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I wish I could say I had some inspirational meaning behind all of my stories, but really I just had a bunch of cool ideas that I wanted to share. The success on that may vary. Oh, and disclaimer: I barely follow what's happening in DB Super so it won't always be canon to my fanfics.


Dragon Ball Multiverse Alternate

Name shamelessly stolen from the web comic I can't find, this is my version of DBM with some of the universes I don't like replaced with ones I do. However I got the inspiration for this from a really vivid series of dreams so it lacks any kind of coherent plot. Plus I actually forgot I'd written the last third and that was a pleasant read. Main roadblocks are figuring more character interactions, waiting for DBM to end so I have the full plot to work with, and filling the roster.

Dragon Ball Z: The Next Generation

The adventures of Bra, Marron, Pan and Uub after EoZ. This is set in an alternate timeline where Goku and Vegeta are both permanently dead so Gohan and Gotenks are Earth's primary defenders until the kids take the mantle. I started writing this as a pallete cleanser during Perfect Future so each chapter focuses on the big fight with the recycled non-canon villain. The format is supposed to be similar to the DBZ movies, dropping in the middle of an unspecific time period to throw an enemy at the heroes. I'm not sure how to write this so that Bra and Pan don't look like carbon copies of every other DB Generations fanfic out there - Uub I'm not worried about. Poor guy needs the limelight after GT.

Saiyan Legacy/Sins of the Father

Still working on the title. What if Vegeta left Earth to resume his conquering ways after Goku died of the heart virus, and 20 years later Trunks needed his help to stop the Androids? This is the one I'd like to finish the most, but also the one with the most brakes. Because doing another fic about the miserable future timeline might mark me as a hack, and because I'd need to create at least one likeable OC: A feat that has long eluded me.

Dogs of War

My oldest idea, conceived right after Perfect Future. The middle of the story came to me before the beginning and end so that's what I need to sort out before publishing it. I was initially going to publish it as Part 2 and release Parts 1 & 3 later, but no fanfic author is cool enough to pull off a stunt like that. After overthrowing Frieza the Super Saiyan, Kakarot, attempts to manage his new empire while keeping the other surviving Saiyans in line. He is faced with threats from without and within the new Saiyan Empire, the greatest of which may be a ghost from the past.

In order of completion it goes DBMA, DoW, TNG, SotF. Because shockingly the one based entirely on a dream and half written when I was so tired I forgot all about it, is the only one with the content in chronological order.

Favourite DBZ Heroes:

1. Vegeta

2. Goku

3. Piccolo

4. Vegito

Favourite DBZ Villains

1. Super Buu

2. Cell

3. Frieza

4. Broly

Favourite Characters in Fanworks:

1. Raditz

2. Cooler

3. Baby

4. Gohan

Characters I Like But Would Never Use:

1. Broly

2. Bardock

3. Omega Shenron

4. Beerus

Stories I'd hunt a bear bare-handed to get an update for:

Guardian - Mr Arkham

Honor Trip - American Vigor

Imperfect Symmetry - Roseblade22

In Ashes - AlphaShenron

The Other World Saga - Demod20

Challenge of the Superfriends - The End - Denizen1

Favourite lesser known authors

Erised Burning


Ideas I'd love to write but probably won't:

  1. DBZ but with the sagas in reversed order
  2. What the future androids get up to after exterminating humanity
  3. A DBZ/DC crossover
  4. A Marvel version of DC's Earth 3
  5. An AF story that stars the supporting cast
  6. A story with a competent Dr Gero who may actually succeed in the end.
  7. Something like Gods and Monsters but for DBZ
  8. A redo of a Buu wins fanfic I saw here that I hated.
  9. Skyrim storyline with my old characters, ending at the point the saves did before they corrupted.
  10. Batman vs Superman fic that turns into Earth 3 before the end.
  11. The Matrix as run by Brainiac, with Superman as Neo.
  12. Continuation of any of the many abandoned fics I've come across.

Non-personal gripes (WIP)

1. Humans using the kaioken - I know why people do this, but since Goku/Gohan/Raditz/Vegeta end up being the ones who beat the main villains anyway and the humans become obsolete during the Cell Saga anyway it seems like a big change that amounts to nothing but taking care of minions dispatched in two seconds in canon. This one is best used in humans only fics, where having higher power levels actually changes things. I'd only use it in that kind of fic, in the others I'd focus on refining the techniques they already have (nothing beats a Genkidama Kikoho combo yet!)

2. Fat Buu turning into Super Buu after becoming really angry - I'm shocked this one spread as far as it did, but needless to say there was a bit more going on with Buu at that moment that just throwing a tantrum.

