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Haven't updated this in many-ous yearsy-ous...

I've got other fan fiction posted around the net - mostly Hardy Boys and the Sentinel. I've just started writing my first fan fiction (I have two others in mind, including one crossover!).

My favorite shows:

NCIS -- I love this show more than I can say. I, however, won't be happy when Michael Weatherly leaves. I love my Tony! - and now an addition. I liked his swan song episode. Tali was adorable. I won't say more (who reads these things anyway, especially for non-authors?)
OUTLANDER - loved the books first of course
SHANNARA - loved the first season! Wil was adorable.
Numb3rs (Isn't Charlie Eppes adorable?)
The Sentinel (it's not on anymore but I do have videos! )
Hunter (Another oldy but goody)
Battlestar Galactica (the original -- I DESPISE that new piece of crap)
Law and Order: Criminal Intent (Can I have my own Goren, please?)
CSI: New York (Ditto for Mac Taylor!)
The District (can't even find reruns of this one!)
Highlander (Methos all the way!)

Favorite Books/Series:
Harry Potter
Hardy Boys - the originals, blue spines, Casefiles and Supermysteries... I don't care for the Undercover Brothers or newest series...
Left Behind
The Belgariad/Mallorean The Elenium/Tamuli
Anne McCaffrey's Pern Series
Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books...
The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (I must admit, though, I hated the last book...)
Raymond Feist's books
Romance Novels by Iras Johansen (from her LoveSwept Days) and Kay Hooper (also from her Loveswept days)

The Nero Wolfe Books by Rex Stout
All of the Dick Francis and Felix Francis books (except maybe 2)


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