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Some basic info on me= Real Name:Ashley Age: 17 Gender: Female Location: Kansas School Status: High School--Junior Height: 5' 4" Weight: Noneya... Hair color: Dirty Blonde Eye color: Hazel(Green) Birth: California, November 15, 1988 Foods: Pizza, French Fries, Pickles, andChocolate Sports: Weight lifting & BB w/ my friendsMusic: All country music & singersHobbies/Pastimes: Writing fanfics, listening to music, deciding on a college major, hanging out w/ my friends That's basically it about my personal life. I'm amazed that you've read through that. Scan on for the less boring parts. My Fav Parings: Draco/Hermione Ash/Misty Rogue/Quicksilver Nightcrawler/Shadowcat Scott/Jean Inu Yasha/Kagome Legolas/? Aragorn/Arwen Faramir/Eowyn My Fav Animes: Inu Yasha Tenchi Muyo Rurouni Kenshin Yu Yu Hakusho X-Men Evolution My Fav Books: Harry Potter Lord of the Rings Sorry to bore you but thanks if you did read it all the way through.
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