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I read anything and everything. And yes, I did learn to read by reading the encyclopedia (parents kept the set on the bottom shelf). I started reading when I was about two since I had been deaf almost since birth and my mind needed some alternative to verbal communication.

My stories may often contain new characters with complex (and important) backgrounds that may confuse people who aren't familiar with them. Send me an email if you have questions.

Since this may come up in my stories, 'otherkin' are people who remember their past life/lives (usually not human ones or even in this world). 'Twice-born' are people whose last life didn't end in death but they were somehow forced to be born to this life (hence the name).

Also: do not send me flames regarding my portrayal of the Wizard's Council, they are a New England "old boys' club" and not meant to be derogatory, just an honest portrayal of what they would be like if they were real

Hobbies-almost anything

Sports-anything with long pointy objects (I'd love to have access to Buffy's Slayer weapons)

Religion-this would take WAY too long to explain, suffice it to say that I am both a pagan and a Christian

Family-500+ counting out to second or third cousins, a lot like the Weasleys with largescale fratricide, I personally have three sisters, the oldest two both have kids

Hair-blond (and yes, I AM a rocket scientist)

Eyes-green (NOT blue-yes, this is highly unusual), but they change often from minute to minute going from gold-green to gray to forest green to a greenish teal (the women in my family have eyes that change color regularly)

Favorite animal-dragon

Results of online tests-

HP character: Hermione or Snape (equally either)

House: Slytherin or Gryffindor (I'd say the latter-I rarely think before I act)

Quidditch position: Seeker (Keeper is a close second)
which Pern dragon would I ride: Gold (but only because I'm a girl, if it didn't matter I would have been a bronze rider)

type of mage: earthmage (I'm a sort of forestwife in training note: the forestwife's activities in my stories are embellished a bit-I haven't done anything illegal or even flashy unless you count that chem lab record hazardous spill...)

I am working on several fanfics including a Mercedes Lackey and a Star Wars one, keep checking for new postings but don't hold your breath too much.

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