3. [canon villain here] has a bad childhood and that's why they can be redeemed - I won't fault anyone for using this, because it's very useful and it did apply to Vegeta. But them switching sides in a heartbeat just because the hero gives a speech that reminds them of this is lazy. Fortunately most authors pad this out a few chapters, I've only seen two cases where it happened in barely two chapters. Neither of which were time-skips! Double points if you replace having a bad childhood with being a woman, which isn't a free pass to kill people.

4. (Mass Effect) Humanity found a whole new means of FTL without the Prothean archives and are more than a match for three galactic civilisations in only a few decades - No. Even if the Citadel species overlooked this science, you can fucking bet that the Reapers would have come across it before in their billion year plus genocide sessions.

5. [any hero but especially Harry Potter] becomes super powerful in basically a weekend and can stomp the main antagonist with no issue - I only find this fair if the villain is powered up as well or uses their knowledge to remain a threat. Otherwise what's the point?

6. "Raditz you fucking weakling, you couldn't beat a few Earthlings. I mean, you could still win and they're half dead, but we're coming in a year to kill you too. Why kill our own comrade for practically no reason? Fuck you Raditz, that's why. Don't do anything stupid like work with the Earthlings for survival like we've left you no other choice, that'd be even worse for your honour than winning the battle you're still fighting... but not more dishonourable than us abandoning one of our own for virtually no reason." -Yes yes, you want to rewrite DBZ with Raditz on the good guys side. But there are better ways to set it up than with such a cheap, meaningless betrayal.

7. Broly is invincible/power level is constantly rising in LSS - He has his own Super Saiyan form and won't ever run out of ki, that's OP enough.

8. Injecting realism in settings where it doesn't belong - I mean overdoing it, since in the right dosage it can spice up a good story but grimdark in a setting with 3 different sets of magic wish granting balls and godly healing stands out like a sore thumb if it comes from a mundane route. (All the steps to get Trunks to die from a car crash and still survive long enough to make it to the hospital are longer than the ones it took to get Spider-Man's aunt to die from a common bullet wound when he knew several super geniuses and those with straight up healing powers)

Top Whatever Fav Fights in my Fav Fanfics

Across Time: Eternal Hope

It's hard to pick one, since all the fights hover around the same quality but the one that stands out to be is Semi-Perfect Cell vs Trunks. It's unusual and shows how Trunks and Cell are different from their canon selves. Runner up was Bra vs #16.

The Long Road

Broly vs Gohan, no contest. It may have been outdone in power level when the Trio showed up, and Brass and Junia's fight had a healthy mix of skill, power, and visceral beatings that I enjoy (and Taro's parts went off the wall) but they're not as good a showcase for Gohan. He beats a superior opponent, confronts a dark side of himself and manages to come out a hero. It was an easy choice to make - but the runner up was Junia vs Vegeta.

Bringer of Death

SS2 Gohan vs Cell. Easy choice to make, it was so satisfying seeing Cell get shut up. Runner up was the extended Semi-Perfect Cell fight, which barely won over the androids vs Goku.

Break Through the Limit

Hatchiyak vs Goku & Vegeta. It's been my favourite for years, and while this one has a lot of fights with great peaks this one is my uncontested favourite. The beginning was inventive, the middle was strong and the end was a dual punch of emotion. And it wasn't undone by the DBs! I also liked how in contrast to canon Cell was the one who kept reappearing, btw. Runner up was Goku vs Kid Buu. The Shadow Dragons were good, but not that good, and afterwards things got weird and gimmicky.

In Ashes

SS4 Gohan vs Super Buu. A bit of a cheat since its the main fight of the story, but even obvious winners have to win. Runner up was Goku vs Super Buu because of how cathartic it was... and then the ending had to bring it down.

The Fall of Lord Frieza

My heart wants to say Bills vs Janemba, but my head says Hatchiyak vs everyone.

Honor Trip

Cell vs Future Cell. Also no contest. Runner up was Broly vs Cell for the same reasons as Gohan vs Cell.

The Catalyst

Goku and Turles vs Lord Slug. Atachin vs everyone else was good, but deep in my dragon ball loving heart I knew that two Super Saiyans vs a Super Namek was better. Second place is Future Gohan vs Cooler, oh I would have loved for Gohan to put that smug prick in his place. Third place is Piccolo vs the Androids/Cells, because that guy is carrying the good team hard on his back lol.

Otherworld Tournament

They're all tied for quality, all of them. It's crazy since I don't care about half of the characters, but the fights are all that good. If you placed a gun at my dog's head and made me choose the top two, I'd answer King Cold vs Bujin for letting us see that the old man was more than a jobber then Cooler vs whatshisname for doing the same thing.

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