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Hello Readers!

Kagyuubi here, I know you probably clicked here to learn more about me, but I'm very much the secretive type ;)

However, I will say that I love ramen, like a certain knucklehead ninja, but all I get are the instant cups :P

I love videogames, such as the Ultimate Ninja Storm series and Portal 2. I also enjoy racing games like Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and have always wanted to try an RPG like Final Fantasy XIII (unfortunately I do not have much time to sit down and play it so I'll probably play someday when I have more time to myself!). I did recently pick up a copy of Bioshock and Final Fantasy VII, and I must admit, they are both really fun, despite my initial doubts! I even started playing Resident Evil 4, and I really like it despite nearly yelling out loud whenever a not-zombie gets too close :D

[Edit (2013): I finally got Final Fantasy XIII and I'm loving it! This is probably the first game where I've read every bit of story related lore in the Datalog - plus Lightning is the ultimate badass! I'm also playing GTA IV for the second time since I managed to find the Complete Edition for a decent price... And then GTA V came along :P]

I will most likely stick to Naruto fanfiction, as it is all I ever read. I will probably only have one multichapter story going at any one time, and maybe some oneshots now and then. I know from experience how troublesome it can be to wait for a writer to update after a cliff hanger, but trying to write two stories at once is rather difficult as I have discovered, so sticking to one story for a few chapters will ensure that the writing style remains consistent.

And in case you didn't pick up on it, reading is one of life's greatest joys for me! (Have you ever read 5 Centimetres Per Second? I highly recommend it!)

That's about all I can think of to write about so until I do more stuff in my life to warrant a reason to put it up here, have fun reading!

Kagyuubi, 2012

Disclaimer - I don't own Naruto or any of the characters in my stories aside from the Original Characters. Any other Anime/Manga/Book/Novel references in my stories belong to their rightful owners.

Story Progress (Chapter Completion): Updated on Wednesday 30.12.2020

Uzumaki: Detective Chronicles - Chapter Seven: (On Hiatus)

Naruto: Advent of the Outlanders - (Discontinued)

Hinata: A Distant, Fading Dream - Chapter Five: 0% Complete (Drafting)

Konoha Gakuen Den: Cross Days - On Hiatus

Breaking Point: The Darkness Within - (Discontinued)

Finding Your Voice - New Chapter: 32% Complete (In Progress)

Konoha High School Survival Game - 0% Complete (Cancelled)

NarutoxAyame Time Travel Tale - 0% Complete (On Hold Indefinitely)

I Just Wanted to be with You (One Shot) - 100% Complete (Published)

Is This Love, My Damn Darling? (One Shot) - 100% Complete (Published)

RomCom (One Shot) - 0% Complete (On Hold Indefinitely)

NarutoxOC Tragic Tale - (Cancelled)

NarutoxAyame One shot series - (Cancelled)

A Second Chance at Love (NaruHina One Shot) - 0% Complete (On Hold Indefinitely)

Naruto x Ino AU Romantic Drama - 3% Complete (In Progress)

Secret New Project/Experiment - 5% Complete (In Progress)

Stuff that Inspired my Fanfics:

I get inspiration for my stories from various places, so I figured I'd list them here and see if anyone else could make the same connections I did when I first thought up these fanfics!

Uzumaki: Detective Chronicles - I liked mystery stories and wasn't too sure about writing a canon fic (this was my first one) so there wasn't anything that inspired this story. Maybe crime shows and L from Death Note?

Naruto: Advent of the Outlanders - I thought this story up after watching the movie Cowboys and Aliens. I wanted to write a fanfic where the aliens weren't evil and I wanted to capture that badass tone from the movie (which I didn't do so well - this story is the worst of my fanfics).

Hinata: A Distant, Fading Dream - This story was inspired by the song The One That Got Away by Katy Perry, believe it or not.

Konoha Gakuen Den: Cross Days - Again, no real inspiration for this story other than wanting to see Katsura Kotonoha get the happy ending she deserved. And since none of the scumbag male characters in School Days were good enough, I figured a crossover with the Naruto universe was the only way.

Breaking Point: The Darkness Within - After playing God of War: Ghost of Sparta, I really wanted to write a dark story where Naruto wasn't bound by any morals or codes of honour and was free to act as violently as he pleased to fulfil his goal, with no definite good or bad ending in sight.

Finding Your Voice - This story was inspired by shoujo manga and takes a lot of cues from the manga I was reading at the time (Kimi ni Todoke, Say I Love You and Fruits Basket) right down to the writing style and original story concept.

I Just Wanted to be with You - I thought up this one shot after hearing the song Rock Star by Reece Mastin. Following his life through the song and hearing about him working hard for nothing, being ditched by his girl and finally ending up as a rock star (it's not actually his life being sung about mind you), I figured I could write a five part story about Naruto and Sakura - though it turned into a tragic NaruSaku, pro-NaruHina fic at the end.

Is This Love, My Damn Darling? - This story had no real inspiration. I just wanted to try my hand at writing a comedic harem fanfic and I had a lot of silly ideas that I couldn't use in my other fics that were perfect for this one.

I'll keep updating this list as I publish more fanfics. Did any of the fanfics origins/inspirations surprise you?

Kagyuubi, 2013

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