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Name: Which one do you want?

Quote by me: "Ah, video games: the joy of my life, the bane of my existence, and sole cause for most of my panic attacks."

I've decided, out of curiosity as how you'll respond, I'll put up little pieces of the dreams I can remember from day to day. If you'd like some more details on a specific date, I'll do my best to respond adequately. Also PM me if you want to, say, make a story using these dreams. Just let me know first, okay?

7/7/12: Oh my gosh, I can't believe it! I was Midna! Midna!! Aw, that was so cool! I even got the demon/Fused Shadow thing, and controlled it a lot better than on the game too. They make saving the world far too much fun these days...

7/8/12: a Prince of darkness, my family in wacky situations, and everything is Christmas-themed. Why couldn't I have this dream, oh I don't know, maybe... November? At least?

7/16/12: Jigsaw puzzles, Heartless, and a new type of schooling. No wonder everyone hates homework. (Say... now that's an intriguing summary!)

8/5/12: Smashers came and I humiliated Falcon on accident. Family reunions and heartless. Very scary imaging of kids (from multiple nations) deciding that staying up on skinny trees and grouping up were their best chances of survival. (Even worse, I could blood splatters everywhere: ground, trees, buildings...)

8/6/12: A magical world? Fine. Time stopping and new game stores? Very cool, and acceptable. But I draw the line at hats changing into dogs. No, just... no.

8/8/12: Klonoa! Different dimensions, switching viewpoints, copycats, demons, ghosts and kings, it was way past cool! And it was all about Klonoa, wahoo!

8/20/12: Three in one night? I got lucky! Let's see... In the first one: demonic Sperons, Spectrobes, and a butt-kicking girl named Mira. In the second: Escape from a factory, moblins and jet-packs, and Ash being World Champ for Pokemon. In the third, angels killed for a ritual. Where the heck do I get all this from!?

8/24/12: Managed to get this really cool mural of Sonic into type before it faded. Anyone wants to try drawing it, please PM me.

8/31/12: A black heart disrupted the natural order of not only earth, but a strange island as well. It's up to Sora, Riku, and Isaac to fix it. Is this my version of Dream Drop Distance? Of course, in the second half, it turned into a Chaos Heart, making everything worse. Now where have I heard that name before...?

9/8/12: With all he's gone through, you'd think Kirby would know better than to take gifts from strangers, and since when did he have a grandmother!?

9/20/12: The Clue gang had me in the house (only three floors, strangely), I was Boddy's niece, and Scarlet single-handedly managed to kill off all the other guests beside the usual group except for me. She did try, though; she stuck a needle in me and I blacked out. I have to wonder where everyone went, though.

9/29/12: Is it me, or are they getting worse? All the pokemon legends were caught by a cult, so I and a few others tried to free them. Later on the Gundam Wing boys showed up, but Quatre and I were chosen (forced) to partake in a ritual for the blood-red crescent moon (it also had huge black spots all over it).

10/6/12: Met an Asian boy named Adrian with a talent for glass-making. A curse was laid out over the village we lived in, and the sermon for church was about communication (which was also the cure for the curse). Anyone else think it's telling me to meet people?

10/15/12: I seem to be leading a triple life of fakery in this one. Being Sonic (Shadow knows), being Ash (I think, and the pokemon know) plus being Cecil from FFIV? Then Giovanni sending Team Rocket into a house full of corpses (I think I scarred them); not to mention trying to keep my family safe. I think it'd go a lot smoother if my family didn't decide to show up right when I'm trying to work out solutions all the time. I love them but, it'd be nice if they stopped coming...

12/5/12: It finally happened. A dream repeated! But then, this one is pretty special. It was Legend of Zelda... and it was a movie! A galaxy-wide search for the apocalypse bringer known only as Ganondorf. Link is a mere guard who was chosen to accompany the princess alongside his mentor, Kai. They go from planet to planet, blending in with natives as they find various clues and signs to lead the way to Ganondorf... and the supposed final resting place of King Harkinian. Before you ask, they still looked like Zelda and Link. I never saw how they got from planet to planet, unfortunately.

5/5/13: I suppose it's time I shared some more anyways. A weird light split into seven pieces that stretched both into the sky and onto the ground near my sister and I. We both went to separate lights, and gained these little dragon rings. On each were a different sculpture, earning us a different power, such as flight or zoom (run faster). Then we got to watch as two planets came towards Earth, and then bounced off some kind of barrier. It was now obvious that we needed to use these dragon rings to shore up the barrier and prevent total destruction. A bunch of Mario villains tried to stop us, and the closer we got, the more people we saw. Oh, and the other good guys seemed to be the Knights of the Round Table and Arthur, all in their teens.

5/30/13: Pit, sent down from Skyworld, was the final hope of the races living on earth. He was their savior; the one who could truly lead them to heaven. They followed him: demons, humans, viera, and others. When they finally reached the final place, an act by two shell demons put out the light of the blue sun that had led them all this way... sending the world into darkness. Leon(Squall) and Yuffie now followed Pit as he went about destroying the computers that tried to contain the races... trying not to let their client take the wingless angel's life. (I would love to see this as a story. I really would.)

6/6/13: A giant Spider Queen attacked a school and stole the shadows of its guardians, which made them under her control. A previously unknown hero, helped along by the One Who Knows All, defeated her and saved the guardians, becoming one himself. Then we had to train new ones, finding their now human selves as we traveled around and used a single-story home as a base. Oh, and a lot of their power is sealed away in dogs, for some reason.

9/14/13: At times a video game, other times RL, still others a TV show. All featuring the same cast of characters. There was Ash, a whole slew of villains from other worlds, and things that I have definitely never seen before. The coolest part was seeing Vanellope and a red-coated guy blast a boss into smithereens with their own power. Vanellope was loving it! Oh, and Bowser was three inches tall. I will hold this over him for weeks, haha!

9/29/13: The evil was sealed away into a small fish form with a rather weak way of protection. Thanks to a mistake, he broke free and took over most of our world. It was up to me, several others, and pokemon I've never seen before to find a way to combat its mind-control and take back what was ours!

11/27/13: Five hubs of the world, five types of magic, one gate in or out of each. When villains from across each one begin to steal the children, it's up to the graduating class of the first hub to track them down... with some help from the other hubs, of course. (Let's see, HP, KH, FF, I think Naruto and Dual Hearts)

12/01/13: After a romp in the snow and a fruit-catching game, the One Who Knows All must help a famous grimoire holder save his clan from the return of the Spider Queen. (Somehow, Mystery Inc. came and showed us the way down into the mines. Oh how Shaggy hates dark places...)

12/12/13: An unknown source of magic rested within a boy, who had been adopted along with his older sister to two dog anthros. A single mistake led to thieves trying to take over their home, and the boy decides to sacrifice himself to lead them away. His family, of course, will never allow that.

12/17/13: A family of five head to the future to stop an evil dictator, finding along the way they are hosts to the former elements of the guardians. The eldest girl, with the power over ice and water, has one worry: Where was the final element? Who had the power of darkness? (Why do all the recent ones involve my family?!)

1/3/14: A boy named Jin lives in a mansion with his rich parents. He invited his classmates over, and ended up in a trance completing a centuries-old treasure hunt. One of his classmates, a girl called Rachael was attacked by an animatronic gigantic baby, who apparently had decided to kill Jin. It was also discovered that his mother (and his cat) were fairy godmothers, which sent them on another treasure hunt in six different cities to gather the clues. He couldn't have caffeine, so most of the soda in the basement was Sprite. That reminds me, who the heck would put in tiny words spanning the stairs like winner and king?

1/12/14: I seemed to be in a musical, which started out as a crossover of Spyro and Kingdom Hearts. The ones singing were all Zelda villains (with Link never showing up) and it ended with my family going back home after salvaging a game, and overflowing our garbage can with matches (apparently they're now cigarettes) turning into popsicle sticks (used cigarettes). Then the Mario crew decided to make a mockery of said musical, and the owner of the mansion had his thugs turned into baddies, which meant "Sniper Squad 37" no longer existed, nor did most other squads. One has to wonder what he did to the reporters...

1/14/14: Three siblings go to a friend's house, hop across dimensions, and have the ultimate video game party. However, when something goes wrong and the villains turn truly evil, it's going to take everything they have and then some to bring them back to normal.

