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So I know I haven't update any of my stories in forever. I just graduated from College so my future is very uncertain, meaning I have no idea what is going to happen with my stories. Fan fiction writing and reading is still one of my main mental breaks so I have been trying to do more writting. I also enjoy indulging in movies, some TV shows, and when possible seeing musicals. When I'm not watching them, I'm listening to them, or my other music.

Story Status:

Searching for the Truth: I know where I want to go with this story, but I hit a huge road block as to how to get there.

An Unexpected Way to Win: Again, road block. Found a part of it in a notebook and may pick it back up, but no promises.

I also started some other ones, just dabbles, but I'm not posting them until i have a lot more written and a CLEAR outline of where I'm going and how I'm getting there, due to what has happened with the stories above.

Favorite movies:

RENT, Enchanted, the Proposal, 27 Dresses, Star Wars, Star Trek (the new one), Underworld, Underworld Evolution, Van Helsing, Troy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, & III, Harry Potter , anything with Idina Menzel or Taye Diggs, and many others.

Favorite TV:

Gilmore Girls, Andromeda, Farscape, Star Trek Voyager, CSI Las Vegas, Day Break, Grey's Anatomy (thanks to my sister), Private Practice, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Castle, Bones, and Doctor Who.

Favorite Musicals (in no particular order):

Wicked & RENT(those are first), The Wild Party (Andrew Lippa version), See What I Wanna See, Spring Awakening, The Wedding Singer, In the Heights, Aida, Avenue Q, You're good man Charlie Brown (1999 revival), Phantom of the Opera, The Producers, Young Frankenstein, Legally Blonde, Pirate Queen, Funny Girl, and many more.

Favorite singer:

IDINA MENZEL!! She is freaking amazing. I have seen her three times in concert and yet would love to see her again if I can or in the theater, that would be awesome.

-Signed, EC

(Sorry about the spelling, I failed that class in Skool)

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