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So I've decided to take my work elsewhere, after a certain flamer decided to stalk me for about hm, seven months. You'd figure the moron would get a life and stop worrying about mine, but nope, internet stalking at it's best. His name is Stan Westbrook, no life, college student, probably fat since he's always lurking at his computer every time a reader would review my work. XD

See Stan has a case of the ass-hole syndrome: it's where flamers try and make their selves seem important. ;P No, no, Stan. It doesn't work that way, but since you want to make yourself the center of attention, I've got a present for you!!!! Since I'm not posting my stories on here anymore I'd just like to share the work of this flamer, (yes you Stanley) since he's worked SO hard to bash my fics, and foolishly emailed me one of his own. Ignorance at it's best...

The thing that gets me is he loves twilight (secretly) but he never owns up to it. He even wrote a story about it, which you'll see down below. I just...words can not describe how weird this guy's logic is... or shall I say his illogical mind is... XD Yet this guy is the same guy that's been throwing insults at me (and my readers) since I blocked him.

So since I've been getting stalked, I only thought it fitting to do the stalking myself today and it didn't take much to track the fucker's email. XD How smart is this flamer? Not smart at all.

I've got all of your personal business, from your address to all of your websites that you visit. Dude *shakes head* if you're gonna stalk me, makes sure I can't stalk your sorry ass back, 'kay? The hints you accidentally left were just too much. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. :D

Stan Westbrook's original account:


His other accounts include:

The actual account with his work on it is right here: Westbrook87 http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9105876/1/Together-Forever






I know your reading this, every word. You want to act like a child, I'll treat you like one. If this account is taken down, I'll just make another, because I can make accounts until the sun burns cold, dear. XD That should sound familiar too huh?

P.S.: This is me metaphorically slapping you in the face, since it says that I'm free to do so on your profile page, STAN WESTBROOK. ;D

Farewell all, and farewell Stan -oops I mean honey. XD

To all other flamers out there, please read this. This is what I think of you, and this is how you write a proper flame, Stan: http:///gibber/flame.htm

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