2/3/14: Lots of time travel between two eras result in wacky situations and a few enemies all too willing to kill the ancestors. So, what happens when the ancestors get their weapons from their future descendents...?

2/4/14: This has got to be the largest gathering of characters I have ever seen. I counted no less than twenty-one different worlds (which meant about a hundred or two characters, maybe even three hundred), from KH to Atelier Iris to Street Fighter. Street Fighter! There were probably even more that I couldn't see (very likely, since I overheard Eggman and Sonic discussing Brawl...)

2/15/14: A mishmash of places and people, but as near as I can figure out, some Pokemon tried to upset the balance of nature between dreams and reality by killing and transforming Jensen, Klonoa's little brother. At the same time, Hiccup, Sonic, Sally, and several others had to stop an invasion of Nightmares caused by the incarnation of Maleficent. It turned out all right in the end. ...I think this means I should trust the people around me a little more. What do you guys think?

3/9/14: The first half was about two guys and a princess discovering that robots have declared war on humans. The second half was about a group of outcasts from various races (all wearing black to differentiate them from servants of the robots' white) running around destroying robot factories, selecting certain people to join their group (they were semi-covert, you know?) and what I think was rather intriguing was that they all remembered the times they had died in-battle. Futurama and Borderlands make strange combinations...

4/22/14: It seemed a little like a game, but it very quickly turned real. One of my sister's group was cut down by animal NPC mercenaries before we could rescue her. Then... Ema turned into a vengeful ghost and was killing everyone. Adell, the one I controlled, had been sick that day and had a vision. When he woke up in the night a few days later, he stopped her from killing him, jumped into a time machine, and saved her, dying in her stead. ...It's been a while since a dream spooked me enough to refuse to go back to sleep, though. Maybe I can sleep later... when I think Ema won't try to kill me.

5/25/14: A web-comic called Precocious was the setting for this one. A human girl and a wolf were in some kind of competition to outwit the other, with the kids at stake. If the wolf could kill 5 before the girl caught him doing it he'd win, but if she saved 5 first, she won. It was a complicated game between the two, and when I last checked they were tied at 1. For example, the wolf had to leave a message stating he had one, and give a time limit.

5/29/14: Okay, so it first started out as dragons battling a new enemy, and then I realize that it was actually L and his three prodigies being the dragons against Light, ending with a religious theme. Then I go back to bed to find that the setting is my home, my window is broken and held out towards the woods, all our stuff is now sitting outside said window and I scream bloody murder because someone's coming in. I'm just surprised I didn't scream in real life...

6/7/14: A boarding school classroom (and the coast-line city) were attacked by gremlins and plant monsters. Along with the help of Ratchet, Sasha, and a few other heroes, they set out to save as many as they could and drive back the aliens. The real problems started when they began to kidnap the adults...

6/16/14: It started out with two explorers, and then they were suddenly protecting a building full of people getting sick due to poison. According to the God of Death Grim (who possessed Bowser) the girl had to find the Holy Grail, which had washed up on the shores of a river. In the meantime, the boy had to deal with a gorgon using makeovers as an excuse to poison the others in the building. They did manage to save everybody... but only after sacrificing themselves to a spell.

6/23/14: At first, I was helping Laharl (while mute) in protecting a sacred tree that his mother created. Then I was helping the Smashers in rescuing their own by finding elemental crystals. Finally I went after my brother in a hidden casino and rescued the Forgotten Melee Fighters at the same time.

7/4/14: I seemed to have entered a version of the Hunger Games, run by Finnegan J. Howsser, a man that has a nuke in his chest. After a few solos, one of the rounds had us become partners to one other person. That person for me was Samuel, a weapons-master. We stuck together for a while, and then they issued a time for three people working together. We managed to end up working together with another witch and a bows-woman, but we made it through!

7/19/14: A tyrant that decided to rule the world also decided to wipe out an entire family of Icarians. The sister managed to gain her wings, travel back to about two weeks before and warn her brother, along the way gathering other Icarians that were being hunted. Her brother became a winged werewolf after an alien strike and traveled with two others to meet his sister and take the fight to the tyrant. (It took only four hours of sleep to accomplish all that.)

In the second part, Jimmy Neutron had been targeted as well, and had built a base inside a mountain, near a waterfall. Though it seemed more like a house due to him letting in other people. Anyway, that same tyrant came back and made off with capturing a fair few of his friends, and at the same time Cindy nursed back to health Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic, having already lost everyone else, snapped when Jimmy and Cindy were taken and began a massacre at the tyrant's base.

8/3/14: This one was mostly pokemon. We were trying to figure out what the gym leaders (which included Gary Oak, a pink-haired kid named Gato, and Brycen) were doing, and eventually ended up at Professor Oak's lab (which, due to spatial differences, now looked like a store). A member of Team Flare showed up and took control of the pokemon through Gigaremos, and the gym leaders attacked him with weapons, not daring to use their pokemon. After all, there was no knowing what would happen...

8/12/14: A boy was visited nightly by strange hunters and beastmen, and then possessed by Zelda for a time. Soon after he gained a few friends and began an almost daily ritual of interfering with whatever supernatural thing was happening now. And all this... because he left the window open at night.

8/17/14: The TMNT get involved in a kidnapping, Hylian warriors struggle to contain monsters, and through it all a brown-haired girl freely interferes alongside a know-it-all white haired man. Then a redhead traps and steals the white's memory, turning him to the other side. Give me back my partner, you!

8/20/14: A cross between Digimon, Bakugan, and Pokemon, a man was trying to wipe them out from the entire continent, and had already turned a good deal of the land into a wasteland looking for resources. Enter us, who almost fall for the trap, but recover in enough time to reverse the damage. I think there were maybe... three humans on my team? And then there were four Digimon-styled creatures and two Pokemon, including a Pikachu. Oh, and he had a wall made out of the dying remains of the ones he absorbed.

8/24/14: A boy became an apprentice to a butler/wizard, who had once been a god alongside several others. In sealing away an ancient evil, they had lost their immortality. The boy soon learns that the minions of the evil had begun to possess each former god, forcing them to complete a ritual to bring it back. It is now up to him, the other apprentices, and a group of virtual-world fighters to defeat the evil before it is too late.

8/31/14: An Electrike was the only hope in solving a war between mythical creatures and Pokemon. Robin, the Teen Titan, is accused of a crime and went into hiding. A girl, living in the two-floor basement, tried to escape from metahumans who had also found the Titans. The thing is, not even the girl knew why they targeted other metahumans. She just knew that between her and the Electrike, she would have her hands full keeping everyone safe from the darkness of humanity.

9/14/14: In a pokemon world, there are still people who wish to harm others. A diplomat and her vast family, religious in nature, began to correct the wrongs one by one, allowing each person to come into their own. The final test, the true test, came in the form of a robot destined to destroy the world. Her sister robot, offered her a choice: Embrace her heritage and be destroyed herself, or forsake it... and live. (Then I woke up, so who knows about the ending?)

9/25/14: A girl lived within a church alongside several others. Much of the outside was taken by mutant, psychic bears stuck at Day 1, so airships were invented to get from place to place. Gods, goddesses, and most types of magic existed as well. The thing I liked the most was that a specific mage's spells could be learnt... if you had his leather bracelet, and if you had an aptitude for magic.

10/5/14: Someone started to time travel, changed the future by just a bit, and then everything went out of control as more people caught on and changed their futures as well. Only one person could manage to stay relatively sane for any length of time, and that was the one who could be anyone, and anywhere.

10/15/14: Someone was messing with time on us, and the Doctor had disappeared. Jak and Daxter took his place (and did a pretty good job of it), Sonic's Wereform was so twisted to be not even hedgehog anymore, and I had to deal with fifteen-year gaps and an evil neighbor from across the way.

10/28/14: A brand new video game crossed dimensions and transformed the world around us. Now Squall Leonhart, Sonic, myself, and a few other faces had to get past Robotnik and his machines to find out just what went wrong with this place. Where did I see that tiger-monkey guy before...? (He's in Star Wars Rebels.)

10/31/14: First, it was Yugi and the gang trying to avoid getting killed by a group of robbers. Then we join with the robbers thanks to Bakura getting shot at. I pick up the little Addams baby while trying to get away from Gibbs, and end up robbing a store with Dad and my little brother. Finally, we tried to get away from there, but a robber named Nathaniel died thanks to Eren, the Messenger of Hell. I refuse to go back to sleep. This is the third time I've seen the devil. ...I need a new bed... or get it exorcised, whichever's quicker.

