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Prince Jacque PM
Joined Mar '12

Online Alias: Paige Jackson (PJ or Jacque for short)

DOB: Oct. 1st 1997

Race: Black

Gender: Androgynous (any pronouns)

Hello, I'm a very passionate writer and I hope to become an author, novelist, or screenplay writer in the future. But for now, I write online and post both original and fanfiction. I feel like this can help me achieve my goal and I put my heart and soul into everything I post here. I write stories of various genres, but my favorites are probably horror and fantasy. That being said, I do not consent to my work being the subject of mockery ("Cringe-y fanfiction" or "Fanfiction Dramatic Reading" videos. You know the ones.)

FICTIONPRESS: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/905833/

WRITEBLR: princejacque

IG: paigejaxon5

AO3: Jacque_le_Prince

WATTPAD: Prince_Jacque


TWITTER: Jack_le_Prince

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