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Hi! I'm Ayz. I have the same alias on AO3 too if you found me over there. PM me to complain about my story, or to ask me questions about it, or to tell me about your life, anything really. I love long chats and get back eventually.

I don't usually reply to story reviews because I don't know what to say. I want to reply to direct questions, but I also don't want to spoil anything so. Also, I appreciate guest reviews, but also how do I reply to your questions??? My ANs are much too long already.

I'm looking for beta-readers btw. Pm me if you are interested in general or to be a specific one to a fandom or story.

Requirements for a beta-reader? Chatting with me. Basically, that's it. I might send you a chap then you'll give me your opinion on it. I might be like, what do you think about this character? I might be like, where do you think this arc is going? I dunno we'll have to play it by ear.

I love a well-written crossover. There's so much to explore and really I'm not the most creative person, so just dropping one character from one world to another is a plot all on its own. Also, crack plot are just so interesting and creative like wow

All my stories except the 2 oldest ones are also posted on AO3 under Ayz283.


'Project Tsunayoshi: Family vs Famiglia' and 'Triumvirate World' are on hiatus. I haven't thought about writing these stories in a long, long time. Mostly because the plot is so full of holes and the characters are OOC. I honestly don't know if I'll go back to writing them. I'll keep them here just to show that they once existed. I see some of you clicking into them and just don't—save me the shame.

'A New Decima': Update ev 10 days.

'You were my Sun (But now it's sunset)' is currently in progress. I have outlined the plot (mostly) so there is more being planned. Chap 5 you ask. Um, sometime?

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