11/13/14: A mystery game gone wrong landed Players into the world alongside their partners. When I completed mine, the game was reset on me. I had to depend on the Batman's Joker to help me. Then he called in his favor: a black mold was growing on his ship-house, which could control whoever got stung by it. The reporters eventually found out that cold could kill it, and told Edward Elric who then prevented Mario from being controlled.

12/21/14: Vincent, the son of Jack Skellington, lived in a mansion in the human realm with his uncle. After finally making friends, he then found his father's realm, which his uncle is quite willing to kill him to get. Jack taught him how to use the shadows to his advantage, and together the friends had to escape.

2/6/15: Ezra, Roland, and Kreig had to work together to get rid of Handsome Jack. Then when I got that fixed, I found a video game mixing Final Fantasy, Super Smash Bros, and quite a few others as well, with a pink-haired Jeremy at the center of it all. I was determined to help the boy and figure out what happened... if the lack of info didn't get to me first. Or the other characters.

2/17/15: With the legend pokemon going out of whack, large black and white sentinels roaming about, a girl and her family are forced to become various people to make sure that those fighting back have a fighting chance... such as the young pokemon trainers starting out on their journey.

3/19/15: After helping a schoolhouse learn to have fun, Mario, Kirby, and two sisters are drawn into a twisted world by an archenemy named Jeff. The creature shot me! Oh, he is going to pay for that!

4/11/15: Attack on Titan, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros. Some things are not meant to be mixed. The treasure hunt and ghost ship were fun though.

4/17/15: What was meant to be a special dinner was ruined by murder, and thus the entire group set out to follow the clues across the country, picking up more people along the way. A huge conglomeration of worlds mixing together... and when it mixed with reality, it was a lot better than previous attempts. It made sense...

2/15/16: When Yuffie, Aeris, and Cid team up with The One Who Knows All, a few others, and a humanized dragon, they're drawn into an adventure the likes of which they can barely comprehend. But hopefully, the next time through they can change the future to create a better reality.

4/19/16: Two worlds become separate due to fear and hate. A millennium later, Beat Britney Pretty and a shapeshifter named Tazal must find a way to create peace between two racial enemies... or suffer the wrath of the King and his Chosen Vassal.

9/26/2016: A group of teens develop powers beyond their own knowledge, and then must band together in a twisted school setting that is not what it seems. One man pursues them, yet it is he that they are most afraid of... for he controls most of the known world.

12/16/2016: After mind controlling everyone I know, splitting apart their souls, and forcing them to fight each other, do you honestly expect me to roll over and obey? I don't think so! The power of death is on MY side, and we're coming for you!

1/11/17: Everything seemed a little weird, but okay. I was Lightning or Tidus for the most part. Then I returned to the dream to find myself going to the movies to watch the Mario Bros. jokingly playing around as Bowser. Daisy and Donald Duck showed up in the movie, and then everything began to go wrong when Bill Cipher appeared and brought the villains of the movies to life, and turning me into an anthro rabbit. The joke's on him, though; I've got powers in my own mind too. Let's see if I can whip up a happy ending, eh? Reset!

3/10/17: I will never write this one down in full. It's too horrible but... justice must be served. Okay... At first I just seemed to be a normal girl with two neighbors that I visited often, who then began to get stalked by an evil creature that eventually killed her mother, killed their mother, killed basically everyone but the three of them. (It kept trying to, though.) Meanwhile she'd get dreams that seemed to be placed in the heavens, with the power of the four elements and light within her. Shadow represented the moon, Silver represented the sun, and they danced around each other eternally. Her guardian she recognized from real life, but he held three pairs of angel wings folded on his back. The neighbor's mother began to uncover a skeleton of an insect that, once put together, started to stalk and eventually try to kill everyone around them in an effort to feed. The Rash virus tried to creep in there, but was foiled by the red-furred leopard-like creature that was both her spirit animal and a very similar one to the creature that was killing her family. Shadow's staff, the thing that controlled him, was missing now, and then I was separated from my usual haunting patterns and it revealed that I was actually Chihiro from Spirited Away. I kept hearing the creature's voice inside my head, with the increasing danger meaning shorter times between hearing it. I finally shouted once I realized the darn thing was in the car, preventing them from getting killed once they opened the door. It ended with us summoning our spirit animals and flying away to a (hopefully) safer place. ...I am so not going back to sleep today.

5/23/17: At first it seemed to be simply Legend of Zelda done Mario style. I got through it okay, had fun with the whole second player thing... and then it went weird. Bowser and others showed back up, I was in school so the whole thing was actually a video game, Link vanished, and I was suddenly playing as Mega man, who managed to save Proto Man and repair him, only for the robot to go off and try to defeat Ganondorf alone. Sometimes I really wonder if the characters I control in the dream are the only sane ones there...

5/28/17: I'm not exactly sure who I was playing as, only that he looked similar to what I imagine an older, male Frisk might look like. Anyway, guided by Noin we had to rescue ghosts, defeat bosses (or deities of the world, as I found out later) and then defend it against a flying fortress that looked like a Titan. After two separate playthroughs, I remembered about Caspar and freed his ghost, only for him to bite my character in the form of a spider, sending us back down to where we had first retrieved the ghosts. Now I had to find and defend the deities' spirits from the evil one that was bent on twisting and destroying them in the name of conquering the planet.

6/9/17: At first I seemed to be following Sonic, Shadow, and few others of his group as they tracked down Eggman. Then Pete the Cat resurfaced, along with a haunted mansion we went through several times, and that part ended by me, being lead by a squirrel to try and write down the name Donald/Quatre on a piece of paper. That was when I realized that our entire force of animal helpers were transformed humans, which included the G-Wing boys, Max and Monica, some of Mickey Mouse's friends, and I was on the verge of being either thoroughly transformed myself or forcing the friendly witch and her conjurer husband to do the same to keep me in check. It's hard trying to connect everything together.

6/17/17: I'm not really sure what happened. One minute I'm helping to bring my estranged family back together, the next I'm cataloguing monsters in a journal for my aunt (which actually sounds fun now that I think about it), and then suddenly I'm helping the newest Guardian of Childhood replace Santa for the day along with the help of several creatures, his band members, and my family members. And then we had a photo album to show I completed the game. Geez...

8/28/17: An entire Legend of Zelda adventure was an illusion cooked up by a scheming wizard out for blood. Luckily for Link, on his side is the One Who Knows All and knowledge of the neighborhood and its walkways. Not to mention the support of the Midgard Library.

8/30/17: When Pokemon Trainer Ash and his friends refused to work for a mega-corporation, they never expected to disappear with only one person remembering their existence! 212 years later, an eternally-living Roxis Rosenkrantz has found the reincarnations of his team, one of them being the descendant of that person. He is certain that with them, some new recruits like Lionel, and Flay (who had become a Winged One) they were certain to rescue Vayne from that disappearance and properly end this broken, frayed world.

9/15/17: As near as I can tell, there was a Changling Nation divided into four Kingdoms, with a cult that encouraged insanity threading its way through, and Kudret (or Sora, perhaps?) helped the princess get away from being inducted and brought her to Simba's lion clan, even though she's a fox. Next there's an Empire that tried to attack certain people and nations, and at one point Rozalin had decided to go back since Adell had lost his life trying to protect their escape route. Luckily, he wasn't dead so she kept going and made it out. Then I dealt with Ash Ketchum and a girl with large bonbons in her hair that could use Pokemon moves, Adell became a squire or page, Peimur kept getting into trouble by getting ridiculously-priced stuff, Jude was apparently half-dragon (or just susceptible to sleep powder?) and he and Harry Potter were sharing a body. Team Rocket was around, some of them having been de-aged like Ash and his friends, Link was often set up to go through ghosts and stuff since he still had the senses of a wolf; he's just trying to figure out what happened. Oh, and being part-dragon apparently meant you were a Jew, if I heard Rowen correctly. ...I've got my work cut out for me.

10/7/17: While watching a movie that seemed to be flicking through different times and stuff (including what appeared to be an anime-thing of HeartGold and SoulSilver), Ash found himself battling against Giovanni, computerized females, and talking pokemon; also flying through space, joining a pirate's crew, and narrowly avoiding crashing said spaceship by battling the person controlling it. With some help from Lest, Ivan, and myself of course.

