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Hi everyone,

I'm Ayasumi, Mamera (It’s not my real name, but I would like to be called this way. It’s my Japanese name.) and what I love most in the world is writing.

Writing stories, songs, poems, everything.

So I will posts some made up stories on my page.

Thank you all for reading this.

Lots of love.


Some info about me:

Country: The Netherlands

Date of Birth: July 12th, 1996

Current age: 18

Appearance: Mid-back, wavy,-curly brown hair with blonde edges and blue-green-greyish eyes.

Personality: Really timid. That means shy and scared the most of the time.

Special things: I have the Asperger Syndrome and I have some health issues, which means I faint a lot and can't stand loud noises.

Hobbies: Writings stories, writing songs, writing poems, making music, singing, dancing, cooking/baking, watching anime and learning Japanese

Current grade on school: This year, I finished school. Next year, I will attend college.

Siblings: One sister, who's 2 years older than me.

Future plans: Studying Japanese for four years in The Netherlands and then move to Japan to live the rest of my life there.

If you're interested in knowing more about me, just PM. I love making new friends!

Inazuma Eleven Challenge

1. Your favourite character

Close one! I can't decide! GAAAH. Kidou Yuuto and Gouenji Shuuya!!! 0///0

2. Your least favourite character

Someoka, gomen...

3. Character you’d date


4. Character you’d like to go shopping with


5. Character you’d like as your child


6. Character who would probably be your rival

Ehhmm... I guess... Natsumi? I don't know. XD

7. Character you have the most in common with

Fuyuka! (Shy, she faints a lot, etc.)

8. Character you look like the most

Natsumi... Even though I hate her... I have to admit it... We almost have the same hair

9. Character you’d bring home to your parents

Hiroto-kun, I think he can be very polite.

10. Character you’d never bring home to your parents

Fudou... you would scare them to death...

11. Character you’d become best friends with


12. Character with your favourite voice/seiyuu

Fubuki-kun!!! His seiyuu has such a sweet voice.

13. Character you’d go camping with

Hiroto! Definitely!

14. Character you wouldn’t mind being roommates with


15. Character you’d want to cook for you

Tobitaka, I swear I want that dish that he cooked for Toramaru once! GIVE IT TO MEEE!

16. Character you wouldn’t mind prancing naked for you

WUUUT! 0.0 No answer!

17. Your OTP

Kidou x me and Gouenji x me!! All right, that's not fair. People, don't kill me but I really love Gouenji x Haruna! *heart*

18. Character you wouldn’t mind having as a parent

Endou-kun! He's soccer freak and stuff. Cool! I would have a famous dad!

19. Character you’d like to go karaoke with

Fubuki! His voice is the only thing that can bring me to sleep if I can't.

20. Character you wouldn’t mind having as your butler/maid

Kidou-kun! He looked good in his tux on that party with England. 0///0

21. Character you’d have in your party if you were in a RPG


22. Another OTP of yours

Aki x Ichinose! Awwhhh... *heart*

23. Your favourite character of the opposite gender of #1

Haruna. Gosh, you're so cool!

24. Character with your favourite uniform/ outfit

Ehhmm... well... yeah... Is it weird if I say that they all wear the same uniform? Or am I dumb now...? *awkward moment...* If I really have to pick, that Fuyuka's uniform.

25. Character who would be your band-mate if you were in a band

I think Midorikawa would do a good job!

26. Character you wouldn’t mind having as your boss

Ehhmm... Hiroto??

27. Character you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley

Tobitaka... *shivers*

28. Character you’d want personified into a dog

Teehee! Cool question! Give Megane this punishment!!! *evil smirk*

29. Character you’d want personified into a cat

OMG, MAX! He would be so cute as a cat!

30. Character you’d want to cosplay as

Ehmm... as Haruna I guess.

Pick any 10 characters in Inazuma eleven.











