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Hello Guys!!

This is OwlGirl98 here!

A little bit about me:

Name: Emily

Age: 17

I live in Australia

Favourite books: i Love 39 Clues,PJO and HoO, (pretty much anything from rick riordan lets be honest) and Maximum Ride ect

Favourite Music: I am quite into Kpop, bands like SHINee, Big Bang and BTS, but i also like Taylor Swift and Sia.

I haven't been on Fanfiction to write in ages, so sorry to those people who read my stories and want more (the three of you) but i am really not good at updating quickly, or at all...

But honestly if any of you guys want to take over my stories and make it different, start it again, keep it going ect just PM me and i would be more than happy to put it up for adoption!! Sorry guys!! but trust me, if you adopt my story i will keep reading it to see what you are up too!!! xx

That's all from me!

Emily out!!!! xxx


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