1/6/18: I start up a game, and find myself in control of... myself?? And it only gets stranger from there. Now I have to help Raikou while controlling both myself and through her, Vayne, try and get the other 'avatars' to join me, and the next stage is protecting skeletons so they can go to a funeral. ...I think I'll go get N and Flay first. That'll be easier than trying to find the ninja chick.

2/20/18: I go online to find some music videos during an mmorpg, and find myself watching an invasion in progress. I manage to find footage of ratchet and clank escaping safely, but then I find that the videos acted as a gateway for the invasion to come here. Now I must fend off the rats, burn down parts of the city to eradicate the infection, and deal with the Hocus sisters embedding a gem in my chest and then wanting it back so they now controlled the mice. Oh, joy.

3/16/2018: Dealing with only four worlds isn't that bad, at least at first. Then I figured out I was playing a video game of them while breaking into buildings that belonged to guys who wanted to destroy the world and incur the wrath of Arceus. And then the game characters turned out to be former comrades I had to leave behind since they were affected by the guys' machinery. Now I have to reverse the effects, fix everything else, and only then figure out a way to break the truth and send them back home. ...As per the usual, I suppose.

4/5/18: At first it just seemed as though I was traveling around, playing a character as they explored. Then I figured out we were actually sneaking into enemy lairs and rescuing comrades, all the while finding refugees such as Fox and Bob the Slime. As it turned out, I was partners with a guy, and we both had these stolen body suits from the enemy's side, and a lot of our animal friends were roboticized, and I was forced to let the guy take over lest I get myself killed by the opposing team. Oh well, at least he let me stay. Now to figure out why Conker's in a movie... and why I keep identifying as the Player.

6/17/18: The villains seemed to have taken over, and I seemed to be in some kind of resistance cell, and then there were monsters, magic academy training by Willy Wonka, an assertion that I knew a lot more than I said (well duh, I am the One Who Knows All) and a fellow student could pull off level-seven spells that are like god-tier and managed to defeat a creature that everyone seemed hard-pressed to classify. ...I still don't understand why they all looked at me weird when I suggested eldritch abomination. Do they not read mythology anymore?

5/8/19: So Deku, Zidane, Kuja, and Pikachu all team up to bring about the world's end, because that was the only way to save everyone from being controlled by a witch and destroying the universe. Luckily they had some help to ensure it could all be reversed once they offed the witch. I still don't understand why the witch wanted to destroy the universe, but eh. Par for the course at this point.

5/10/19: I was playing a videogame involving Kirby, Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandanna Waddle Dee as playable characters. Then it shifted to Borderlands style on me, still with the same cast, and I can begin communicating with the only two I actually controlled, Kirby and Meta Knight. Then everything went major wrong, and now playing as Meta Knight I have to find Dedede and Kirby (just found Waddle Dee) and see if we can possibly accomplish a good ending. If not, well... Meta Knight did give me permission to restart the game. But I just... I can't... Don't do this to me guys, I care about you...

5/30/19: Switching between a boy named Sam and Kris from Deltarune, I somehow managed to fit a world adventure onto a continent the shape of Australia, depose a queen by destroying her kingdom (should I mention she's one of the group by this point?), gather seven relics to protect them from a shadow woman, go through Deltarune on Kris's end, kill the Semblance of Death, and finally give up most of our party plus two others to restore the world by becoming a new group of gods. Kris, Susie, and Ralsei remained, but far more importantly I actually created an ending for this! Maybe I can finally post something here...

8/28/19: After several mishaps and trekking between different kingdoms, our little group of nine(Luminary, Hendrik, a little girl named Oriph, Danny Fenton, me, and a few I couldn't identify) successfully defeated the great evil. The Luminary and his companions were going to to home separately... right up until an evil ghost started impersonating Danny Phantom and we had to protect our group member from the kingdoms while my aunt donned a suit made to amplify light from the Luminary's Jewel to fight it in the sky. I'm going to have to hurry with that thread if I want to help; I know it's a thing we need, I just don't know why... Well at least I had my own shapeshifting powers this time. That proved helpful in gathering information.

9/23/19: This time the merging of worlds happened different times throughout history, such as the events of Disgaea, Dragonball Z, and Mega Man occurring six centuries ago. Nowadays we have W.H.O.O.P from Totally Spies coexisting with reality, Pokemon, and Deltarune as the events of Undertale happened about 40 years ago. Also, Goku is an idiot. I mean seriously, who doesn't check the water for unconscious people after they fight near the ocean? I had to correct that in a hurry...

10/18/2019: At first it seemed as though I was simply watching a walkthrough of a game. Then I realized that I was IN the game, which also meant something went wrong and I needed to fix it. They managed to include about seven more worlds into the current roster of 35, which meant I had easily a hundred characters to look after and keep track of. We finally reach the final boss, Anarkius... And he had captured several people from *even more worlds*. He is *so* dead for being this idiotic.

4/18/20: So I seemed to live in a dystopian world riddled with Digital Shifts, places of Grey, and various villains and heroes either living together or working together. I worked with Marjoly, the Teen Titans, and considered demons and ninja turtles to be fairly good friends of mine. ...Then I finally discovered the cause of the Grey was none other than the Eaters and the Shift itself. Things are going to change, and not for the better anytime soon...

4/30/20: An absolutely incredible tale of how community could come together and help one another. I worked alongside Snape, Adell, Luso, and several others to try and ensure everyone's safety. Unfortunately, the captain and certain crewmates tried to stop us at every turn, culminating in me throwing myself off the airship into the pure Mana below- a death sentence even as I took their final counter with me. Luckily, the Goddess granted my wish of keeping everyone safe; it took a while for me to figure out I was included, since I survived the dip and was awoken by friends.

8/26/20: I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I managed to get Aldo, a fallen cult member turned thief, several pokemon champions and Colonel Jade Curtiss all together to prevent a group from going after humanoids. Rayquaza was watching over us (literally, he tended to play with the nature outside our HQ) and then near the end a different cult came, the same as the thief. Now Aldo is running around pretending to be one of them and scooping up pokemon to capture(read: keep safe) while I dealt with inner workings and the thief holds off suspicion. It might have gone okay had Rayquaza not been playing with the windows...

11/11/20: After some fun and games (and fest events) Aislin(me) realized that they were just a desperate diversion while the world slowly rotted from the inside out. She set out with a group to find the six Crystals and bring them to the World Tree to settle things. Along the way, Aislin bargained her service to traders/pirates so the others could leave, Merin got cursed into an anthro form (he looked like an Ivalice Moogle with no pompom), Gatuin learned how to utilize guns instead of bows, Harkle became a hero, and Kris kept them all on the right track with his wisdom and tactics. They still had to deal with a monstrous Crystal Beast(lion) and the Trials each Crystal put them through. This fifth one seemed to be a mix of military and mini games...

12/27/20: The three mains were Duessel of FE, Edelgard of FE, and Zack Fair. The latter two were growing up with Duessel as their father figure while the lore surrounding them slowly told of the secrets he did his best to keep them from. Edelgard eventually found herself being able to command shearwigs (think locusts) thanks to a jewel she kept on her, and eventually everything clicked for the two of them when Edelgard was unable to get the shearwigs out of Zack's bed and hair... due to Duessel's magic being the cause out of a fierce, deep desire to protect them. In order to be allowed to die, he needed a Guardian and a Hero. Being the controller of shearwigs meant Edelgard was now the Guardian... now Zack needed to become the Hero.

1/17/21: Two worlds collide while a girl desperately tries to keep her ever growing family together. Things are made worse once it's revealed that taking in the supernatural and letting them stay (and help out in training/rescue) was making a prophecy come true- one that would end both worlds. ...Or rather, what was left of the two once the war between ordinary and supernatural was done.

3/2/2021: I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I found myself alternating as Cloud, who seemed to be chasing after Sephiroth with a beat-em-up gameplay style alongside most of his crew, and Luigi, who was contending against a witch by using Pokemon, while said witch seemed to be horrific at brainwashing anyone for any real length of time. Luigi's part ended with his party crew and BowserKoopalings going off to watch a movie, never made it to Cloud's end. Oh, and I apparently caught Arceus but could only take him out by having the rest of my pokemon, while the Luminary went from Thief to Imperial Commander. That part I'm still wondering about...

