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What's up guys? How nice of you all to come check out my profile!

I checked my stats recently and found out that quite a few people come look at my profile every day, so I thought I'd actually write something on here. For regular readers of my stories, no doubt you already know that my favorite anime is Naruto. I tend to use Naruto as the main character of my stores, crossover or otherwise. I do enjoy writing crossovers more than just a normal story in one universe, so for new readers, you will find quite a few of them in my story list.

Writing has become my life passion and I would like nothing more than to make it my career. I will venture into some original works now that I have more time in my private life. For the readers who enjoy my work and would like to see more, please consider helping me by subscribing to my other pages.

( pay - tree - on . com )/kyokasuigetsutotsuka

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