Healing: A- The capacity to heal oneself during combat. Kazuto has achieved the highest level possible for this skill, allowing him to heal from all but the most grievous of injuries in minutes.

Eye of the Mind (True): B-plus- Insight fostered by training. A "combat logic" that allows for calm analysis of the situation and the enemy's ability in spite of danger, and consideration of all possible actions in a particular situation. If there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of success. Due to his time spent fighting opponents of many morphologies, as long as his opponent's attacks are predictable, this ability gains a boost to 0.5%.

Noble Phantasms:

Kirito: The Black Swordsman: Rank: A-plus-plus, Type: Anti-Unit (Oneself), Classes: Saber

The title and name given to Kazuto throughout his journeys in those ethereal realms he frequented. This allows his body to act as a physical representation of his online avatar, giving him the majority of the strength and skills he possessed, along with access to any virtual weapon that he has personally wielded throughout his life. In addition, any object that he uses and identifies as a weapon will obtain the property of "becoming his Noble Phantasm," similar to Lancelot's Knight of Honor. Ordinary objects will be ranked up to at least a D rank Noble Phantasm, while other Phantasms he obtains will maintain their rank. The only downsides are that he can only possess two weapons at once, and it does not give him intuitive knowledge of the weapons use, although he works best with melee weapons, particularly swords. Incidentally, he seems to have also acquired a characteristic of one of his game avatars, namely the one from ALfheim Online, in the form of the retractable wings on his back. With them he can fly for a period of time before needing to rest and recharge them.

Sword Art Online: The Phantasmal Floating Castle: Rank: A-plus, Type: Ant-Army, Classes: Saber

SAO is the VRMMORPG created by Kayaba Akihiko, who dreamed of a virtual floating castle where people could adventure and live in. Unfortunately, he took this dream a too far, and on the day of the games release trapped all 10,000 players inside, unable to leave until they either beat all one hundred floors...or die trying. Kazuto was one of those players trapped within, and it is the place where he and his friends lived and fought for over two years, and finally escaped after he prematurely beat Akihiko on the 75th floor.

He spent so long living inside the game, and became so well known for his deed of freeing the remaining trapped players that eventually the virtual world became akin to a Reality Marble for him. With it Kazuto can call forth the game world and bring those caught within its range into any floor or area of the flying castle he so chooses, allowing him to alter the battleground as he sees fit. What's more is that even the creatures inside the game come under his control, allowing him to swarm opponents with monstrous creatures, and even summon them into the real world for a short period of time, although if he summons a dungeon boss he can only bring out that one creature and nothing else, which costs a great deal of prana. He is even able to retreat into the Inner World with his Master for a period of time to rest and relax if he chooses, which costs little prana to do, although it increases the more people he brings with him to the Inner World. Also, another restriction to this Phantasm is that once a location is chosen, he cannot switch it until he either deactivates the Noble Phantasm, or simply moves to a different area within the Inner World (in other words, if he was on the 10th floor but wanted to go to the 32nd, he would have to physically walk there). Unfortunately, due to his average mana reserves for a Servant, he cannot keep it materialized for very long. Another is that he cannot summon creatures to a location in the Reality Marble that they wouldn't normally be.

(p.s. Credit for most of Kazuto's Servant bio goes to WhizkidHV from his fic A Different Path, but some of the Skills I put in there myself and the SAO Phantasm is a creation of my own making. WhizkidHV has a great fic, I highly recommend you read it.)

Identity: Carter Kane

Series: Kane Chronicles

Classes: (Rider) [Caster]

Alignment: Lawful Good

Basic Stats:

Strength: (B-plus) [D]

Endurance: (B) [D]

Agility: (C-plus) [C]

Mana: (B-plus) [A-plus]

Luck: (D) [A]

Noble Phantasm: (A-plus) [A]

Class Skills:

Riding: (A-plus) [B-plus]- The expertise to ride animals and vehicles. At this rank it is high enough to ride all manner of Phantasmal and Divine creatures besides those of Dragon Kind. At B-plus-rank it is possible for the servant to ride all manner of vehicles besides Magical Creatures unless he is familiar with those species.

Independent Action: (B) [C]- The ability to remain independent even when rejecting prana supply from master. At higher ranks it can even allow the servant to remain in the world for extended periods of time without an established contract. At B-rank it is possible for the servant to remain materialized in the world for two days without an established contract. At C-rank servant is capable of remaining materialized in the world for one day without an established contract.

Territory Creation: (C) [C-plus]- The skill to build a terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus. His rank is average for both classes because he relies on magecraft more for direct combat rather than spell casting.

Item Construction: (D-plus) [C]- The skill to manufacture magical items. He is capable of summoning various items from different locations or from the Duat (a spiritual plane of existence), but has a harder time crafting items himself.