8/17/22: So my family went to visit my cousins, only to get embroiled in a witch's curse that transcended dimensions. While my dad, a few Links, and Wreck It Ralph went for the physical plane of existence and solved the problems in the house, I had the job of figuring out the curse and solving it, merging what was multitudes of different colored cousins into three fully natural colored cousins. It was like combining the color wheel, I swear... the stranger part was once I met the witch; she was immediately fascinated by my hair color and kept letting me go anywhere I liked. I guess it made things easier... though definitely more creepy.

8/23/22: It started with Mario and Sonic, switched to Tails and a guy named Santiago, and then suddenly we're embroiled in a mixture of intrigue, kingdom battles, and zombie apocalypse. Of course, the zombies could infect by a touch, which made things considerably harder. When we last left off, Mario, Sonic, Tails, Santiago, and Amy were racing back to the sports kingdom to rescue Cream from an arranged marriage to a manipulative prince. Oh, and there was another woman going around and kinda convincing the kings they could have wealth prestige and all that jazz by following an ancient treasure map she was 'willing to give to the most deserving kingdom. As near as I can tell, she wanted a World War so she could bring her goddess back to life, and the zombies were her first idea; once we overcame that (by largely keeping safe and building off the ground as back then animals weren't affected) the World War was the second idea.

In some of my dreams I can catch myself reading passages on the computer, and then a few days later... I find the fanfic with that exact same passage. It has happened about eight different times now, ranging from Family Guy to a book series for Camelot. Better do this, too: I do not own anything I type here in this section. Also, you can now find most of these stories in my favorites. And finally all titles are in bold and all authors will be underlined.

Edit 6/19: I think I'm going to take out the three that don't belong. Just for references, though, one's a book, one's on a website, and one's from a manga. Edit 10/7/17: 52 so far. Edit: Disclaimer: Each of these passages is randomly placed within the story. Some are early on, some are halfway through, some are near the end. Reading a particular story from here does not guarantee you like the story, it only guarantees you will eventually come across said passage.

The River Rat stallions were gawking in surprise at this world of brightly painted wagons, cook fires, and colorfully-dressed, chattering Firemakers. - Blind Spot (A How to Train Your Dragon story done by Fjord Mustang. This writer truly knows what she is writing about, and I'd suggest you check out her other stories too.)

Prince Hojo has wronged me in no way and I am lucky to have an arranged marriage to someone who truly cares for me.- Set Me Free (An Inuyasha story done by Lady Kea. A rather cute story that'll probably make you go "Aw," at one point or another.)

He couldn't help it though-the Studio D held the stench of Clove cigarettes from day's past-when smoking inside was actually legal. - Someone That You're With (A Yugioh story done by Pork Steak the Grande. I'm not sure if they get on anymore though...)

Sly, as hurt as he had been, had still loved her. They had to respect that. If she was able to win Sly over, she had to be special. - Sly who? (A Sly cooper story done by Dragonlover501. It was incomplete when I read it, but it is cute.)

Some guy named Clockwerk. Bentley told me he was a guy who hated the Cooper clan so much; he replaced his body with cold machinery just to pursue the Cooper for millennia. - Penelope's Log (A Sly Cooper story done by Lord Clockwerk. A take on how and why Penelope did what she did.)

She shook her head free of the snow and dusted her clothes off before groaning. "Stupid…! What did I trip on?" she turned back to look, and gasped, covering her mouth with her hand when she saw. Knuckles was frozen in the snow! - Beyond Foolish Pride (A Sonic the Hedgehog story done by Satokasu Suki. It is one of the very first stories I had ever read on ffnet, so it holds a special place in my memories.)

"Sonny-kun won't let anything b-bad happen to her." There; the code was now patched and functioning normally.

"Ah, are they..."

Choko giggled. "No, but they're good friends, like brother and sister. They just like to fight a lot." Action Replay (A Wreck It Ralph story done by Becky Blue Eyes. It's the third part in a small series of hers. It delves into the various scenarios and glitches you can find on different games. Quite fun to read.)

"I...can..." Vanille 2k roared, "I...can... so...!" She grimaced in pain and shot up another dozen feet, roads and highways bursting from her veins, apartment buildings erupting from her back like the plates of a stegosaurus, tiny cars spilling from her mouth like honking, blaring metal saliva. Her eyes crackled with electricity. "I am everything!" she screeched in a voice like a foghorn. "I am everything, all at once, and all...that matters!" Locked and Downloaded (A Wreck It Ralph story done by Thumbtax. It's a rather unique story, all things considered.)

Had he really said that? His heart began to twist. That was not like him at all. - Forgive Us Our Transgressions (A Final Fantasy story done by LuckyLadybug. They have a lot of different stories for a variety of subjects. Most are good reads.)

"...And Zexion isn't some number VI anymore. He's just Zexion now. You want him back, it won't be based on what happened before, seeing how he doesn't remember that shit before. Got it memorized?"

Now those were words he honestly would never have expected coming out of Axel's mouth. - First Date (A Kingdom Hearts story done by Pikachumaniac. I go looking for an old read and I find this. It's a pretty nice story, though.)

- I'm tentatively thinking of naming the whole series Dragons: Champions (kind of a spin-off name). I don't know if that's cheesy or not, but it feels right. - I Bring The Thunder (A How to Train Your Dragon story done by Kinkor the Knight. Part 2 in a series, and yes that is part of the Author's note. Yes, I read those too.)

I returned my attention to the duel (hardly so when one was completely focused on running and the other striking) happening before us. Currently Sweyn was standing with his back to me... ...enough to warn her this human was no amateur in the art of harming with minimum contact. -We are the Differences (A How to Train Your Dragon story done by Cookie Master's Apprentice. A very nice story with next to nothing about Night Furies. Give it a read, trust me.)

Darkness laid his head against the cold stone, "They're not coming..." he coughed violently. The cell echoed with the sound of chains as he weakly lifted his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth."Darkness..." "Devlon, I'm not really in the mood to talk." The man sighed as he let his body collapse against the wall. "Then just listen, you have to let me go." -Life of a Guardian (A Rise of the Guardians story done by frostofsummer. They've got an entire series of stories, and it's clear they work hard on them. They're really good reads, especially if you don't mind slightly long stories.)

The second time, more than twenty caught her at night in the supply hull, smelling an easy prey. The second day, all of their bodies covered the deck. -The Truth is a Shard of Ice (A How to Train Your Dragon story done by Whitefang333. I'm not done reading yet, but it's just as good as Fjord Mustang's stories. Edit: Um, I'm going to stop reading this one. It's having the same effect on me as Darkest Before Dawn. ...Please don't ask what that is.)

"That is quite enough, Jack!" Jamie yelled in a strict order. He was now floating in midair as his gaze soften at the sight that he was beholding. At least he had to admit one thing, Dark Jack was scary when he was angry! -Guardian Apprentices (A Rise of the Guardians story done by Lovely Girl 10. A neat story, I've yet to find anything like it.)

One year later

"Excuse me, but I'm looking for the owner of this salvage yard. Do you know where I could find him?" A beautiful woman asked Duo as he worked on his motorcycle. "I'm Duo. What can I do for you?" Duo said as he stood up and wiped the grease from his hands and onto a rag. "My name is Sakura Tenda. I was sent by Lady Une, leader of the Preventers to find you." -Duo's Pain (A Gundam Wing/AC story done by Shinigami-chan. An old find, and I mean real old. I recognized this passage from about four years ago. It's a nice read if you like angst.)

"Spirits that bring the power of their spheres from the night sky." Two tendrils of light emerged from the nexus, swirling around her to merge into a ball of light between her crossed palms. Before her, the empress watched with glee, thinking that Relena was finally calling the Keys for her. She would have the earth yet. -Mend These Broken Wings (A Gundam Wing/AC story done by Goldberry. This is the kind of story I love to reread, for sure.)

It was clearly the same, but it was weaker, and this time it didn't go away. It wasn't painful, if anything it just felt... odd, and incredibly annoying. But that still didn't quite explain what it felt like, something was just different -off somehow. The nightmares felt this as well, they didn't know what to make of it either. -Of Shadow and Moonlight (A Rise of the Guardians story done by Xion5. It may only be the second chapter, but I get the feeling I'll enjoy this one.)

She gritted her teeth and suddenly her turned to an angry, pained one. "That's easy for you to say! You barely even knew her! Life is cold, harsh, and unforgiving! There's no point in living it! We just fool ourselves everyday by saying things will get better, but they won't! I see that now! Life is a lie, all it can be is pain!" -Best Friends Forever (A My Little Pony story done by Legacy55. You'd be surprised by what happens, I guarantee it.)

