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Hi my name is Renee, I'm from Connecticut.

I found Fan Fiction after devouring all eighteen of Janet Evanovich’s Plum series books along with the four Between the Plums in less then eight weeks. I am amazed by the amount of talent that is shared on this site, many of the stories seem more thought out then the authors last few releases.

I am a TOTAL BABE and only read Babe stories. I find Joe Morelli to be egotistical, chauvinistic and stuck in the 1950’s with his way of thinking. I love the personalities that you authors have developed for the Merry Men as JE has never taken the time to do that!

After weeks of silently reading, and then months of posting reviews I finally decided to give writing a try. I went for total fluff for my first venture; it is a Babe HEA. When Holiday Weekend is finished (and I promis to finish it) we will see if I write again or just go back to reading everyone else’s amazing stories- A few years later, lets see if we can finish this one up!!!

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