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Just another shipper :P (with horrible grammar)

My main fandoms are Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. (But the mainest of the main is Harry Potter. LOL) Albeit there's a little bit of Glee, The Chronicles of Narnia, Peter Pan, and other movies/series.

*Pansy Parkinson will forever be my favorite character. I think of her as a mischievous, scheming, little, charming, witty girl :) Though she is portrayed differently in all the fics that I read about her, I love her all the same. I think she is misunderstood, but deep down, she is just like what Hermione Granger, or Luna Lovegood, or whoever character might mean to you as she would mean to me. She is strong, and a caring and loving friend to those that she loves. I like reading about her as the protagonist or just a supporting role. It's quite nice either way :)

I like to pair her with different guys because it's quite interesting reading about what their relationship would turn out to be. I especially like pairing her with Ron Weasley (because they're complete opposites and they're at each other's throats when they bump into each other - plus they were both prefects) , Blaise Zabini (because I know Draco Malfoy doesn't really fancy her and because I have a feeling that Blaise keeps his feelings to himself), Draco Malfoy (because he might just have feelings for her, but my Dramione shipper heart begs to differ), Theodore Nott (because Theo's smart character always brings an unexpected twist in the story, and perhaps Pansy amuses him - in ways I don't know), and lastly to Harry Potter (because I've always wanted him to give her another chance after their short part at Deathly Hallows).

OTPs: Pansy/above.mentioned.blokesDramioneBlunaToastPercabethPendyFace/Charissa

I venture to other ships too, you know; I keep an open mind. SCROSE is another ship that I likey. I now ship Victoire/Lysander thanks to mew-tsubaki and SkyeElf. Read their Stew one-shots (read mew-tsubaki's first, and then the companion fics written by SkyeElf), and you will be a converted one. You won't regret anything. :)

Anyhow, just throw me anything and I'll R&R.

ZeBarmyBookworm is my best friend. Mwahahaa :) You should go read her story, Welcome to Burlesque, if you ship Dramione like a boss. And then tsatsibany and Boston Doughnuts are my best friends too. We three don't write much, but we try. Haha. They're horrible. Okay, too much babbling. Sorry. Off you go!

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