"It's the beacon...", Aura said softly. "It's like this huge burst of magical energy that two or more Lightmares cast when they're in trouble! It's only supposed to be used when you are going to die or if you see a threat like a Shadowmare... no offense." Ezreal said, turning to Daemon. -The Legend of a Shadowmare (A My Little Pony story done by JasontheDemon. It's a nice story, around the length of what I usually read.)

"Actually, it's a planner," Zelda pointed out. "Same thing," Bowser said, not bothering to look at the year the planner came from. "Hows about we take a look-see, what do you two say?" He smirked at Ganondorf and Wario, a smirk that vanished when Mario spoke up: "You realize Link just vomited into that, right?" Mario Mario and the Dungeon of Secrets (A Super Smash Bros. story done by gamer4. Basically it's the Harry Potter books with Super Smash characters, along with references and 4th-wall breakage.)

"C-Come to the computer lab...h-hurry." "Why? What happened Aelita?" He asked gripping her shoulders. "He...Odd. W-we found him." Ulrich's eyes widen as he pushed past Aelita and took off down the hallway, running as fast as he could to the computer lab. Aelita, still panting, followed behind. Finally after five years! -Five years (A Code Lyoko story done by AngeliChemicals. The sequel to Five Minutes, both very gripping tales. I'm not sure if I can handle the ending when it comes, though... Blame my weak nerves. Also, I got this vision last night. Last night! (3/31/14))

'Attack,' a faint voice whispered into his consciousness. 'We can attack him now, while he's out of breath! But Naruto was too focused on what his next move would be notice the strong urges that began to rise up inside him. As the urges became stronger, Naruto made his decision, much to the satisfaction of the presence in the back his mind. 'Attack him quickly!' the voice whispered, feeding itself off of Naruto's emotions, urging him into action. 'Attack him ruthlessly!' 'Hn,' growled a second voice, much stronger than the first yet even less noticeable. 'we don't need to be encouraged, Uchiha. We were gonna attack anyway!' -Legacy of the Rasengan I: Naruto (A Naruto story done by Tellemicus Sundance One little change can do so much to the storyline...)

"You shh!" Odd shot back. After getting a hard-earned win over his friend, he wouldn't let anyone bring down his good feeling, especially the stuck-up daughter of the principal. "Quiet, you," Sissi said. ""I'm trying to watch this." "Why bother? They'll just rehash the same story next week." Odd teased. -An Odd Couple (A Code Lyoko story done by WeaponFanfic. This is probably the earliest passage I've ever seen, but it's a nice length story.)

He then placed down his index finger and his thumb. The middle finger was the only finger not pressing down a key. But it felt right. The vibration felt just right. ...But not quite perfect. So he pulled his other hand from the ledge, put his left hand on it, and placed his right index finger on a key. -Shizuka na Sonata (A Naruto story done by Paradoxical Paradigm. It's a very good story, and a fairly accurate account of other's reactions to disability.)

Time to check on Aelita. Carol looks at her watch and sees that it is promptly 8:30. Perfect time for a routine check-up and perhaps see if the woman awakened yet. -A Surprise Patient (A Code Lyoko story done by Drop And Die. A nice story about love. Cute if you're in the mood for it... if you can get past Jer's job.)

After all, it was either date Zander or be saved by Ulrich. But when a "friend" spends that much money on you, it's a bit (more like very) forward. She had always shrugged it off, but now she was giving serious thought at the possibility that her friend-her boss to make matter worse-could actually be interested in her. -How to Mix Business with Pleasure (A Code Lyoko story done by naruto'sramengirl. A nice AU that has plenty of things for everyone to enjoy.)

"I don't know about this, Link," he says, snapping me out of my reverie. I look up and blink. Dark is holding up a black tunic with a pattern embroidered around the edges and scowling. "This looks stupid." -Reflections of the Heart (A Legend of Zelda story done by Hylian Shadow. It's one of those 30 kisses prompt thingys. This one happens to be yaoi, so there you've been warned.)

He flapped his wings, a shrug. He usually would snap back to human to answer questions, but doubted he could change again. Whatever the dragon had done, it took more focus than he had guessed he had to keep this form. Staying a bird wasn't painful, but felt more like an itch he would have to scratch eventually. He could do this for Raven. -In the Bleak December (A Teen Titans story done by CalliopeMused. A good after-growing-up story with many twists.)

"You never learn, do you?" He questioned, "So do I even want to know what you did this time?" "Same old, same old." He replied. "Right then, so it was your fault? Okay, I need help fixing that window. Come on." And Beast Boy, still a little to stunned to argue, followed obediently. -Logical Reasoning Aside (A Teen Titans story done by Relikiea. A short little one-shot. It's cute, though.)

That is, at least, what he kept trying to tell himself as he stepped out of the shower, dried off, and began pulling on a fresh uniform. But no matter how addled his brains may have been, he couldn't deny that she had treated him very differently than usual. She had actually offered to make him some food. -Where No Man Has Gone Before (A Teen Titans story done by Coeus. It really does deserve its listing of humor. Seriously.)

The corner of her mouth twitched , but she quickly fought back the smile trying to make its way to her face, in favor of a neutral expression. "I just wanted to have some time alone," she told him truthfully. "Oh," came him brilliant reply. He was silent for a few seconds, as he just looked at her. -Under the Old Oak Tree (A Teen Titans story done by Tammy Tamborine. Another one-shot, but it's nice to read stories like this sometimes, you know?)

"No, really, where did Candy take Starfire?" Robin asked again, nervous as to what James' answer would be. "Oh!" James said and laughed, that -- jolly little laugh of his, and wiped a tear from his eye. "Candy and Starfire are in Raven's room." He smiled genuinely, like he had just told them all they won the lottery and would be set for life. -Chance (A Teen Titans story done by Sweetnevermore. So far, I think I'm going to like it. I'll take my chances, hehe.)

"Toy!" Bo pushed the button and both of the titans stood up, expecting to hear Fifty Cent or Chamillionaire start blasting (Robin and Cyborg had used it last and they loved rap at its maximum volume), instead nothing happened. -Bo (A Teen Titans story done by kazumigirl. A baby story with a twist.)

He wished Cyborg would come back in. Though he was still angry with him, he knew it wasn't his fault. He had just been trying to help. Hopefully he would comeback soon. He really wanted to get out of this room soon. -I'm Nothing Without You (A Teen Titans story done by bbissocute. Not much else to say.)

"It was either let you die, or cure you and erase your memories. There was no choice." He stopped, taking in her expression. Familiar with the pensive, calculating expression on her face, he grew suspicious. "Hermione," he said slowly, "what are you thinking?" Hermione chewed her lip thoughtfully. "I'm thinking," she said finally, "that we need to do some homework. Come on." -Excido (A Harry Potter story done by shiny silver girl. It's more emotional than I had thought.)

...and because it was a Saturday, Mokuba did not have school, but he did want to go to work. That was, of course, he wanted to see Seto at his work. -Do You Even Remember (A Yugioh story done by Waifine. I haven't read far enough to tell you if it's an amnesia story or not. I think it is. ...I think.)

"Ya smashed ya last googie!" At the other end of the staff, trying to as he could to yank it free was a creature that seemed to be a mixture between a fox and a raccoon. If that wasn't odd enough, it had gold fur and wore clothes Jack had seen in an old storybook. "My lord, I must ask you to let go of my staff!" the creature shouted, giving growls of his own. "If I am to keep my vow to you!" "I never asked ya ta do anythin'!" "Um... Am I interrupting something?" Jack asked as he finally dared to approach. -Before the Next Sunset (A Rise of the Guardians fanfic done by Earth Star. A little short, but very well-written.)

You were smart, you thought outside the box, and you were exposed to the darkest parts of your kind! You were perfect... -Buck My Life (A My Little Pony story done by JasontheDemon. This is a first for me, now there are two stories by the same author on this page...)

"Trowa, you have the paint stowed and ready for use?" Heero sounded all business. "Yeah, brush and all. Little mixing then we mark you. Ten minutes." "There's the business of the locks," I thought to mention. "If they get the electronic ones back operational on the stalls and stable doors, that'll eat up more time getting open." -Horse Tales (A Gundam Wing story done by Kaeru Shisho. It's a very intriguing story, and rather educational in my own opinion. Then again, I like trying to learn everything...)

