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I'm a writer, in case you haven't figured it out (how else did you get here but coming through one of my stories?). I happen to love Mass Effect, MLP:FiM, Assassin's Creed, Halo, Stargate, Alien (only 1&2, the the others don't exist), and a load of others that are simply not so important to list here.

I am a lover of story, and I also happen to love strange crossovers. If you're here for the Mass Effect/MLP universe First Meetings, congratulations! You are one of the few on this site to actually pay attention to it.

For reference, the order of the First Meetings Universe goes:

1. Mass Effect: Shepard and the Rainbows

2. Mass Effect: Shattered Record, Broken Wings (Complete)

2. Mass Effect: Gathering Storm

3. Mass Effect: One Wrong Step (Equestria Girls)

4. Mass Effect: Harmony Lost

5. Mass Effect: Fight for the Lost

6. Mass Effect: The Darkness, Breached

The actual story Side Stories have no particular timeline, so you might want to wait until completing the rest to actually read through it.

If you are here for other reasons, awesome. You're welcome too. Go ahead and take a gander at my stories down below. I hope you enjoy them!

If you are here inquiring about my story Beyond Comprehension, it is dead. I have lost all motivation to complete it and I don't really have a clue as to where it was headed to begin with. Sorry.

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