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Hello, all.

I'm female, in school, living in the frozen Northern wastelands of Canada. My house is an igloo. Really.

I am a Christian. I love God and I'm not ashamed to say it.

I am owned by two birds and one cat that is always purring.

I love reading good stories, music, singing, swimming, skating, using overly big words, animals, astronomy, and laughing. Not neccecarily in that particular order.

I strongly dislike Twilight, smut, Mary Sues, people who use the word 'gay' as an adjective, people who use YOLO or swag seriously, and technology obsession/addiction. Also people who don't bother with spelling, punctuation, or grammar.

For the few who have asked, I don't have any stories here, but I have one on Fictionpress. Same name.

God bless,


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