5 shows up with flowers

Mamera: Awwhh… Thanks Kazemaru

Kazemaru: You’re welcome!

3 and 9 are eating ice-cream while 1 and 4 are spying. Role Play this.

Gouenji: Ice cream sure cools you off, after being constantly surrounded by fire.

Burn: Uh-huh.

(Meanwhile, in a bush)

Endou: Fubuki, why are we here?

Fubuki: That’s my boyfriend!!

10 called you.

Gazel: Pick up the stupid phone!

6 picks up.

Hiroto: This is Hiroto.

Gazel: Gran? I didn’t call you!

Hiroto. o_0 ?

4, 7 and 8 are going out. Role Play this.

Fubuki: Wanna get some ice cream?

Midorikawa: Yeah, sure!

Sakuma: Let’s go.


2, what should I do with you?

Mamera: *sigh* Kidou, your goggle obsession is going way too far now.

Kidou: LET ME!

Eat watermelons for me please 2!

Kidou: o_0

Mamera: EAT!

9's sad. You should comfort him.

Mamera: Awwhh… Burn! It’s gonna be all right.

Burn: GAZEL! WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME?! *sniff*

10 lost his phone.

Gazel: Where’s my phone. *glares deadly at Burn*

Burn: Wasn’t me!

You caught 2 and 6 having *.

Mamera: KIDOU?! HIROTO?!

In 7's room!

Midorikawa: GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM! NOW! *heartbroken by the fact Hiroto loves somebody else*

You accidently kiss 3.

Mamera: *blushes* Sorry.

Gouenji: *pulls her back for another kiss*

Mamera: 0///0

Fubuki: *gasp*

6 and 10 are keeping away from you. Why?

Mamera: Hiroto? Gazel? What did I do wrong? *pout*

Hiroto: You’re weird…

Gazel: Yeah, stay away…

Mamera: T_T

6 is reading and suddenly heard the word "darling"


9 is celebrating his/her birthday. What will you give to him/her?

Mamera: BURN! Happy birthday!

Burn: A tulip birthday card? Seriously?

4 went on internet and saw something which made him blush.

Fubuki: *blush*

Mamera: What?

Fubuki: Gouenji with a six-pack. *nosebleed*

Are there any 5 x 7 fic?

Mamera: Kazemaru x Midorikawa? I don’t know…

Do you want to date 2?


Kidou: *blush*

Type a summary for 3 x 4.

Mamera: Gouenji and Fubuki decided to take a stroll in the winter cold. How do they warm up each other? With a passionate kiss of course!

Is 7 a gay/lesbian? What made you say that?

Mamera: Yep!

Midorikawa: *blush* True.

10 accidently hit you.

Mamera: Owww! Gazel!

Gazel: Whoops, sorry!

1 is pregnant. Who's the father?

Mamera: o_0 Endou, you’re pregnant?

Endou: *nods*

Kazemaru: *smiled proudly*

Mamera: AWWHH!

8 and 9 are getting married.

Mamera: Sakuma? Burn? Wow, that was unexpected! Congratz anyway!

Gazel: *broken heart*

3 suddenly confessed about his love for you!

Gouenji: I love you, Mamera!

Fubuki: T_T

But 5 is your boyfriend!

Kazemaru: Hey hey, she’s mine.

Mamera: o_0, when did we start dating?

1's not appearing anymore.


Endou: … Fine…

1, tell 5 that you love him/her!

Endou: Kazemaru, I love you!

Kazemaru: *blush* I love you too! *passionate kiss*

1 x 8 or 7 x 8?

Mamera: Endou x Sakuma or Midorikawa x Sakuma. Ehmm… Let’s make it fun and pair Endou up with Sakuma!

4 tell us who you love!

Fubuki: Gouenji! But he doesn’t loves me back! T_T

Mamera: ….

What title should a 2 x 6 story be?

Mamera: Stargazing!

Well, that's about it! Give yourself and 10 a BIG hug.