Personal Skills:

Divinity: C (A-plus-plus)- Carter is not directly descended from divine entities, however he is descended from Narmer and Ramses II, and is also the Eye of Horus. When using the Eye of Horus it automatically rises to A-plus-plus rank.

Path of Horus: (B-plus) [A]- The Path of Horus is a unique form of Eqyptian magecraft that relies on channeling the power of Horus in order to perform his brand of magic. It is more notable for being a highly effective form of combat magic rather than a construction type.

Charisma: B (A)- The natural talent to command an army. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. At this rank it is suitable for the king of a country. Receives a rank up when using the Eye of Horus.

Double Summon: A rare skill that allows the servant to possess the skills of another class regardless of what class they are summoned as, although the class does determine the rank of the skills.

Noble Phantasms:

The Pharaoh's Instruments: The Crook and Flail of the King: Rank: A-plus, Type: Anti-Unit, Classes: All Classes

The Pharaoh's Instruments are a crook and flail that originally belonged to the Egyptian sun god, Ra. The crook and flail were often seen as symbolic instruments that represented the pharaohs divine authority in ancient Egypt. They are capable of producing searing flames carrying the power of the sun, able to reduce almost any enemy hit by them to ashes.

Eye of Horus: Path of the Egyptian War God: Rank: N/A, Type: Anti-Unit (Oneself), Classes: Caster

The Eye of Horus is neither a physical object or crystallized concept, but is instead an ability Carter possessed in life that was powerful enough to be classified a Noble Phantasm. To be the Eye of an Egyptian god was to be in essence their vessel through which they can channel their power and knowledge. By acting as the Eye of Horus Carter is able to channel Horus' divine power and use it as if it were his own, allowing him to wield a god's Divine Authority and use magic he normally wouldn't be capable of by himself.

Freak the Griffin: The Avatar of Horus: Rank: A-plus, Type: Anti-Army, Classes: Rider

Freak is a Griffin that Carter and his friends stumbled across after finding an artifact in a museum and unintentionally waking him. At first he attacked them, but because Carter was (at the time) formerly the Eye of Horus, some of Horus' essence still remained in him, and thus was able to tame him since griffins are creatures under Horus' dominion. From there on out, Freak became Carter's loyal friend and companion who often served as his main method of transportation. Freak is thousands of years old, having existed during the time of Egypt's rise despite spending most of that time asleep, and as such has become the highest level of Magical Creature possible, a Divine Beast, making him virtually untouchable to modern magecraft. His tail makes for a dangerous weapon, able to easily shatter stone, and he is capable of swallowing almost anything without suffering any harmful side-effects. However, because his wings flap at a speed similar to that of a hummingbirds, it is not possible to ride on his back, so he is instead harnessed to an Egyptian river boat large enough to easily carry a dozen people that he tows through the air.

Identity: Lelouch vi Britannia

Series: Code Geass

Classes: (Rider) [Caster] {Assassin}

Alignment: Neutral Good, Lawful Evil (Varies depending upon class he is summoned in)

Basic Stats:

Strength: (D) [E] {E}

Endurance: (E) [E] {E}

Agility: (D) [E] {C}

Mana: (C) [A] {D}

Luck: (B) [B-plus] {C}

Noble Phantasm: (A-plus-plus) [B-plus-plus-plus] {B-plus}

Class Skills:

Riding: (A) [B] {B}- The expertise to ride animals and vehicles. At A-rank it is high enough to have aptitude for the Rider class, and it becomes possible to ride all creatures but those of Phantasmal and Divine Beast Rank. At B-rank allows for skilled use of all vehicles except for Monstrous, Phantasmal, or Divine Beasts.

Independent Action: (B)- The ability to remain independent even when rejecting prana supply from master. At higher ranks it can even allow the servant to remain in the world for extended periods of time without an established contract. At B-rank servant is capable of remaining materialized in the world for two days without an established contract.

Item Construction: [C]- The skill to manufacture magical items. At this rank it is possible to construct magical items of good quality such as clothing at a fast pace. Also capable of manufacturing high-tech equipment.

Presence Concealment: {B}- The capacity to hide one's presence as a Servant. At this rank it is difficult for even high level magic and instincts to detect this Servant, but efficiency will drop once preparations are made to attack.

Personal Skills:

Charisma: A- The natural talent to command an army. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. At A-rank Servant has achieved the greatest level of popularity as a human being.

Military Tactics: A- Tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided during use of one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

Mystic Eyes: A-plus-plus: Possession of Mystic Eyes capable of interfering with the outside world. Lelouch's Geass can only be used to deliver any command to a person once via eye contact, however it is powerful enough that even Divine Spirits cannot resist his commands.

Subversive Activities: A- The talent to reduce the enemy forces in the preliminary stages, before going into battle. An expert of traps. However, the higher is the ranking of this Skill, the more one's spiritual status as a hero declines. At this rank it is possible to disable nearly 60% of the total military force before the enemy advances.

