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How I got here: So I got sucked into the Fandom thanks to Harry Potter and, inadvertently, my friend. She had left the homepage open on her laptop and immediately shut it once I saw it. Of course I got curious, but didn't really look into it more. Later on, I got really into the Harry Potter series after seeing the movies for the first time and reading the book series. I soon ran out of official content to devour, so I started following FanPages on Facebook, which got me thinking about the Marauders, wanting to read more, I looked up headcanons, and suddenly found myself deep within the heart of this website. I haven't stop reading fanfictions since and have now become addicted. This community of writers are so creative and have such talent, in many cases, the stories here (and on other fanfiction sites) are better than the "traditional" published novel.

What I can do for you: I am willing to proof read your stories, offer constructive criticism and translate either stories or phrases from English to French (or the other way around).

AO3 I also have an AO3 account under the same username. Some of my translations are cross-posted there.

Fandoms I've read fanfics of:

Arrow Avengers Beauty and the Beast Big Hero 6 Boys Over Flowers Captain America Cinderella Covert Affaires Daredevil Doctor Strange Elementary Flash (The) Fruits Basket Grey's Anatomy Guardians of the Galaxy Harry Potter Heartland Hobbit (The) How to Train Your Dragon Hunger Games Inheritance Cycle Ironman Kamisama Hajimemashita Kingsman: The Secret Service Kung Fu Panda Lie to Me* Lord of the Rings (The) Martian (The) Merlin (BBC) Moana Mulan Numb3rs Phineas and Ferb Planet of the Apes (Reboot series) Rise of the Guardians Robin Hood (BBC) Sherlock Spider-Man Star Trek (2009) Suits Switched at Birth Tangled Transformers (Movies) Transformers Prime True Blood (HBO) Truman Show (The) Twilight Vampire Diaries White Collar X-men: The Movie Zootopia


Note: All stories are translated with the author's permission. Tous les histoires sont traduites avec la permission de l'auteur.


Lisez l'histoire original, mokona-pyuh's Fuir, en Français.

Résumé: Merlin ne fait que fuir. Fuir quand il doit courir dans les bois, fuir quand il fait face à Arthur, fuir quand il doit choisir. Toujours fuir.

-»I'm Satisfied With My Care

Read the original story, L.C. Li's I'm Satisfied With My Care in English, by clicking the title.

Summary: Looking down the barrel of a gun really snaps your world into perspective. — Hiro and Baymax.

-»Northumbrian Culinary assassins

Read the original story, Literaria's Northumbrian Culinary Assassins in English, by clicking the title.

Summary: Because one never knows when someone might poison the prince's meals... or maybe Arthur has an ulterior motive for having Merlin eat half his breakfast.

-»Studying the Prisoner

Read the original story, Fallyn Irlandes' Studying the Prisoner in English, by clicking the title.

Summary: There is a prisoner in the dungeons. If you look hard enough, you'll find something out of the ordinary about his situation. And it's not the fact that he's the former king of Camelot, either. (Dark)

Stories I've Beta'd

I read to escape,

I escape to read.

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