Mamera: Come here Gazel! *hugs*

Gazel. o_0

Favorite IE pairings:

Normal pairings:

Gouenji x me

Kidou x me

Gouenji x Haruna

Fudou x Haruna

Tachimukai x Haruna

Aki x Ichinose

Natsumi x Rococo

Touko x Tsunami

Fuyuka x Sakuma

Fuyuka x Midorikawa

Fuyuka x Tachimukai

Fuyuka x Fubuki

Rika x Edgar

Yaoi pairings:

Hiroto x Midorikawa

Burn x Gazel

Kidou x Sakuma

Gouenji x Fubuki

Endou x Kazemaru

Favorite IE GO Pairings:

Normal pairings:

Akane x Shindou

Aoi x Tenma

Midori x Nishiki

Kinako x Tsurugi

Kirino x Jeanne d'Arc

Yaoi pairings:

Shindou x Kirino

Tenma x Kyousuke

Kirino x Kariya

Adult x teen pairings:

Fubuki x Yukimura

Fuyuka x Taiyou

My OC's for my Inazuma Eleven: Rewritten! Fanfic.

Name (last, first): Hirosaki, Misaki

Nickname: Misaki-chan

Age: 14

Appearance: Waist-length, straight, dark brown hair, light blue eyes, fair skin tone, black framed glasses

Personality: Sensible, serious, strict, nice, smart, caring

Flaws: Being too serious, overworking herself

School: Raimon Junior High

Crush: Kidou Yuuto

Back number: 8

Position: Midfielder/Playmaker/Captain


Hissatsu’s: [SH] (Of the entire team) Kibō no omoi! (Feelings of hope)

Name (last, first): Shitamori, Tsukiko

Nickname: Kiko-chan

Age: 14

Appearance: Waist-length, straight, light blond hair, green eyes, fair skin tone

Personality: Cheery, positive, hyper, cute

Flaws: Being too hyper,

School: Raimon Junior High


Back number: 4

Position: Defender


Name (last, first): Midorikawa, Himeka

Nickname: Himeka-chan

Age: 14

Appearance: Waist-length, wavy, green hair and brown eyes. Fair skin tone and a bit tanned.

Personality: Calm, sweet, caring,

Flaws: Always busy with her past and lost twin brother.

School: Raimon Junior High

Crush: Gouenji Shuuya

Back number: 7

Position: Midfielder

Hissatsu’s: [SH] Jeidoshotto (Jade shot)

Name (last, first): Kouyama, Minorin

Nickname: Minorin-chan

Age: 14

Appearance: Mid-back, curly, black hair, clear grey eyes, fair skin.

Personality: Cool, determined, fearless, tomboyish

Flaws: Being too guy-like, showing no emotion

School: Raimon Junior High


Back number: 10

Position: Forward


Name (last, first): Suzuka, Azula

Nickname: Azula-chan

Age: 14

Appearance: Knee-length, wavy, dark red hair, golden eyes, pale skin.

Personality: Doubtful, worried, unconfident, insecure

Flaws: Always worrying, never positive about something

School: Raimon Junior High

Crush: 3

Back number:

Position: Defender


Name (last, first): Megumi, Yorina

Nickname: Yorina-chan

Age: 14

Appearance: Waist-length, straight, peach-colored hair, eyes with the same color, fair skin.

Personality: Shy, timid, calm, caring, easily scared, cute

Flaws: No voice, too shy

School: Raimon Junior High


Back number: 2

Position: Defender


Name (last, first): Akarashi, Michiko

Nickname: Michi-chan

Age: 14

Appearance: Mid-back, curly, dark-blonde hair, dark-blue eyes and a pale-fair skin.

Personality: Cheery, kind, nice, modest, friendly, social

Flaws: A bit oblivious

School: Raimon Junior High


Back number: 1

Position: Goalkeeper

Hissatsu’s: [GK] Taki! (Waterfall)

Name (last, first): Fujioka, Nori

Nickname: Nori-chan

Age: 14

Appearance: Waist-length, straight, bright blue hair which is a little darker than normal. Pale skin.