Noble Phantasms:

Gawain: The Dark Knightmare: Rank: B, Type: Anti-Army, Classes: All Classes

The Gawain was the first ever experimental aircraft Knightmare frame to be created. Named after one of the Knights of the Round Table, it is unusual in the sense that is over three times the size of other frames and has a double-seater cockpit, despite only needing one pilot. It was the prototype for later flight based Knightmare frames such as the Galahad and Shinkiro that was based off of it. It was originally created at Schneizel el Britannia's request, but Lelouch stole it and made it his personal frame. It was destroyed beyond repair in a battle against the Knight Giga Fortress Siegfried, but it was still considered instrumental and revolutionary enough that it became Lelouch's Noble Phantasm. It has a prototype Float System that makes it capable of sustained flight, its fingers are miniature Slash Harkens, it features shoulder mounted Hadron Cannons, and due to its Gefujin Disturber it is invisible to normal radar. Finally it possesses a prototype Druid System that allows it to plot probable movements of enemy units, making it a powerful command unit, its only weakness being its slow movements.

Shinkiro: The Black Mirage: Rank: B-plus, Type: Anti-Army, Anti-Fortress, Classes: Rider

The Shinkiro (Japanese: Mirage) is an eighth generation transformable Knightmare frame created for Lelouch's use that is the successor to the Gawain. It was created after the Gawain's systems were salvaged and, while beyond repair, had the key systems incorporated and improved upon into the new frame. Although it proved instrumental in many battles during Lelouch's rebellion, it was later destroyed upon his raiding of the Damocles. Even when the frame itself is not present, it can still manifest its Absolute Defense System in the form of hexagonal shields in order to defend Lelouch from attack. Even passively its Druid System will automatically plot incoming attacks and leap to his defense, providing B-ranked protection. When manifested, the frame itself has a Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon that fires a powerful beam strong enough to wipe out buildings. It also has a prism-like object on its chest that when launched and the cannon fired at the prism can refract the beam into dozens of pinpoint lasers, capable of easily decimating an army. The shields must be deactivated for the cannon to fire. It also has a pair of Hadron blasters mounted on the underside of each wrist, a pair of Slash Harkens within its knees, and a missile launcher. Its final feature is that it is able to transform into a submarine/jet fighter mode for traversing air or sea, with a cockpit big enough for two people.

Sword of Akasha: Downfall of the Gods: Rank: EX, Type: Anti-God, Classes: Caster

By manifesting this Phantasm he can create a subspace that acts as his territory where the users base stats receive a bonus modifier. Yet the true power of this territory is the Sword of Akasha, a weapon that is capable of killing a single target of the casters choosing, even Divine Spirits on the level of Gaia or Alaya, almost without fail. However, it requires two weeks to complete the creation of this Phantasm, several minutes to fully charge it before firing, and once it has been fired Lelouch requires at least an entire day of rest before it can be used again due to the sheer prana cost. Normally the creation of such a high level territory would be a mark of the Territory Creation Skill, but as Lelouch never practiced magic in his life he has no skill in this category. His capacity to construct this territory is really more of a byproduct of his possession of the Phantasm itself than any real skill on his part, similar to how Medusa can create the Blood Fort Andromeda despite having no skills as a Magus.

Zero Requiem: Revolution of the Faceless King: Rank: EX, Type: Anti-Army, Classes: Rider

A Reality Marble similar in nature to Iskander's Ionioi Hetairoi, Zero Requiem manifests a plane with a grassy field and blue sky with a sun rising in the distance. It is filled with a maximum of a million Servants who take upon themselves the form of Zero in order to overwhelm and confuse opponents. It was formed from the event where a million Japanese people took upon themselves the guise of Zero in order to join him in banishment from Japan, showing their united loyalty and belief in the masked revolutionary. However unlike normal Servants who are entities that ascended to the Throne for their legendary deeds, these Servants are but mere nameless Wraiths given the temporary bodies of Servants that took upon themselves the form of Zero, for the people who joined Zero were not legendary for their deeds, but mere ordinary people who followed him, and thus their souls did not ascend to the Throne of Heroes. Therefore the Wraiths themselves are only as strong as ordinary people, so if they were to be pitted against proper Servants in a one-on-one fight they would definitely lose.

