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You can find me and the art for my stories on instagram sweetshireen_

Direct Links to the Fanart for Awakening can be found if you click on the poll at the top of this profile. (That's the only place FFN allows links sadly)

Will be working with Arishatistic for all artwork, who you can find on www dot instagram dot com/arishatistic/ OR arishatistic dot tumblr dot com

Or by going on the #awakeninghhr tag on instagram and tumblr


Cover Art: instagram dot com/p/B6yhysLhEEv/

Chapter 1 Art: instagram dot com/p/B6yiZKEBgBF/

Chapter 2 Art: instagram dot com/p/B7CSqCNBeYe/

Chapter 3 Art: instagram dot com/p/B7Wt-3dBv2e/

Chapter 4 Art: instagram dot com/p/B71eG1NhDig/

Chapter 5 Art: instagram dot com/p/B8rtslKBoyI/

Chapter 6 Art: instagram dot com/p/B92IC24B9jL/

Chapter 7 Art: instagram dot com/p/B-kr4VWh1fF/

Chapter 8 Art: instagram dot com/p/B_qJlLihW95/

Chapter 9 Art: instagram dot com/p/CBMFQYTAN5g/

Chapter 10 Art: instagram dot com/p/CCjVEtngT2u/

Chapter 11 Art Part I: instagram dot com/p/CEzgkylgvH9/

Chapter 11 Art Part II: instagram dot com/p/CEzgxZzgLPf/

Ch 12 Art: instagram dot com/p/CF-a9LWg8QU/

Chapter 13 Art Part I: instagram dot com/p/CGVXnGBAH1h/

Chapter 13 Art Part II: instagram dot com/p/CGX_D6ejq8b/

Home Is Where the Heart Lies

All art by Hastyhand for this can be found on: www dot instagram dot com/explore/tags/homeishhr/

Ever After

Part I: instagram dot com/p/CGicEu3AXVe/

Part 2: instagram dot com/p/CGiXFw1gZne/

The Bet

Illustration by hastyhand : instagram dot com/p/CJ_4Dssghwk/

The Jily Meets Harmony Challenge

There have previously been challenges such as Reptilia28's "Don't Fear the Reaper" challenge which, while beloved and an inspiration for many great stories, has been done many times. It is past time that a new challenge was presented to the Harmony community. This challenge is aimed to be much different in tone and to utllize the potential in a setting that is not seen enough in HHr fics. Introducing the...

The Jily Meets Harmony Challenge

Must include:

1. James/Lily and Harry/Hermione strictly.

2. James and Lily must be alive. Either by surviving Halloween, coming back to life, or their canon deaths never happening/being avoided. (Can include either Time Travel or a Canon Divergence event)

3. Sirius should also live and be free/exonerated.

4. Lily must at some point braid Hermione's hair.

5. James and Harry must at some point fly together

6. Harry cannot have a Boy Who Lived (Or Wrong Boy Who Lived) sibling.

7. No Jily bashing

8. Include the requirements and description of the challenge in an Author's Note

More information regarding the challenge can be found here.

I've regained my spark for H/Hr through the HMS Harmony Discord Server (link in twitter profile). Other links:

discord dot gg/M9Eun6dM3H


discord dot gg/hmsharmony

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