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Okiedokie, so hey to who ever is reading this. I guess I'll start off with stuff about me. Well okay, um I'm from the U.S and I love The Hunger Games with a passion, but I also love Supernatural. Ooo and i love Once Apon A Time. So don't be surprised if you find stories about all that. Warning: I do write mature stuff but you will find T rated stuff too(maybe). You can email me, pm me whatever and request something. I have no limits. I don't own anything that I write.

Um so I like the outdoors and trees and writing. If you know me you would realize that the way I act is so different from the way I write. Well that's just me. I know I suck at this but hey I gave it a try. Well thank you for reading this and I love you.

So I have one story so far which is a Hunger Games one and I'm working on a Omce Apon A Time one too.


The Longest Day is on hiatus but I WILL continue it to please a few people.Once I get my laptop fixed.


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