Zero Mask: The Faceless Ideal: Rank: C-plus, Type: Anti-Unit (Towards himself), Classes: All Classes

Zero Mask is the mask of Lelouch's alias of Zero. When he was alive, he took up the identity of Zero so as to lead the people of Japan and other rebel elements to overthrow his homeland of Britannia, which had managed to conquer over one-third of the world. Zero saw a great deal of popularity for his high level charisma and military strategy that saw his troops the Black Knights through many victories, to the point he became an icon of the world peace his army sought to bring about. However when Lelouch was discovered to be a disgraced prince disguised as Zero by his own troops, they quickly turned on him. Lelouch was forced to fight against the world itself until he became Emperor of the world through force. However, this was but a clever ruse on his part to gather the world's hatred unto himself and in one fell swoop have his friend Kururugi Suzaku, masquerading as Zero, kill him and take out the object of the worlds hatred. While it was still a subject of debate if he ever was the real Zero in his world, there were some that knew the truth, but maintained silence for the sake of the world he created. He lived his entire life behind countless lies and masks until no one knew who the real Lelouch was. Regardless of whether or not he was the real Zero, the world still recognized him and Zero as having a connection, which lead to the creation of this Noble Phantasm.

The mask has the ability to unfold itself until it fully covers the users head, and the glass 'face' itself can uncover one or both of his eyes through which he can use his Geass. However, the true power of the mask lies in its ability to conceal his stats and disguise himself as someone else he has met before, be they human or Servant, similar to Lancelot's For Someone's Glory, which when combined with his intellect and acting skills allows for an excellent disguise. It requires little prana to maintain, and even when the mask is off it still passively conceals all of his stats. The only way to get through this ability is by discovering his true name. Also, because of the popularity and genius Zero was renowned for, it grants a bonus modifier to Charisma and Military Tactics when worn.

(p.s. Some of the ideas for this Noble Phantasm came in part from kyugan and Jericho the Template. Their stories aren't too bad.)

Identity: Kazuki Muto

Series: Buso Renkin

Classes: (Lancer) [Berserker]

Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Mad (When Mad Enhancement is active)

Basic Stats:

Strength: (B) [A]

Endurance: (B) [A-plus]

Agility: (A-plus) [A]

Mana: (C) [D-plus]

Luck: (D) [C]

Noble Phantasm: (A-plus) [A-plus]

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance: (B)- Grants protection against magical effects. At B-rank, it would require magecraft on the level of High-Thamauturgy or Greater Rituals to even touch this Servant, and even then effects will be reduced.

Mad Enhancement: {C}- Rank up for all base stats except mana and luck, but robs one of most of their reason. Only activates when using Sunlight Heart.

Personal Skills:

Battle Continuation: A- The strength of vitality for predicaments. Also, the ability to withdraw from combat and reach allied territory alive after being defeated. At this rank makes possible to fight even with deadly injuries and can remain alive so long as one does not receive a decisive fatal wound.

Guardian Knight: B- Temporarily raises defensive power when protecting others.

Noble Phantasms:

Sunlight Heart: The Shining Arms Alchemy: Rank: A-plus, Type: Anti-Unit, Classes: All Classes

Sunlight Heart is a weapon formed from a Kakugane. Kakugane are objects that are the result of alchemy that respond to a humans fighting spirit and manifest as different objects according to their users personalities called Buso Renkin (Jap: Arms Alchemy). Kazuki's Buso Renkin is the Sunlight Heart, which can manifest as either a large sword nearly as tall as himself with a red clothe attached to the blade or as a smaller lance without the clothe called the Sunlight Heart Plus. The clothe of the first form acts as an energy focus that allows Kazuki to propel himself forward at great speeds, blind his opponents with the light it can give off, or wrap it around the handle to increase its destructive power. In its smaller form it no longer has the clothe, but it is capable of separating the tips and sides of the blade and fill the gap with energy to greatly increase its length, and can even be large enough to function as an impromptu shield. It is also still capable of energy propulsion, providing enough power where Kazuki could even propel himself and others outside the Earth's atmosphere to the Moon if he wanted to. Yet for all its power the Kakugane has one drawback. Kazuki once had his heart gouged out and died. The only thing that saved him was his soon to be friend Tokiko who placed the Kakugane into his body to act as a replacement heart. While this makes his spiritual core where his heart once was quite durable since it is a Noble Phantasm, should the Sunlight Heart be destroyed then Kazuki will die.

Kazuki later learned that the Kakugane he recieved is one of only three Black Kakugane to ever exist. While it possesses greater power than normal ones, it causes the person it was injected into to slowly start to evolve into what was called a "Victor," named after the first person to receive a Black Kakugane as a replacement heart. It causes a transformation in the individual that turns their skin dark, their hair green, grants them rapid healing, and makes them feed off the life-force of every living thing within the area, an ability they cannot turn off since it is a vital function. He was able to reverse the transformation by injecting a White Kakugane into himself, also giving him a second Sunlight Heart to call upon, although his preferred style only uses one. Also, if he so chooses, he can even revert back into his Victor form which can act as a substitute for Mad Enhancement and deactivate it via his Masters command. However, while he is in this form every living thing within a 100 meter radius of him will slowly have their prana drained to the point a regular human would die in several minutes, the only exception being his Master since they are already providing prana to him. (p.s. The second weapon is something I added in to give him greater versatility.)