"Well, at the pool-" He was cut off as the crowd applauded loudly. The four girls were taking their bows and walking off stage. They saw Rachael taking the stage, microphone in her hands. She looked nervous, but still held herself with confidence. -Tower (A Teen Titans story done by The Hidden Girl. It all started with a bet.)

"...To truly reach your full potential you need to have something more important than power." "What?" Sasuke asked. "And why haven't you taught us yet?" Iruka smiled, "Friends," he stated, "Having friends and people you care about. When they're put in danger, you'll notice yourself get stronger and stronger." -How To Grow A Family (A Naruto story done by Twins of the Earth. I think this'll shape into a truly beautiful story. You'll see what I mean soon enough.)

Even Gabriel's death had been out of self-defense. Or rather, in his defense. Mustang was many things, but not a murderer, never a murderer. -Shadow Of A Doubt (A Fullmetal Alchemist story done by Bookwrm389. Ha has a fantastic array of stories, primarily Fullmetal. If you're looking for a heart's warmth, this one's just right.)

Atemu pouted. "Fine." He rubbed his chest almost idly. Seth, however, caught the motion and looked concerned. "You're not hurt, are you?" he demanded. "What? No, I'm fine. It just... I haven't felt right for a few days now," Atemu admitted reluctantly. -Shine To Guide You (A Yugioh story done by SailorChibi. A sequel to Give Myself Away, it is a truly fascinating story and very well written. Heavy on the yaoi, so there's your extra warning.)

Breathing heavily, Itachi stumbled backwards. His heart was pounding in his chest, pounding so hard that he feared it would soon burst. The edges of his vision turned black. The man took a step forward, bringing the storm's wind with him. It raced throughout the cavern, howling in Itachi's ears. When the wind departed, it left the cavern with the faint scent of the sea. Itachi feel back against the cave wall, staring up at the strange man with inexplicable fear. The man continued forward, pausing before the elder Uchiha brother. The man smiled. Itachi passed out. -Fox Magic (A Naruto story done by AkaiTsume. A rather strange twist to the normal things that bind two teammates together...)

"It's fine, it's not like I'm indecent or anything" he said giving her a sly smile. "What is it you want?" "Umm, I want to know where you keep the cereal." "Top cupboard, in the corner to the left" -Worth the Trouble(A Naruto story done by InfinityxInfinity777. Good lore this vision was confusing. Normally it's just me reading the passage. This one decided that I would read the passage, and then dream of typing it into the computer. I even know which part of the chapter I used to represent it! My goodness... At any rate, give this one a try if you want some warm fuzzies.)

"Happy to see me? Because I'm sure glad I caught up with you!" Redstripe gave a barking laugh. "...Yeah, yeah! You really 'outta listen to the merc! You're really slippery merc. It took us days to catch up! We could'a been stirring up trouble elsewhere!" A cackling voice, Drapion, exclaimed as he revealed himself from the berry bushes behind Gardevoir and Gengar. "What do you want?" I growled, extending my razor shapr claws and dropping into a ready stance. "Your head. Nobody injures the mighty Redstripe and gets away with it!" -Darkness Within (A Pokemon story done by Frostimyst. Nice read.)

"I was just's almost like I know you already. Even though we've only talked a few times." "I could say the same -Zack and Genesis tend to go on about you without even realizing they're doing it." Cloud just scoffed at that. Maybe if he'd believed it he would have blushed, but it seemed pretty unlikely. "They must have better things to talk about." "You're not giving yourself enough credit," Angeal insisted with another kind smile. "Genesis in particular is a difficult man to please. You must be doing something right." -A Moment of Truth (A Final Fantasy 7 story done by kzam. Yaoi, there's your warning.)

But I wasn't thinking of such times. Rather, I was awfully bothered that Alfred was already guessing my reactions. I stood up, marched over to Alfred's table, and slammed my hands before him. There would be no way he would ignore me with the loud music today. Alfred looked up in surprise again. He took off his headphones quickly and flashed me a smile. It only managed to make me narrow my eyes. "What's up?" -And All That Jazz (A Hetalia-Axis Powers story done by hoshiko2kokoro. Not quite where I expected to find my next passage, but it's very well-written.)

"You're supposed to believe me!" Hiccup cried, "I never did any of those things!" Stoick huffed and started to pace. "I never broke into anything, I've never stolen anything in my life and I wasn't even aware they were looking for me! And when they found me I was at school! In the cafeteria! Not exactly a prime hideout!" How To Modernize Your Dragon (A How to Train Your Dragon story done by PrayerGirl. The title says it all, really.)

Finland shook his head vehemently. "That would be a terrible idea." He grinned, and there was something in his expression, something almost predatory; a glint in his eye and a clench of his fist added to that. "This is the perfect time to go for the Kosmider base. They'll never know we're coming. We've been handed a huge advantage" You Can't Take the Sky from Me (A Hetalia-Axis Powers story done by EverythingIsMagic. An AU with sky-pirates, a bit of steampunk and a touch of romance.)

"Precisely. My opponent will not earn my respect unless he answers that question. I shall judge their ideals." Wes crawled back and stood up, keeping his head low. "By murdering all that stand in your way?" Griffon scoffed. "That means little to me." He narrowed his eyes. "But there's more to my path than you realize." The Secret of the Idol (A Pokemon story done by PokeMaster64. A treasure hunter decides on a whim to save his world. Who wouldn't take a peek at it?)

It was a pitiful attempt, he knew, because he was probably (no, definitely) covered in black light now but he wished desperately that Draco would get the hint anyway and not say anything about it. -White Lies (A Harry Potter story done by Cassis Luna. Yaoi, but a nice twist from the normal way.)

"[...] Besides, the Dedenne's awake now. It should be interesting." The Bannette chuckled again, keeping his crimson stare on the large Honchkrow. "I always wondered what a fried Honchkrow looks like." -The End (A Pokemon story done by DeliriousAbsol. A very nice epic with easy-to-read chapters.)

Slowly, Judy walked further into the room, pushing one of the chairs closer to the right side of his bed. When it was pressed right up to it, she hopped onto it, took his right paw into her paws gently, and just stared. [...] One that had been overshadowed by concern for his physical welfare. 'What if the antidote doesn't work? What if... what if he never wakes up?' -Embrace It (A Zootopia story done by Starfang's Secrets. Extremely well-done, I'd suggest giving it a read. ...What's more amazing is the sheer amount of collaboration I see in the Zootopia authors. Why aren't more fandoms like this?)

"I'll go!" Stubba immediately spoke up, trying to look heroic. "C'mon Hanner, let's go save everybody!" "You said it, little guy," she agreed as they both raced up the stairs. The rest of the party quickly followed after them. -Paper Mario: The Temple of the Sun (A Mario story done by that one little guy. I must admit, I wasn't expecting such depth to this sort of thing, being the first paper one I decided to read. Give it a go; it won't disappoint, I promise.)

"You promised Dad you wouldn't do anything." Matthew defended, "I didn't, I swear! He said I could drink, and I didn't even realize what they were doing at first." Alfred huffed, "Some friends you have looking out for you." Matthew tried to defend Gilbert by explain that he came to help and was upset Matthew was with Lars to begin with. Alfred wasn't sure how to feel about that. It was easier to put the blame on Gilbert. -The Boy with the Backpack (A Hetalia-Axis Powers story done by allavengedromance. Mentions self-injury and attempted suicide. You have been warned.)

But at the same time, it was a pleasant thing to make him tremble in a rush of what could only be pleasure - Draco refused to listen to the impulses that tried to convince him it was something else - and see the way his eyes squinted shut, as if he were trying to deny that Draco could have a heart like anyone else. -A Reckless Frame of Mind (A Harry Potter story done by Lomonaaeren. It's certainly not like I'm used to, that's for sure. Look them up if you're in the mood for Harry and Draco doing some pretty unusual things.)

His hand shot out on reflex, fingertips flung outward, six blasters summoned in a burst of blue flame and the sound of a jet engine, light pooling in their mouths like stars. Bones clattered from everywhere and nowhere, a cacophony of sound and sharp edges, poised and ready. Cabinets flung open from the force of it all, the pie dish hit the floor in an explosion of glass.

A par of eyes blinked at him, wide open for the first time in ages and absolutely terrified. Dark. No red.

