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I'm 42 years old and I read prolifically. These days it's mostly Harry Potter, Star Trek, Highlander, StarGate SG-1, and a few others I'm blanking on. I discovered fan fiction about 1995.

I like crossovers and G rated stories.

Occasionally, I have a particularly vicious plot bunny bite me. Usually I can successfully fight them off. I am just not into writing. If you want sterling silver and semi precious stone jewelry made, I'm your girl. Writing? not so much.

Here is a particularly vicious plot bunny that I have not been able to fight off. If you want to adopt it, feel free. Just let me know.

Kal-El's parents shot him off in a rocket toward Earth, with the expectation that he'd land around 1950. Due to the distance involved, he was in stasis, so he never noticed the passage of time. Science! happened and his ship was knocked off course. Baby Kal-El landed on the Klingon home world. Kronos has a red star, so he never developed powers. It was assumed that he was a human/unknown crossbreed by the Klingons who found him and put him up for adoption. Jon and Martha Kent adopted him. They were touring the galaxy, teaching farming methods to backward planets. They didn't get back to Earth much and were rarely under a yellow star. "Clark" grew up and got a job at the Daily Federation as a roving reporter.

That is what I have.

I'm certain someone else can finish this thing.

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