Identity: Toma Kamijou

Series: A Certain Magical Index

Classes: Berserker

Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Mad (When Mad Enhancement is active)

Base Stats:

Strength: C (B)

Endurance: B (A)

Agility: B (A)

Mana: E

Luck: N/A

Noble Phantasm: A

Class Skills:

Mad Enhancement: E- Normally does not receive the benefits of Mad Enhancement. In exchange, he receives a normal capacity to think. However, when he receives enough damage, he will go into a wild state where all base stats except Luck and Mana receive a Rank-up.

Personal Skills:

Guardian Knight: A-plus- Temporarily raises defensive power when protecting others. Having helped other people his entire life and acting for the sake of defending others, Toma has the highest rank possible for this skill, so much so that if a great many people were to put their faith in him, he would be all but invincible.

Bravery: A- The ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion, and fascination. Not usable under the effects of Mad Enhancement.

Magic Resistance: C (EX)- Grants protection against magical effects. At C-rank, it is possible to cancel out spells two-verses or lower. However, although this applies to his whole body, his right hand, the Imagine Breaker, is an exception and considered untouchable by supernatural phenomena.

Charisma: C (B-minus)- The natural talent to command an army. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. At this rank it is sufficient to lead a large army. Toma has quite often inspired his friends to continue fighting and made lifelong companions out of many former enemies in the past with his unwavering conviction to help others. Receives a Rank-up when used against women, however due to his misfortune it typically leads to awkward situations in his everyday life that drastically reduces the effect, although most women sooner or later end up falling for him regardless of this.

Noble Phantasms:

Imagine Breaker: The Killer of Fantasy's: Rank: N/A, Type: Anti-Supernatural, Classes: Berserker

The Imagine Breaker is an unusual power that lies within Toma's right hand. It is a power that has the ability to negate and disrupt all manner of supernatural phenomena, be it magic or psychic, it comes into contact with without exception, even the True Magics. This protection even slightly carries over to the rest of his body, only to a much weaker extent. It is a strange power that is not completely understood, and is neither truly magic nor psychic in nature. However, it is speculated to have an entity of great power within it that is unleashed whenever his arm is removed, and after the threat that removed it is eliminated, a new arm will grow in its place. Yet not everything about the Imagine Breaker is beneficial, seeing as its host cannot turn it off or control what is negated and what's not. It has the property of 'dispelling the blessings of God,' in other words negating higher powers, including interference in the luck of a persons everyday life, which is why his Luck stat is rendered non-existent, as it cancels out his own Luck which is a supernatural phenomena itself. If it were to come into contact with an enemies Noble Phantasm, it would destroy its' supernatural qualities and render it an ordinary object. Normally it would even destroy Servants themselves in a single hit since they are also supernatural entities brought about by the Third True Magic, yet that would also lead to the destruction of Toma himself since he too is now a supernatural existence. So under the constraints of the Grail an exception in the Imagine Breakers system was made that exempts those beings who fall under the category of the Heavens Feel Magic, meaning in order to defeat his opponents Toma must literally beat them up with his fists.

The Kamijou Faction: The Bond of Eternal Comrades: Rank: B, Type: Anti-Army, Classes: Berserker

Similar in nature to Iskander's Ionioi Hetairoi, this Noble Phantasm allows Toma to call upon the many friends and allies whom he made in life who are also Heroic Spirits and summon them forth as minor Servants without their Noble Phantasms, yet still possessing a great deal of strength and skill, enough to hold their own against other Servants. These people can include Index, Misaka Mikoto, Stiyl Magnus, and many others. Having assisted all of them in one way or another throughout his life, the bond they share with him is that of eternal friendship and gratitude for all that he had done for the sake of their happiness, and all of them would willingly follow him to whatever battlefield he may enter. The only thing keeping this from becoming a more powerful Phantasm is due to Toma's low magical reserves, so he can only afford to summon one or two at a time without completely exhausting himself.

Identity: Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

Series: Marvel Avengers

Classes: (Archer) [Berserker] {Assassin}

Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Mad (When Mad Enhancement is active) (Alignment varies depending upon class he is summoned in)

Base Stats:

Strength: (C-plus) [A] {C}

Endurance: (C) [B] {D}

Agility: (A) [B] {A}

Mana: (B) [D] {E}

Luck: (B) [D] {D}

Noble Phantasm: (B) [C] {B}

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance: (D)- Grants protection against magical effects. At D-rank it cancels Single-Action spells, offering protection of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy.

Independent Action: (A)- The ability to remain independent even when rejecting prana supply from the master. At higher ranks allows, it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract. At this rank Servant is capable of remaining in this world for a week even after losing his Master. However, to use Noble Phantasms of great prana consumption, backup from the Master is necessary.

