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Shadows in the Wind: Completed. Thanks to all supporters. You really helped me sit down and get this finished for you guys. Thanks.

About me. ...hmm... I like to draw, and I have been writing stories with Himeflye and Mommybear. We are working on one big story that will be ready soon. If we post it, it will be as if it was three separate stories, though they all connect with each other in one way of another. If you by any chance no of a way to post a story so it connects with all three of the author's names somehow, we will greatly appreciate it.

I saw this and I liked it.

The Ten Commandments of Reviewing - created by FictionReader98 and Zoneshifter D
1) Thou shalt point out the parts you enjoy
2) Thou shalt point out the parts you disliked, if any.
3) Thou shalt point out the parts you utterly hated and explain why
4) Thou shalt write with good grammar!!
5) Thou shalt not give anonymous reviews, for the authors might want to reply to thine criticism!
6) Thou shalt not flame
7) Thou shalt write a four sentence paragraph minimum!
8) Thou shalt use constructive criticism!
9) Thou shalt review as much as possible, not merely once!
10) Thou shalt voice thine expectations.

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