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Greetings, people of Earth. My name is Darth Ruinous, and I have traveled far across the galaxy in search of greater purpose. A certain part of your world's culture has come to my attention: movies and books! Since I have discovered your enlightening Star Wars and Lord of the Rings series, I have been neglecting my duties as an evil Sith Lord. Consequently, I've been exiled to Earth for the foreseeable future (and let me tell you, some of my colleagues can see far, far into the future).

Since it is socially unacceptable to fry random minions with Force Lightning and wreak ruin and despair across the planet, I have been reduced to writing fan fiction while I wait for my triumphant return to my more civilized galaxy.

General information about my stories: For Star Wars, I have not read much of the EU after RoTJ, so most characterization will be inspired by the films and several Pre-prequel and Clone Wars-era books. Palpatine/Darth Vader/Obi-wan Kenobi, and Gandalf/Gimli/the Nazgul intrigue me most, so these rogues tend to feature prominently. I can write very dark stories with significant violence, but there will never be slash, language, or indecent scenes. I also occasionally try my hand at humor.

Canon: Disney made everything non-canon except for the latest books, but I will continue to assume the many novel/comic stories are true until directly contradicted by new material.

My main sources of inspiration for Palpatine (by order of my favorite portrayals):

Darth Plagueis, Revenge of the Sith Novelization, Labyrinth of Evil, the movies, Cloak of Deception, Tarkin (Thank you, Luceno, for canonizing major elements of the past canon, including 11-4D and Sate Pestage), Dark Lord: Rise of Darth Vader, Wrath of Darth Maul, Clone Wars: Wild Space, and Clone Wars Gambit: Siege. I will admit to being an obsessive-compulsive fan and reading far more novels than listed above, but these are my favorites by far.

Enjoy, critique, and/or leave a review!

My stories are a mix of one-shots and longer tales. Below, I've listed the stories that are longer than one-shots or brief tales.

A Night for Opera and Everything Else, Part 2 (in planning and pre-writing stages)

Fathers and Sons (in-progress)

Narglatch in Shaak's Clothing (in-progress)

Babysitting is a Many Splendored Thing (complete, excepting AU one-shot add-ons.)

A Night for Opera and Everything Else, Part 1 (Complete)

Interview with an Emperor (incomplete, on hiatus)

Gandalf, New Dark Lord Dude (complete)

Plot bunnies are evil Earth inventions, may I just say...

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