Mad Enhancement: [C]- Raises basic parameters in exchange of hindering mental capacities. At C-rank it grants a Rank-up to all base parameters except Mana and Luck, but in exchange one can no longer think or speak properly.

Presence Concealment: {A}- The capacity to hide one's presence as a Servant. At A-rank it is possible to disappear almost completely. However, efficiency will decrease once preparations to attack are taken.

Personal Skills:

Expert of Many Specializations: B- Access to and use of many expert skills. At this rank Servant is capable of using over a dozen different skills such as riding, martial arts, subversive activities, etc. with proficiency of rank B or above. Being an ordinary person with no powers, Clint compensated by giving himself a wide range of skills that could be useful for various situations.

Eye of the Mind (True): B- A heightened capacity for observation, refined through experience. At this rank Servant is capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament. So long there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of winning. Having been through many situations in his long career as both a hero and villain, Clint's mind has naturally gained the ability to fall into a reactionary state and come up with the best plan for victory.

Clairvoyance: [B]- Connotes superior visual perception and dynamic occipital capture, such as to supplement the long-range aiming of projectile weapons. At higher ranks, it is possible that the bearers of this skill have acquired such abilities as precognition and other forms of vision beyond standard eyesight. At this rank Servant is capable of seeing up to distances of 5 km and granted a limited precognitive ability to see several seconds into the future.

Noble Phantasms:

Hawkeye: The World's Greatest Marksman: Rank: B, Type: Anti-Unit, Anti-Army, Classes: Archer

Hawkeye is the alias Clint took for himself when he aspired to be a hero. He was once an unwilling villain due to a misunderstanding in his initial debut, but he would later on come to be a member of a team of world-wide famous heroes, known as the Avengers. This Noble Phantasm is essentially his outfit that gives him access to all the types of tools he ever used as Hawkeye, such as his bow and arrows or his Sky-Cycle, all of which count as Noble Phantasms between E and B-rank depending upon the amount of power they possess (The Sky-Cycle is B-rank, whereas his other tools are between E to C-rank).

Goliath: The Unstoppable Giant: Rank: C, Type: Anti-Unit (Towards Himself), Classes: Berserker

Goliath is the second alias Clint took upon himself when he temporarily succeeded the original Goliath, Hank Pym. Although he eventually quit that role and once more took up the alias of Hawkeye, it still left a great enough impression upon his legend to be considered his Noble Phantasm. It is the costume he wore that allows him to utilize Pym particles, particles that lets him freely alter his size. His Strength, Endurance and Agility increase exponentially depending upon how large he becomes. When his size decreases though his stats remain the same as when he's normal sized.

Ronin: The Lone Samurai: Rank: B, Type: Anti-Unit, Classes: Assassin

Ronin is the third alias Clint took up in his life during a mission to rescue Echo, the original Ronin. She later gave him her blessing to take up her alias, but after awhile this too was abandoned so he could once more become Hawkeye. It is the costume of the original Ronin who was renowned for her excellent swordsmanship and espionage skills. It grants access to all manner of ninja and samurai tools that count as E to C-rank weapons with no other special abilities. It also serves to conceal its' wearers statistics so long as it is worn, although they can be uncovered through the use of logical deduction, or if the outfit is removed. It is a passive effect that requires hardly any prana to maintain.

Identity: Ryuji Kisaragi

Series: Dragon Crisis

Classes: Rider

Alignment: Lawful Good

Base Stats:

Strength: C

Endurance: D

Agility: C-plus

Mana: D

Luck: A

Noble Phantasm: A-plus-plus

Class Skills:

Independent Action: C- The ability to remain independent even when rejecting prana supply from the master. At higher ranks it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract. At this rank servant is capable of remaining materialized in the world for one day without an established contract.

Riding: B-plus-plus-plus: The expertise to ride animals and vehicles. At this rank it is high enough to ride most manner of vehicles besides Magical Creatures, but the effectiveness increases when riding Dragons. Although he was never famous for his riding skills in life, he none the less made friends with some dragons, with Rose being his lover. His name itself also lends some power to this, as it literally means "Dragon Ruler" in Japanese. A black dragon by the name of Onyx even convinced Ryuji into believing he was a Lost Precious with great power over dragons, and while this was false, it still carried over into his legend that boosted his Riding Skill.

Personal Skills:

Collector: A- The 'talent' to collect high quality goods--a 'luck' that draws rare items into the possession of the Servant. However, the Servant's Master derives no benefit from this Personal Skill. From a young age Ryuji was a level 10 breaker, the highest possible level breaker in the world who find/use Lost Precious, and as such has a great talent for collecting rare items.

Eye for Art: C- Having travelled the world and seen many rare objects in his career as a breaker, Ryuji has a good chance of identifying Noble Phantasms and other notable objects he comes across.

