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=About Me=

I've stopped writing fanfiction almost all together. If there is a story you really like and really want me to finish it, just leave a review saying so.

I'm a big fan of Manga so some of my stories coincide with the Manga rather than the Anime. I also like RPG like the FF series, Suikoden, and Harvest Moon series.

=Favorite Pairings=
ZellxSeifer (Final Fantasy 8) TrowaxTreize (Gundam Wing)
ChichirxTasuki (Fushigi Yuugi) ShinjixKaworu (Evangelion)
KurtxPietro (X-men: Evolution) Link x Sheik (Zelda 64)
Jack x Hayato (Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland)
Current Favorites:
FrodoxSam, MerryxPippin (Lord of the Rings) JackxStephen (Master and Commander)

If you can't wait for me to update, E-mail or IM me on AIM@ TenshiBjork. I like the attention. OR you could read my other stories and I'll update those as well.

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