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Hey This is the 7th demon of razgriz here welcome to my profile

I am a male

Age: all you need to know is i am in college.

Location: proud Citizen of the United States of America and thats all I am telling for safty reasons don't need some psychopath to come knocking on my door lol

I am a very high energy person and love to joke and above all else I love a story and I have taken up drawing as a hobby

I have a very high respect of those in the armed forces

i respect everyone and will treat anyone kindly unless they attacked me which I will not bother with them. I can be a very tolerant and caring person and will help others should they ask me i will always try my best.

I am an action adventure writer as well as a horror/suspense writer. Romance is not really my niche but i do try to add it in when its appropriate in the scene but i will not have any lemons in my story's but i will have gore. And on occasion in story humor to lighten the audiences mood.

note: I will kill off core characters if it advances the story wether the audience agrees or not love like the character they will die if i choose no amount of pressure will make me say other wise.

Liked pairings NarutoxSakura I have liked this pairing from the start Naruto and Sakura do have a complicated relationship

narutoxhinata this pairings has grown on me i just cant write a shy girl all that well but I am going to try later.

Least liked pairings

Sakuraxsasuke honestly he does not deserve her or any one he has done too much wrong.

The Pairing war in my opinion has gotten way to out of hand to the point of just being flat out annoying.

I will try to give the best possible quality I can give out I am improving every time I write.

Things you should know about me

Like me. love me. hate me. take your pick

if your a friend of mine I will do what I can to help I am a very compassionate person but if you take advantage of me and betray my trust then your dead to me.

I am passionate on what I do and never give up so try as you might insult me, burn me, skin me but you will never get me to quit.

I am more of a lover but if you hurt those I love or those that friends of mine I will hurt you in more ways then one.

I am usually busy so updates may be a little long but I do work on them when I can

My grammer may suck at times because my teachers never took the time to give me the help I needed but I'm getting better.

Criticism: I will give it if it is rightly needed and will always give you advise and give more if author wants it I am always nice about it Or intend to be nice about it.

Trolling: it is cyber bullying in my book and will call it in its proper name and do not tolerate and I am running a campaign to put an end to it Cyber bullying Is wrong and more cowardly then regular bullying Anyone that has dealt with cyber bullys put copy and print this on your profile

Authors united to destroy cyber bullying guild.

Story status

Leafs three jinchurrki: i will work on chapter 5 one I get resident evil ninja chronicals done.

Naruto Legend of the triforce: almost done with chapter 10 and at the moment I am dealing with writers block.

Resident evil the ninja chronicals: I have just started working on chapter 3.

New story's I'm in middle of planing

secret of mana naruto crossover still planing



Revenge of the ninja


Sideous and Darth Vader find Naruto's planet when they try to put the planets inhabitants into slavery the villages fight back at first it seemed the empires technology but when the ninja push the empire out of the planet buy using the empires technology against them angered by the ninjas resistance sideous calls on the destroy to destroy the planet Naruto piloting aY wing bomber with sakura as his gunner along with other groups of ninja piloting other captured craft try to combate station end up failing Naruto and Sakura with the few surviving ninja flee into space after their planet is destroyed separated from other survivors naruto and Sakura's Y wing crash into tatooing near Mois esly


Naruto accidentally teleports sakura and himself while trying to escape an ambush from the akatski using the flying thunder god jutsu and ends up in the forward onto dawn. Cortona sensing them on the sensors of the ship thaws the master chief and after a brief cat and mouse chase between the exhausted ninja and awakened super soldier after explaining who they are and showing the master chief their powers. the storm covenant Attack the wrecked ship followed shortly by the UNSC Infinity. After being rescued the chief has them put on the UNSCs marine armor and decides to tell no one exept HalseyIf the author decides too

planned stories

reaident evil ninja chroncles status : still in the works on chapter 5 been busy in real life and getting over life issues.

New story planned

Havnt thought of a name but heres a description

The kaguian empire a force that has broken our lines and conqured our many worlds the only hope now lay in just a squadron of experimental fighters code named Vic Viper

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