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Joined Mar '12

I still lurk into the world of fanfiction and crossovers. especially crossovers.

I don't write my own fics, but I collaborate with some of the greatest and freshest authors and writers for my ideas.

Dead Collabs:

1. Ruby Reloaded - Neptunia and RWBY crossover. [Anonymous]

2. Web of Snow - RWBY AU with Spiderman elements. [Battlefield4us]

3. Spiritdimension Neptunia Frontier - Neptunia/Digimon Frontier fusion AU. [SMX Underground]

Completed Collabs:

1. Silver-eyed Heiress - Silver-eye!Weiss AU. [ArchSinccubus]

Current Collabs:

None so far.

I read and appreciate reviews for my collabs. It means that you are there, reading the stories that come from my own ideas. :)

I also host and organize /r/gamindustri's Writing Prompt Wednesday threads, in which three prompts are voted by the people, and the community fills the prompts with short stories. Feel free to drop by the threads and fill them out! It's based on Shadromand's WPW threads on /r/RWBY.

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