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Hey guys! I have written content for a site called . It has personality quizzes, such as what Hunger Games district you're part of, and trivia such as Greek Mythology.

Lots of love, cherrybubble.

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Reviews R Us


Are you in desperate need of a review? Do you wish that there was some magical company that would review your stories? Well, guess what? There is! Reviews R Us was a company created by the one and only IamBellatrixLieutenantofVoldy. She is dedicated to giving reviews and making fandoms better places.

Use at your own risk. Keep in mind that this company will not give meaningless plaudits. We will give constructive criticism and constructive criticism only. We guarantee that if you ask for our assistance, you will receive at least one review. This review is guaranteed to contain helpful advice by a qualified individual.

Warning! Side Effects Include: A broken heart, hurt feelings, surprise, nausea, and death.

If you want to join this company or need a review, please PM IamBellatrixLieutenantofVoldy and she will take it from there. The forum link for this organization is http://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Reviews-R-Us/125685.

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