Sans froze. Nobody breathed. -No Rain (An Undertale story done by DigitalDreamer. If you ever had depression or PTSD, you should probably read this story.)

There was an intense silence on the other side. "kid?" "Would..." They sounded on the verge of tears. They sounded absolutely terrified. "Would it be okay... If I was there?" [...] Sans lifted his other hand to support the bottom of the phone. "but about that question..." The silence had returned, filled with cold terror. He could feel it from even across the Barrier. "yeah. it'd be more than okay. preferable actually." "R-Really?!" They breathed in relief. They paused. "E-Even if... you knew I could have set everyone free?" -Affording (An Undertale story done by 14Cookiesinajar. All I'm gonna say is, it's listed Angst/Friendship for a reason.)

Link stared after it, shielding his eyes from the noon sun trying to watch the bird's figure as it began to ascend, "The, The Cane of Byrna?" Link asked *He should be so fortunate, for the power of the staff in your hands will truly be a sight to behold if your fidelity is as I believe it to be.* -StarCrossed Souls: Twilight of the Spirit Sword (A Soul Calibur story done by Hero Genkaku. It's been almost a decade since I've seen the game associated with this one. Give it a try; it does very good character-building and really helps to understand the relations between them all for first-timers.)

I have become the closest thing to a mother figure in their lives. Hearing confirmation of my loyalty and vowing to remain with them allows for certain emotional walls they've made to begin lowering. This is a good start for them to mature. -King Koopa's Spitfire (A Mario story done by R.I.P. Lynn. Incredible detail, relatable characters, and assumes you're NOT always familiar with the source material. You will not regret picking this up.)

"I know I can appear ominous, but I am far from having bad intentions, Flowey. Plantest thyself then, wherever spot thou feelest appropriate. Asgore, we can live without fire for now." "Sure, the air is not so cold in fact." Flowey dared not to speak. He buried himself and soon came out close to the trunk, followed shortly by the King. -Another Tale of Underground - Once Loved, Always Loved (An Undertale story done by Hunter of Eridanus. One of the most incredible and heartfelt stories I've read ever. If you like Asgore in any way, you'll like this one.)

Sonic gasped out and felt his daemon tense in anger and horror. They hadn't been friends with the Master or Raniel, but they had been close. The man and clouded leopard taught them a lot of what they knew today and hadn't judged them for their differences much. -And my soul walks beside me (A Sonic the Hedgehog story done by merlinfrostE. This guy's got quite an intriguing collection of stories, especially if you're familiar with the Golden Compass.)

"Don't worry, my darling. He said he'd show up, and I'm certain he will," King Lorule reassured his daughter. Hilda had found a moment to stand at her father's side, as they gazed out upon his many masked subjects. The mask Princess Hilda wore covered only her eyes, however, allowing anyone to see the small frown spread across her lips. Her father, sensing his daughters dissatisfaction, put a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Besides, the postman said he received your letter, and I'm sure there's no way he'd be able to run after reading that," he laughed a bit. "I do certainly hope you're right," she said firmly, trying desperately to hide any unwanted emotions she felt otherwise. -To Save You (A Legend of Zelda story done by mandidandi. Focused on Lorule after the game, it's an absolutely beautiful climb and an incredible read.)

"Outside of trying not to die... I just wanted to make sure we won. Once he started attacking, I forgot about how you were connected, and just... wanted to make sure we lived." He sighed. "...You wouldn't believe how much it hurt to win. After you disappeared, I felt like a murderer." He looked at Oliver, his expression solemn. -Closure (A Ni No Kuni story done by Wherever Girl. A look at what Oliver might think about after everything's said and done. (This game. Why did I never take the chance and try playing it? It's everything I look for...))

It was strange and and a little unnerving. And she was finding herself... very curious. Should she follow them...? Like, what was the harm? She'd have a student pass for the train and bus, she knew her way around the city. Maybe they'd guide her to a new park waiting to pour inspiration into her. -Rise of Mariposa (A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir story done by imthepunchlord. The summary says it all really. I'm anticipating a really good read.)

It took no time at all to see everything there was to see in the first bedroom. The only remarkable features were the outlets on the walls and a window on the far end. The second room was almost the same, except that instead of a window, a sliding glass door led to the balcony outside. Adrien tried the door and it slid open easily. -The Cat and the Mask (A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir story done by BeautifulMessenger. This is one of the few I caught on the comp, I need to start making sure I note down the passages I find while reading on the phone. Seriously that makes like three now I've missed...)

"Um," Alya shifted nervously. "I still remember everything. Did the memory thing not work?" "No, it did," Ladybug assured flatly. He was still hurt. He was still dying. "You were just too close to me. I'm sorry." She felt tears stinging her eyes again. "No, it's fine! I want to remember," her friend amended quickly. -Luck's Run Out (A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir story done by Katerina Riley. A one-shot, but a fair length and a very good story. (Sorry, it's like four AM, I'm not used to being up this late and concentrating like this.))

"Your parents vouched for me, saying I'll be living here for the time being. Marinette gaped. "Marinette, they know you're Ladybug. They've known for some time now, actually." -Solace (A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir story done by LadyoftheBirds. It's a very good take on the rejection route. This passage is taken from the final chapter, mind you.)

He could see the slight protrusions of the teen's canines when he smiled. But what freaked him out most of all was that it seemed as if he knew this other teen. He was so familiar. "Welcome to my home, little one." "I didn't know anyone lived here. I apologize for intruding." Yugi said as a blush rose to his face. He never felt so mortified in his life. -Whispers of the Heart(A Yugioh story done by tavia454. A one shot, but they have some incredible stories to their name.)

Her hand stings red as she slaps him round the face, the snap loud in the room. "Miss Husay," he says, still composed, but automatically cradling his cheek. She can't see trail a of blood starting down his face, like red tears that don't originate from his eyes and he is lucky because she is right handed, her engagement ring would have caught him on the ridiculous cheek bone. Gold of the low purity that she and Michael can afford is harder than flesh. -The Montague Street Doctor (A Sherlock story done by The Circus. Yet another take on what John might have done after Sherlock's death. Much better than I make it sound, really.)

"I've been studying warding," he said finally, and held up his book. Potter looked at it and nodded, but didn't ask questions. "I don't think the safehouse will be a problem. If we can take my father out of the Manor, I think we can guard him practically anywhere." "With anonymity the best defense?" -The Serenity of his Rage (Harry Potter story done by Lomonaaeren. They write mostly slash. Other than that, they cover almost every genre and wordcount on the site, but all of them are very well-written.)

They continued their tour, finding a training room that allowed Hermione to display her magic to Dan and Emma for the first time. Both parents were amazed as she had objects flying through the air, changing from one thing to another with eventually about a dozen bunny rabbits hopping around the room, one last wave of her wand and everything returned to normal. -Can't Have It Both Ways (A Harry Potter story done by RobSt. A rather humorous AU for the 4th year. What happens when someone notices the catch of forcing Harry to compete in the tournament?)

"No he's not. He's sleeping and he won't wake up!" Mabel said. "You tried?" Stan said. "Lots and lots of different things, but it didn't work," Dipper said. Stan realized Ford's hair was a little wet. So probably not kidding about trying a lot of different things. -The Whole of Us (is greater than the sum of our broken pieces) (A Gravity Falls fanfic by nicnac918. A rather heartwarming and heartbreaking story in turns, I'm rather glad I found it again. It does have a happy ending, though not quite in the way you might expect.

"I ain't gonna drag around these memories when I got a ship to run. I can't spend the rest of my life bellyaching over what happened to Gabe," Foxy proclaimed, [...] "...Cause in the end, I got somethin' that Purple Bloater's never gonna have: a successful business and a name worth leaving behind." "Even if it isn't your own?" Springtrap asked. "Don't see anyone else steppin' up to do it. After Freddy's, someone's gotta fix all those mistakes and this be how I do it," Foxy explained. -Almost Feels Like Home (A Five Nights At Freddy's fanfic done by Mable. A sequel in a (currently) trilogy of stories that so far have managed to include every character that I knew existed and even several that I didn't know about. Some may even be OCs, but all of them are so well-written in there that you really can't tell the difference without prior knowledge. A hallmark of any writer, really...)

Oh yeah, I feel this is worth repeating though: TELL ME IF YOU WISH TO USE ONE OF THE DREAMS ON THIS PROFILE. I'll be happy to answer you.

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