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and for all of you who give the authors a bad review with things like ,they should kill themselves, their storys suck, their gonig to burn in hell, and other terrible things. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES and you dont even have the courage to let them know who you are you leave annomus reviews you cowards. i bet your all 10 to 15 year olds whose parents ether don't know your doing it or don't care. how dare you cyberbully the authors on fanfic because you cant write storys with the talent they can and you want to hide the fact that your storys are the one that suck. but that's not what fanfiction is all about it doesen't matter if your story sucks or your spelling's bad all that matters is writeing your storys an shareing them with the world and makeing peole cry an laugh an making them happy or mad. about what happens in your fanfic and if you can't understand that then stay the heck off our fanfic.

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