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Joined Mar '12

Holler at me on tumblr: Alapest1 (not Alapest because I forgot my password...)

Age: 18

Name: Alli

Looks: confirmed since 4th or 5th grade!

I like creating pain via memes and trolling tbh. I enjoy crafting, drawing, baking, reading, talking and hanging out with friends and pampering my cat (and more)

Favorite songs/artists: I dunno man, I listen to a lot of Scott and Brendo on car rides... Flight of the Concords, Irish Stew, Hamilton, AC/DC, other musicals, Elvis... I have no specific music preference tbh

I am into a lot of things (way too many for me to want to take the time to list) but the main fandom I'm most active in specifically is Studio Ghibli. I've been on tumblr memeing and trying to make the community more involved, inviting and less formal. It's such a stuffy fandom for such a world of imagination and I am trying to change that!

Also, Holler at me literally anytime you want to talk to me about Haku, Ashitaka or pretty much any other Ghibli boy (or girl but the boys get less love). But especially Haku because I have a lot to say and talk about lol

previous pen name: Allisocoolike (like this is even recognizable... but might as well keep it here)

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