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KATANNGFOREVERanEVER- has created a great picture of what Hiccup looks like in ITAV. I don't have a direct link, but its up on deviantart and its under the name ITAV

rabisco has drawn me a completely adorable sketch of Toothless hiding Hiccup in his wings. I'm listing the link here! http : //duckerly28. deviantart. com/ art/ hiding-161850181 (just take out the spaces!) Mad props to rabisco! Thank you!

Neitherworld has drawn a totally sweet sketch of Toothless and Hiccup sleeping behind the crates in the cargo hold! It's awesome and can be found here: http: // jadem9987. / art/ Behind-the-Crates-161921945 (_ just remove teh_spacez!)

Second picture by Neitherworld, its cute! Here is the link: jadem9987. deviantart. com/art/Schmerz-Pain-162092396

I'm sorry if you are still waiting for updates. The last few years have been hard and I've had a lot of IRL stuff to deal with. Thank you so much for all the support through the years, I'm sorry I couldn't finish most of my stories. They have been taken down and I may post them one day when I have the motivation and mental energy for it. Again, please, I'm so sorry.

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