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Last time I updated this profile, it was April 4th, 2012. What the actual hell.

I've been on this site intermittently since around mid August 2003 (Saddam Hussein was still alive O.o' — and emoticons like that were still cool). And now I'm back! — and my favorite subject is no longer Sonic the Hedgehog.

Between reading Faulkner, Hurston, and Márquez and then occasionally watching the Loud House, Owl House, and Dirty Pair and listening to loads of indie pop, EDM, and 1990s alt-metal, it's uber clear I peaked in fourth grade when I spilled acid on my crush's lap and so that's why I'm back at writing fanfic.

Former goth who is still goth adjacent

Also, F—— COVID-19



A Life in Decline: a Loud House fanfic. Lincoln/Lucy. The replacement to Rotten Apple and, unfortunately, a No Such Luck fic. Lincoln and Lucy have always been exceptionally close for siblings, but following the events of Sleuth or Consequences and No Such Luck, their bond is severed— permanently. Lucy's not going to fade into the night so easily as she dedicates her life's efforts to reconciliation with Lincoln, but this is a game she's already lost.

Loud Love: a Loud House fanfic. Luna/Sam/Sully/Mazzy/Chunk -- and a lot of extraordinarily lame opening acts, each more mind-numbing than the last. Based very heavily on stories about bad concert experiences, so that's where most of the comedy comes from. However there's something of an underlying story beneath the gags. I think of it as a breather, as this story is largely shorter chapters and the story plays more of a back seat for cringe comedy. A recent brainstorming sesh gave me a chance voila moment: this may be a soft-crossover with Gorillaz, though I really want to see how that might work out ahead of time.


Easter Eggman II: The Squeakquel: a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic and follow-up to Easter Eggman.

Lily Pad: A Loud House fic about Lily, grown up into a preteen and the head of a bizarre secret society that no one, not even her own family, is allowed into.

SCP-11161: A Loud House fic, specifically a No Such Luck fic, about Lincoln. He runs away from home and CPS investigates... only for the horrible truth to be revealed: the boy really is bad luck, and he must be contained.

Rotten Apple: a Loud House fanfic. Lincoln/Lucy/OC. Currently on long hiatus. It sounds farfetched but I'm going to wait until I can turn this into a comic via artificial intelligence in order to bring this to life. Perhaps when DALL-E 5 is a thing? It is something of a remix of Syngenesophobia that goes in a much different direction. By accident, it had the exact same set-up as Syngenesophobia -- in an act of collective blind anger, Lincoln's sisters (sans Lily) put their only brother in the hospital and leave him traumatized and crippled, and they have to pick up the pieces and face the fire if they want to mend a broken relationship and regain their brother's love and trust while Lincoln has to navigate his own confused feelings. However things go off the rails and the story winds up becoming focused on Lincoln, Lucy and an OC who bears more than a chance resemblance to Linka.

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