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SECOND: I'm participating in the Stucky Big Bang 2016 over on tumblr (run by the lovelies at thestuckylibrary), and the fic won't be published until like August/September, but I think I'll post it on here (is there a Stucky base on here?), in case anyone actually checks this and is interested in my future endeavors. (I'm so pumped for this guys. the possibility of having artwork for a fic I write is a fucking dream come true)

THIRD: I'm contemplating a sequel to both Alright Then and Starmarked, and a capaill uisce/Thisby origin story. But who knows if they'll actually happen lol

Took a long (writing) hiatus, but hopefully after ZK Week 2015 I'll get around to posting some one shots I've been fiddling with. But who knows (I'm a freshman in college, and it's insanity haha on my second semester at this point and wow, if I thought last semester was rough, past me is in for a rude awakening). Oh how naive past me was. The college I was at sucked, so I've transferred. A bit of advice, my friends: sometimes it doesn't work out the first time, and despite what orientation week might tell you, that's okay.

Over on tumblr... Personal blog

Also, to the guest who has written several wonderful reviews on Wandering Paths (if you are ever here; I was a total doofus and forgot to put this in the A/N for Maelstrom -.-), in regard to your comment about the planning of Integrity: there's a post on my creative blog that has pictures of how I laid everything out, if you're interested!


ATLA: Zutara, Taang, Sukka

the Scorpio Races: the Kendricks

Graceling Realm: Frigan, Po/Katsa

The Hobbit: Bagginshield lots of multishipping secondaries bc I just can't make up my mind

HP: Dramione, Drarry, Neville/Luna, Wolfstar, Jily, Remadora, Hinny, Harry/Luna, Dean/Seamus. ALSO (and I just decided this was a thing I'm totally all for): Draco/Harry/Hermione

Star Wars: Anidala, Obi Wan/Angst, finnpoe (stormpilot I think?), and jedistormpilot

(I moved MCU to the bottom because hot damn, that's all I've read for the past four months and I'm drowning in all of my ships...)

MCU: STUCKY, Clintasha, Sam/Natasha, Sam/Steve, Sam/Steve/Bucky, Steve/Bucky/Nat, Sam/Steve/Bucky/Nat, I read a background Nat/Clint/Bruce once which was cute, Pepperony, Ironhusbands, Lokane, BUT ALSO Jane/Thor/Darcy (only in my head thus far, I haven't read anything but you know), and probably like FIVE MILLION OTHERS. I am multishipper trash. It's beautiful.

BBC Merlin: Merthur, Morgana/Gwen (ALSO in theory I love Merlin/Gwaine, as well as non-incest-y Merlin/Arthur/Gwen/Morgana), with a variety of secondary ships. I'm not picky haha

And likely others as well, but those're all I can think of atm.

And now that you know more about my shipping habits than you may've liked, feel free to PM me/ hit me up on tumblr! :D

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