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Update: Dec 5, 2014

Almost done with my first semester of Sophomore year at WNE. Have had trouble editing or writing material for my unfinished stories, but I hope to get to them eventually.

Moving primarily to http:///users/Bolo42/pseuds/Bolo42

Check out my Deviant art account:

I look forward to any comments.

Update - December 23, 2013

I've been back home for winter break for a while from WNE. Grades are good for 1st semester, looking forward to the next one. Setting up an account of the same name at archive of our own - seems that it might suit my needs better.

Update - June 12, 2013

Graduated from high school a few weeks ago, and had my Eagle Scout Court of Honor before that. Going to Western New England University next year for engineering, I'm really psyched about that. I plan on finishing Digital Contact this summer, and will get started on its more formidable sequel in the Southern Quadrant, and its short prequel. I really need to make a plot chart for it, as it gets kinda confusing with one of the main characters entering a coma that partially dissociates the major facets of his personality into individual personas. If anyone's interested in helping me brainstorm etc., just text me. In other news I started another short story in my multi-verse that might be one or two chapters long - hint, it features Bolo's and the Bagura Empire. PLEASE COMMENT ON MY STORY!

Update - August 28, 2012

Got back from high adventure trip in Canada a few weeks ago. Made significant progress on new story chapter, but for now I'm focusing on improving the one's I've typed up so far to a publishable state. Might begin to refocus on the companion stories to Digital Contact, came up with some good character bios. Since school's starting tomorrow, I'm probably going to do the most updates during the winter, as I have sailing in the Fall and Spring. Also, here's a picture of Blitzmon.

Update - July 26, 2012

Just came back last Saturday from a 3 week course at Landmark College in Putney Vermont for High School students. I had a blast and made a bunch of friends, some of which are on deviantArt. Provided an excellent source of inspiration, as soon as I got home I finished filling in the holes in Ch 4 that had been holding me up. Now I think Ch 5 will be good enough to put up soon.

Update - June 21, 2012

School's been out for about a week now, so now I have more time to work on my stories. I have been making progress, it's just been a little slow because sometimes it feels like a tiresome task that I can only do so much of at once, and I tend to have the odd problem with dialogue and conversational dynamics due to how my brain works. Ranting, philosophical poetry though, that's a bit easier.

Do you believe...

believe in heroes that sleep beyond the sun

eternal embrace, echoes awash;

dreams, that carry beyond the light of day,

across the fabric.

Do you believe,

in what will be.

Do you believe in mankind?

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