Magic Resistance: D- Grants protection against magical effects. At D-rank it cancels Single-Action spells, offering protection of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy.

Noble Phantasms:

Slash Breath: The Dragon's Fang: Rank: C-plus to C-plus-plus-plus, Type: Anti-Unit, Classes: Rider

Slash Breath is a dagger-like blade Ryuji wielded throughout many of his adventures. It was the weapon he first took up when he went to save Rose, who was taken by the black dragon Onyx against her will, and has carried it ever since. It is an item called a Lost Precious, items that gain magical powers either through being exposed to strong human emotions, or they originate from the bodies of dragons. Slash Breath is a case of the latter, as it was forged from a dragon's fang, automatically classifying it as a high rank Lost Precious. The dagger by itself can create slashing attacks that can rip through most materials, but when combined with power imbued into it from Rose via her and Ryuji's Engagement, it's power drastically increases. As it was forged from a dragon's fang it is particularly effective against draconic opponents.

Rose: The Crimson Dragon Princess: Rank: B-plus-plus, Type: Ant-Army, Classes: Rider

Rose is a young female red dragon that Ryuji encountered when he was a young boy. During a trip with his parents he stumbled across her egg which suddenly hatched, and when Rose emerged she fell in love with Ryuji at first sight, which prompted her to save him when he fell off a cliff. It would not be until years later when Ryuji met her once more, but when he did, he quickly found himself falling in love with her, and they became a couple that looked after and cared for each other. Rather than his trusty mount, he considers her to be his lover whom he would do anything for. Normally the mounting of a dragon would be almost impossible with a rare few exceptions due to their power and intellect, but as Ryuji and Rose love one another she is perfectly fine with letting him ride her.

Rose normally has the appearance of a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, but in reality this is simply a disguise her kind devised to allow them to blend in with humans. Although it was the form she was born with, once she fully matured she became able to take upon herself the form of a large red dragon. Despite being a Magical Creature of the Dragon species, she is still rather young by her races standards and therefore only a Monstrous Beast, but she still has the equivalent of A-ranked Magic Resistance. As a red dragon she possesses the ability to breathe powerful flames even in her human form. A dragons body is extremely powerful, so much so that if a piece of them such as a scale or fang were to be used it could create a powerful Lost Precious, making it akin to a strong Mystic Code or minor Noble Phantasm. She and Ryuji formed an Engagement, a contract that allows him to channel Roses' powers into himself briefly to strengthen his weapon Slash Breath.

Identity: Korra

Series: Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Classes: (Rider) [Caster]

Alignment: Lawful Good

Base Stats:

Strength: (C) [C]

Endurance: (B) [D]

Agility: (C-plus-plus) [C-plus]

Mana: (A) [A-plus-plus]

Luck: (B-plus) [A]

Noble Phantasm: (A-plus-plus) [A-plus-plus]

Class Skills:

Riding: (A): At this level the user is able to ride most creatures outside of Phantasmal Creatures or Dragon kind.

Territory Creation: [C-plus: Although not a standard spellcaster and therefore lacking the means to establish Bounded Fields, Korra's ability to manipulate the elements alloes her to freely alter the terrain in order to favor herself.

Item Construction: [N/A]

Personal Skills:

Elemental Arts: (A-plus) [A-plus-plus: The Elemental Arts represent the means by which the people of Korra's world manipulate the elements, namely through special martial arts and circulation of their chi. There are four main elements with various sub-elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. Each person can only learn one main element and its corresponding sub-elements. Korra however is the Avatar, an existence who is capable of wielding all of the world's elements, giving her an unmatched aptitude in this art.

Pioneer of the Stars: EX: At this reank all voyages that would be considered impossible by others are "events that can be realised."

Bravery: A- The ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion, and fascination.

Divinity: A- While not a true deity, Korra is the Avatar, the reincarnation of many people before her who holds the responsibility to keep the world in balance by mastering all of the elements and bringing balance to the world. She is the Avatar by virtue of the fact that her soul in a distant past life merged with the spirit Raava, who is responsible for maintaining order and balance in the world, and she is what allowed Korra and her predecessors to utilize all of the elements.

Librarian of Stored Knowledge: C-plus- Due to being a reincarnation of many previous Avatars, she can occasionally get flashes of memory from one of her past lives depending upon a Luck check. However were she to carefully take the time to meditate she might be able to access the memories more reliably.

Noble Phantasms:

The Avatar State: The Power of the One Who Brings Balance: Rank: A-plus-plus, Type: Anti-Unit (Towards Herself), Classes: All Classes

The Avatar State is a power that the Avatar can call upon to allow themselves access to the bending skills and power of all of their previous lives, allowing them to manifest power on par with Divine Spirits for a time. This is due to the spirit of light, Raava, merging with Korra in a distant past life and remaining with her throughout all of her reincarnations, henceforth becoming the Avatar, a being who can wield all four elements and is responsible for maintaining the balance between the human and spirit worlds.

