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Hi All,

I will always remember the thrill of discovering fanfiction. The feeling of pure Joy.

There are not many moments like that in life. I don't remember exactly how it happened. After reading all of the books I think I googled "Twilight" and ended up clicking on
I didn't understand how the website worked and "lurked" for several weeks.

I remember reading and thinking "these authors are the most generous people in the world!"

True story - I came home from work one Friday and started reading fanfic about 4 oclock in the afternoon. The next thing I knew it was almost dark out - must be about 7:00 at night. I read for 3 hours straight! Then around 7:30 I noticed that it seemed to be getting lighter. What? It was actually 7:30 AM ! I had read straight through the night! No wonder there was about a six pack worth of empty water bottles on the table.

I heard so much new ( to me) music because some authors would include a song that inspired them, or lyrics in the story, or even complete playlists. So generous. I spent a lot of time on Youtube listening to the author's songs.

I learned new vocabulary. For several authors I had Dictionary .com open and ready. I also learned a lot of new BDSM vocab, and a lot of slang from different parts of the world.
Thank you all for your sharing.

Love to you all and Thank you, Mia

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