Personality: Sarcastic, bitchy, mean, stand-offish, pessimistic

Flaws: No trust in others, except het younger twin sister.

School: Raimon Junior High


Back number: 11

Position: Forward

Hissatsu’s: [SH] Akuma no shinzō! (Devil’s heart) [OF] Kurai jigoku (Dark hell)

Name (last, first): Fujioka, Yuri

Nickname: Yuri-chan

Age: 14

Appearance: Waist-length, straight, bright blue hair which is a little lighter than normal. Pale skin.

Personality: Sweet, caring, angelic, cute, positive, bright, childish

Flaws: Being too childish

School: Raimon Junior High


Back number: 6

Position: Midfielder

Hissatsu’s: [SH] Tenshi no shinzō (Angel’s heart) [OF] Akarui tengoku (Bright heaven)

Name (last, first): Tanaka, Shizori

Nickname: Shizori-chan

Age: 14

Appearance: Shoulder-length, straight, dark blue hair, pink eyes, fair skin

Personality: Open, honest, positive, close with her best friend

Flaws: Too focused on her best friend and not on the others

School: Raimon Junior High


Back number: 5

Position: Defender


Name (last, first): Youshika, Rima

Nickname: Rima-chan

Age: 14

Appearance: Mid-back, wavy, golden hair, light brown eyes, fair skin.

Personality: Close with her best friend, always agreeing with others, oblivious, clumsy

Flaws: Never having an own opinion

School: Raimon Junior High


Back number: 9

Position: Forward


All teams Inazuma Eleven (normal series) (Teams from season 1, 2 and 3)

Big Waves:
xXRoyal Mai and Miki HimeXx
Dark Angel:
Kiko Akira
Dark Emperors: Princess Of Flames
Desert Lion:
Diamond Dust:
Epsilon/Epsilon Kai:
Ghosthunter Slayer
Fire Dragon:
Gemini Storm:
Mochi Mochi Monster chan
Im going crazy
Kidokawa Seishuu:
The Liker
Knights of Queen: Starheartgalaxy
Little Gigant:
Mikage Sennou:
Neo Japan: Pink Lightspeed Ranger
Occult: FluffyLavendelClouds
Orpheus: Kusanagi Laevateinn
Osaka Gals/Osaka Guys(needs guy OC): Saranako
Oumihara: FluffyLavandelClouds
Prominence: Kitty723
Sengoku Igajima: ryuu-raylasucura
SP Fixers:
Teikoku/Shin Teikoku: VioletStarDreamer
The Empire:
The Genesis: XxKenseyXx13
The Kingdom:
Unicorn: Hetainazumapony
Yokato: SapphireSpade
Zeus: xXRoyal Mai and Miki HimeXx


Hi everyone… It’s me, Mamera, and I have Something to say. I will not be continuing this story. I am very sorry but my personal life is HELL right now. Let me give you a small preview what’s going on:

-My stepfather is going to die

My long-term boyfriend broke up with me

My mom has abandoned me

-I have so many troubles with my depression.

Anyway, I don’t want you guys to feel sorry for me. I just want to say that I will go on a Hiatus. I need to think and clear my head. I pushed myself to write so many times, but nothing’s coming out or when I write something down, it’s rubbish and I really don’t want to present that to you guys. So from this day on, I will say goodbye to writing for a while. I will, however, stay active on FanFiction. So you can still PM me and I still will continue reading stories. But the writing will stop for a while. Please understand this and I want to apologize for all the people who took their time in sending an OC. I’m sorry, guys, but I really can’t bring the energy up anymore… ;_; I want to thank everyone who has been here for me. Goodbye, everyone! xoxo Ayasumi Mamera, aka Dewi-Michelle

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