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Hey everyone!

As you can see I'm from Germany but I write in English if German isn't directly requested. I speek a bit Korean (working on that right now...) but no Japanese.

I'm 19 years old

When I wirte FanFiction it's either because I really like a specific couple (espacially when no one else wants to write about it) or when I'm stuck with my own projects.

Up until now, I never used any OC's and I don't really plan to.

My stories will be One Shots mostly 'cause the own projects mentioned before, are some books I'm working on right now (or trying to work on...) and that often gives me more frustration then I need xD

My favourite pairings are:

The infernal devices

Tessa Gray - Jem Carstairs (Go get 'er Jem! BTW love your last name xD)

Magnus Bane - Will Herondale (well, kinda, I like Alec Magnus way more)

The mortal instruments

Alec Lightwood - Magnus Bane (there we go)

Let's add The Avengers

Tony Stark (Iron Man) - Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Natasha Romanov (Black Widow) - Clint Barton (Hawkeye)


Dean Winchester - Castiel (Awww they are just adorable *-*)

Those are not even a quarter of all the pairings I like but all I plan to wirte about at the moment.

Right now that's all the important stuff I can think off xD

But if you have questions I'll answer them and I will also take requests if don't dislike the requested characters. I like to try out new pairings, even if their weird.

Thanks for giving me a bit of your precious time -

P.s.: For those who can speek German and are interested: I also have a account which is Tiva4eva

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