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I have to be honest. I am a serial story abandoner. I start with a nice idea and usually write myself into a corner because I didn't think it through. So now I'm going through all my old ideas and story bits that I never posted to scrape together a decent fic for a few archives. Hopefully I'll finish at least one before I abandon it all.

Story Status:

A New Beginning: Very dead and abandoned, fourth on my to do list of cannibalizing for a new story. Also probably won't start until I watch Breaking Bad.

Duality: In its current state dead. It is number one on my list of cannibalizing for a new story.

To Do List:

Gemini -- Cannibalizing rewrite of Duality. First in line when I learn how to better deal with Tatsuya. Stuck in planing phase.

Sanctuary for the Lost -- Tentative title for a Code Geass fic. A different kind of Lelouch returns to Britannia after the war in Japan story. I hope.

Black Winds -- Tentative title for an Avatar fic. Still just a plot bunny. Probably will never come to be.

Reaper -- Tentative title for the cannibalization story of A New Beginning. Also uses the bits and pieces of stories I planned but never were.

Gateway -- An idea for a not quite cross over Alex Rider story.

Lies of Time -- A Naruto story idea that just isn't leaving me alone. A slight experiment with chaos theory where Danzo dies after the 3rd shinobi war and Orochimaru stayed loyal to the village.

Berserk -- A tentative title for a RWBY idea that just won't leave me alone. Where Jaune isn't a little bitch and Pyrrha hopefully won't die.

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