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Hey, my name's Tendra and I'm giving this "writing fanfiction" thing a shot.

Follow me on Twitter or whatever: https://twitter.com/UmbraStorm

I have a Discord now! Feel free to join to discuss my fics and get early access to new chapters: discord(.)gg/6YwQewK

Fics I am writing/have planned:

Harry Potter and the Scrambled Sorting - In Progress - HPSS is a canon divergent story that sorts around half of the students into different houses. It's a character driven drama/humour/friendship story that will loosely follow the events of canon, albeit with several subplots of my own design. Expect increasing divergence from canon as the story goes on. Unofficial credit for its inspiration goes to Leyrann, as it was his author's notes in his fic Recursion about how "Draco belongs in Gryffindor, but this fic won't be fixing everything" that gave me the inspiration to write a fanfic of my own.

Departure from the Diary - In Progress - There aren't enough HP/f!TR fics out there. I'm doing my part to write one. Diary Riddle tries to possess Harry in the Chamber of Secrets at the end of year 2, since he already has a bit of her soul in him. Lily's protection is still active, though, so she just ends up stuck in his head, able to talk to him and possess him for brief periods of time. Highly canon compliant in Act 1 (years 3 & 4), and highly canon divergent in Act 2 (years 5 & 6).

Departure from Secrecy - Unwritten - A sequel to Departure from the Diary dealing with the inevitable collapse of the Statute of Secrecy. I have vague plans for this one, and will likely hammer out the rest as I go.

Unseen Perspective - Unpublished - A fem!Voldemort fic starting at the graveyard at the end of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Wars aren't always black and white, as Harry learns when the second war against Voldemort appears to be painted in nothing but shades of grey. Meanwhile, Voldemort is having the time of her life now that she is not only freshly corporeal, but free from the threat of the prophecy that plagued her at the end of the last war.

Unnamed Harry Potter x El Goonish Shive fic - Unwritten - Several crossover fics have a character from another series take over the DADA position in year 5. I thought writing one with Adrian Raven taking over would be fun, and I would probably include the core EGS cast (especially Pandora) later on.

And the World Shall Be Born Anew - Unwritten - Suggestion courtesy of my editor Foadar. The Durmstrang and Beauxbatons contingents bring along several younger students from various years to spectate. Among the Durmstrang students is Headmaster Karkaroff's ward, a girl whom Harry can't help but think looks vaguely similar to a spectre he faced a year ago...

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