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Salut, hi, привет!

Welcome on LittleMagnets – which will most probably only speak about my favorite boys from TVD : The Mikaelson brothers (Kol & Klaus, mostly) & Malachai Parker; adding to that my X-men grand favorite – Magneto/Erik Lehnsherr, and maybe (someday) the infamous villain from Sherlock Holmes – Jim Moriarty.

My name's Mégane and I'm French. Not being a native speaker I try my best when I use English but it's still highly possible that I'd do some real (stupid) mistakes, so feel free to point it out! I speak French (obviously!) but I love English, and mostly always write my stories in that language. From 1997, I'm 23.

I don't bite so if you have any questions about my stories (or anything else, for that matter!) ask away.


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