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Hello all, I hope everyone is having good day. My name is Alaina and I am 24 almost 25, which is half way to 50 and my knees already hate me. The joys of life. Anyway, I enjoy video games, movies, comics, DnD and much more. I am currently working on two Kingdom Hearts stories as that is were most of my interest is. I hope you all enjoy those two fics and the original characters in them. They are my babies and I am always open for good advice to critique them. Please do not leave nasty reviews as I will delete them. If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. Its not that hard, honestly its not.

So the KH stories are likely to be a series. I am bad that I am working on them out of order but oh well. I will be calling this series the X-blade Chronicles and a list of the book that I have in my head so far. They will cover the entire game series.

1. Notes Of Harmony Rewrite -This one takes place before the games even start-

1.5 Who I Used To Be -Short story between Book One and Two-

2. The Prodigal Daughter -Happens int eh time of fairy tales. This one is coming soon.-

3. Hello Darkness My Old Friend -This one happens during BBS-

4. Wandering Child - This one will take place during KH1 and is also coming soon.

More to be added as I get through the stuff I am currently working on.

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