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24th March, 2020: Stuck in Coronavirus lockdown here in the UK, so I have drafted and posted a Harry Potter/Ravenloft crossover piece.

Whilst I appreciate signed reviews from members (which offer a chance to clarify ambiguities by private message) I am less enthusiastic of guest reviews which offer no such recourse (and some reviews read in ways which I suspect the original writer in no way intended). Guest reviews which go off the topic of the story which they are posted as reviewing are in danger of not making it past the 'moderate reviews' section, and guest reviews which are personally abusive will be deleted. Reviews from signed members which do not seem to be about the story which they are posted to will possibly be reported for abuse of the review system but will otherwise be ignored.

30th January, 2014: Existing 'canon' maps of Hogwarts/area around it insufficient for my purposes for the Saint Potter universe, so rearranging the geography somewhat and drawing my own maps. In Saint Potter universe likely that Loch Ericht does not exist and that Hogwarts/Hogsmeade/The Forbidden Forest occupy that valley instead. Troublesome speech continuing to be awkward to write, but I have a sense now of what I think it ought to 'feel' like.

19th February 2014: Proposed area occupied in the Saint Potter universe by Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, and the vicinity.

1) Loch Ericht does not exist. Part of the area occupied in the real world by the Loch is occupied by the 'Black Lake'. A short ridge towards the northeastern end of the area occupied in the real world extends across the width of the valley, limiting easy access (and blocking the view) from Dalwhinnie. The railway branch line to Hogsmeade branches off just south of Dalwhinnie, and turns into the valley occupied in the real world by Loch Ericht, piercing the ridge by means of a tunnel.

2) Hogwarts and Hogsmeade are located east of Beinn Bheòil, Hogwarts on the northwestern side of the valley, at the foot of the mountain, and Hogsmeade south of the castle, sprawling across the valley. Hogsmeade is at the southwestern end of the 'Black Lake'. The railway line runs along the south-eastern side of the valley, and is on a shelf of elevated ground, above Hogsmeade, and (along with the station) out of sight of Hogsmeade. The station has an accompanying goods yard on the surface, sheds for locomotives, and shafts to a subterranean narrow-gauge line, which passes under the Black Lake by means of tunnels to Hogwarts. (The subterranean narrow gauge line, for the movement of goods and other items back and forth between the castle and station, was constructed in the 1980's.)

3) Southwest of Hogsmeade, pastures and the forest extend as far as Meall an Uillt Riabhaich and Meall Liath na Doire Bhig.

4) All the land along the Alder Burn, south of Beinn a' Chumhainn, and below the crags east of the ridge of high ground running from Beinn a' Chumhainn to Meall a' Bhealaich to Sgòr Choinnich to Sgòr Gaibhre to Meall na Meoig & Mheall Mòr (including the lands in the 'gap' between the ridge extending southeast from Mheall Mòr and Meall Liath na Doire Bhig) are part of the Forbidden Forest.

5) The lands along the Allt Bealach Breabaig up to the gap between the eastern crags of Sròn Bealach Beithe and Sròn Coire na h-lolaire and down along the Allt a' Bhealaich Bheithe are forbidden to muggles. On the south side, this area is part of the Forbidden Forest up to approximately the 700 metre contour. The lands below Ben Alder's eastern crags are forbidden to muggles.

5a) Beinn Bheòil is 'off limits' to muggles except by special arrangement for fanatical Munro baggers.

6) The valley between Ben Alder and Sgòr Iutharn is part of the Forbidden Forest. The valley of Allta' Chaoil-rèidhe and the expanse of upland moorland in the real world identified as 'Ben Alder Forest' is part of the Forbidden Forest. The valley of Allt Cam is part of the Forbidden Forest, and the summit of the 'Munro', Càrn Dearg, between the valleys of Caol Rèidh and Allt Cam is only accessible to muggles via the ridge from Geal-Chàrn.

6a) To clarify, Meall Mòr, Meall Beag, and Meall Dubh are considered part of the Forbidden Forest along with the real world geographical area of 'Ben Alder Forest'.

7) Loch Pattack and the valley of the River Pattack running north are part of the Forbidden Forest as far as the gap between Coille Doir-ath and Torr nan Damh and the uppermost bridge across the River Pattack east of Torr nan Damh.

Note: I consider magical trees of the Forbidden Forest hardier than regular trees in the area, and capable of growing at altitudes up to around the 700 metre contour, if conditions are locally favourable.

Further Note: I am consider the possibility of the railway line extending beyond Hogsmeade, to the southwest, to pass out past Lochan Lòin nan Donnlaich and Lochan Sròn Smeur to join the other real world line in the area, just north of Rannoch station.


From March 2013, Saint Potter and associated stories all have the same image used, as a quick visual identifier for communities and archives. At present, I use an image I scanned at home of what an old Stanley Gibbons catalogue informs me is a French stamp 'Book-binding and Rare Books' from 1953.

'Voldemort Triumphant' and 'Spiralling' feature an image scanned at home of a Royal Mail stamp of 1995 - part of a set celebrating H. G. Wells.

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