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-NOTE TO FANFICTION AND READERS- Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I had to update this.

Really. I had to. The last time that i've looked at this, I found out something revolutionary- my stories SUCKED. I mean, really bad. Grammar errors, spelling was atrocious, and the plot! Thank god i've improved. I may not have more than one or two thing on here, (it's really hard to get something going and stay with it, especially when i've had other things that i'm working on.)

When I first came on here, I was...ten, eleven? And the first thing I put on here was that silly crossover. I thought that was good. I'd like to say, Thank You to SHADOWAYN for all their support. I may just finish GNA! I may re-do that, but that may be some time later.

But god, those OTHER THINGS. I'm not even going to get into those! I even wonder, HOW DID ANYONE THINK THOSE WERE GOOD? But all in the progress, I guess. Have to start somewhere.

Right now, I've gotten past that all, and I'm hoping to start a (better) reputation here. Maybe I can turn over a newer and better leaf. Besides, it's been years. A lot of things have changed, since i've been here.

Like I said earlier, I may have only one, or even nothing on here for a long time. (I tend to write VERY LONG stories, so only little bits may be on here.) I'm also busying myself with my own, hopefully going-to-be-published work, Paradise Lost.There are a lot of other ideas I have, and I might just put a bit of those on here, maybe a sample. But for now, i'll copy those other things that I did, keep that copy, and trash those old ones. I'll still have them around.

For the future, I'll add more and more to what i'm writing, and hopefully, I may have the start of something on here.

Sincerely, Mr. Tyblit.

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