Naga: The Polar Bear Dog: Rank: B, Type: Anti-Army, Classes: Rider

Naga was Korra's lifelong friend and main mode of transportation during her life. She is a polar bear dog, a species of animal that is unique to Korra's world, where it is not unusual for most of the animal species to be hybrids of other normal animals. Polar bear dogs in particular live in the south pole where the Water Tribe dwell, which happens to be the tribe Korra was born into. Naga was merely a young pup when she was lost in the tundra and later found and raised by Korra as her best friend. What makes them such an unusual pairing is the fact that polar bear dogs are normally quite fierce and aggressive like their polar bear counterpart, resulting in them being generally feared by Water Tribe members. Korra was the first person to ever raise a polar bear dog as her pet, so while Naga may have grown up to be fearsome in appearance, she is actually quite gentle and loyal to those she sees as friends, more like that of her dog counterparts. Yet make no mistake, simply because she is now tame makes her no less dangerous than any of her other brethren, being every bit as strong and fast as them, and all too willing to use it if she perceives something to be a threat to her or her master. Her sense of smell is also every bit as powerful as that of an average dog, making her an excellent tracker. Finally upon becoming a Noble Phantasm, she was granted the status of Monstrous Beast as well, so she now also possesses C-Rank Magic Resistance.

Identity: Blake Belladonna

Series: RWBY

Classes: (Saber) [Archer] {Assassin}

Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Good

Base Stats:

Strength: (B) [C] {C}

Endurance: (B-plus) [C-plus] {C}

Agility: (A-plus) [B] {B-plus}

Mana: (C) [B] {C}

Luck: (C) [B] {D}

Noble Phantasm: (B-plus) [B-plus] {B-plus}

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance: (C) [D]

Independent Action: [C]

Presence Concealment: {B}

Personal Skills:

Faunus: Cat: N/A: Blake belongs to a sub-species of humanity known as faunus, who are in essence humans with some manner of animal characteristic. In Blake's case it takes the form of cat ears. Faunus are also noted as typically having better senses than regular humans, such as night vision.

Instinct: C

Aura Arts: B: Aura is a unique type of energy in Blake's world that is derived from the soul. Using it gives the user a number of physical enhancements along with the capacity to unlock an ability unique to user known as a Semblance. At this level the user can be considered on the same level as most accomplished Huntsmen and has already unlocked and mastered their Semblance.

Clairvoyance: (C) [B] {C}

Noble Phantasms:

Gambol Shroud: The Beast Descending From the Shadows: Rank: B-plus, Type: Anti-Unit, Anti-Army, Classes: All Classes

Gambol Shroud is a Variable Ballistic Chain Scythe that was Blake's main weapon in life that could shift forms between a gun, katana, or chain sickle depending upon Blake's need, allowing it to cover all ranges of combat. Aside from normal ammunition, she is also capable of giving it Dust rounds which, aside from giving her rounds more esoteric properties, can also be used to compliment her Semblance.

Shadow Image: Manifestation of the Black Beast: Rank: C-plus, Type: Anti-Unit, Classes: All Classes

The Noble Phantasm Shadow Image is what is referred to as a Semblance back in Blake's world, a unique power made manifested through a persons Aura that varies between individuals. In Blake's case it manifests as being able to create a false copy of herself and if need be her allies in order to distract the opponent or take hits for her in her place. Although these copies can act very life-like, their durability is nearly non-existent to the point where only one good hit is required to dispel them. However one way this ability can be used to greater effect is if Blake has on hand objects with elemental prana stored in them, and if she accesses that prana can grant her clones elemental properties.

The Black Bow: The Cloth of False Humanity: Rank: D, Type: Anti-Unit (Towards Herself), Classes: All Classes

The Black Bow is considered to be a relatively minor Noble Phantasm born from the tale of how Blake hid her identity of being a Faunus (a supspecies of humans with animal characteristics) from everyone, until her friends one day found out when she blurted it to them by accident. She uses it to conceal her cat ears on her head, and so long as it is active it conceals her identity as a Servant and makes her appear to all those with supernatural senses to be just an ordinary human girl. However were she to remove it her true identity as a Servant would be revealed, and any who realize she is a Servant would no longer be fooled by The Black Bow's powers.

I might come up with more at a later time, but right now my profile page is looking pretty full with all of these statistics, so who knows maybe I might just post some of these under a story heading someday in order to inspire other authors. Again, if your ideas were used in the making of these statistics, I am sorry for stealing and have given rightful credit to the authors who inspired these. Some other authors I was inspired from I may not have mentioned, but they might have their stories under my story and author sections so you can always check those.

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