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Hello! I have spent entirely too much time on this site, so you could probably find an absurd amount of fics favorited and followed belonging to a wide variety of fandoms on this account. I am not nearly as prolific a writer as I am a reader, however, so if you're looking for stories by me, you'll find your choices more limited. If those few fics don't pique your interest, I encourage you to take a look at some of the stories I've favorited--there are actually quite a few good ones out there, and maybe you'll find one more suitable to your tastes. If not for my stories or those I've favorited/followed, I have no idea why you're here. Hi, though, if that's you.

Also: My Divergent fic is abandoned, though I said it was on hiatus in the last update on there. I just didn't want to update it again after all this time just to say it's abandoned, but yeah--though there is a slight possibility I might one day finish it, in all likelihood it probably won't happen.

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