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Even though I love the books I question a lot of stuff then them and why JKR did some of the things she did. I don't understand why she had to kill off so many of the characters, especially Severus Snape. IMO, he was the most interesting character in the books and deserved a chance at a life that wasn't filled with sacrifice, pain and guilt. He at least deserved a better death. Who of us actually believe that the youngest potions master in the UK wouldn't have been prepared for Nagani's bite? After Arthur being bitten and almost dying he would have always carried an antidote for the bite AND would have had plenty of other potions on himself such as a blood replenisher. If you are going to kill off a smart character then please do it and let them keep their dignity intact by killing them in a way that is intelligent and doesn't make me roll my eyes over the lack of understanding you have for your own character. I don't feel that woman did that. And yes, I called her That Woman, lol. When I think about how she wrote Severus Snape that's how I feel about her. And I also hate his death because I wanted to see him and Harry have to get along after everything was said and done. I think it would have been interesting to have read about them finally coming to an understanding and having a truce. Not saying they had to love or even like each other but they both went through trauma no one else went though so the struggle to get along would have been interesting. She killed off all of Harry's potential father figures except for Arthur Weasley, who with all his children probably wouldn't have had time for Harry. I think Harry would have needed Severus, Sirius or Remus to have coped with the after affects of the war. I believe Harry would have had survivor's guilt and who knows what kind of mental issues. Who would have known how he felt better than Snape? It would really have made a better story IMO. That's why I love fanfiction. So many writers have written the kind of stories I want to read and agree with some of what I think makes more sense.

I am one of those people who saw the movies before I read the books. I like things about each of them. The books are better because they just couldn't show everything in the movies, but I love the movies too.

I am a HUGE fan of anything Alan Rickman ever did and am still devastated he passed away so young. He was so brilliant on stage and mesmerizing. Anything he did was elevated by his presence. I feel like he didn't get the respect he deserved from the acting establishment. He should have been nominated for an Oscar for Die Hard, Sense and Sensibility, Robin Hood to name a few. He will always be missed by me. I also follow Daniel Radcliffe. I love his post Harry Potter films and stage work. He has really grown in acting skill since HP. On stage he is just amazing. I love seeing him and watching him grow. He makes interesting choices in his work and I like how he chooses to do off-beat roles and roles that interest him. He's also an amazingly nice person.

I love to read, travel, theatre and writing (although I suck at it). I am also interested in film production and have worked on several independent films and shorts. Would love to do that all the time! I finished working on a short called Murder Creek as Producer and Production Manager in 2018. Working on short, Knock as producer and production manager and TV/Web series, Little Green People as producer in 2022.

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