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Note for those waiting for my next chapters: Hello! I will be discontinuing my Reading to Greece and Finding Family fics, but I do plan to continue Intervention. Now, Intervention is a story that I write whenever the mood hits me (once every few years maybe?), so I do apologize for that on the off chance that any of you like it and painfully await the next one. ;)

About :

I am attending University.

I read a lot more than I write.

All of the stories I have posted up to now are things I wrote when I was younger.

Storytime! My username is Unimportance as a joke between a friend of mine and me. It's not that I see myself as actually being "unimportant" it's just that I am more laid back and was (past-tense :P) a much quieter person. We both got an account on fanpop, and she was "Importance," and I became "Unimportance." The username stuck.

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