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Well My name is Cameron or AKA ECTO-DMC. Im a Ghostbuster cos player in a State wide Charity Group the Alabama Ghostbusters and I am a DeLorean owner hence ECTO-DMC ;)

Ive been married to a wonderful woman named Donna now for 11 years (2001) we have one child a little girl who snuck up on us 4 years ago after we had decided to not have kids LOL (that learned us).

Im working on my first Story a Harry Potter Crossover between several fan favorites , namely Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars with a Bit of Doctor Who thrown in for good measure.

Story idea Harry at age 7 is almost killed dyeing for several min in fact, this puts a plan set forth by Lilly before her death that takes Harry away until age 11 when he just Shows Up at Hogwarts During the 1st years sorting. The entire story will be with a Harry who is very out going and NOT shy. There will be cannon pairing and non cannon parings as well as one of the golden trio will not be around much (I hate RON)

Basically Harry goes Hell mail through Hogwarts learning and building things from his Favorite Sci Fi shows Namely BSG and Doctor WHO, he will be a Techno Mage following in the foot steps of one of his teachers. The story will follow basic plot lines of the first 5 or so books and after Moldy shorts defeat to the stars some of the Characters will go to a Galaxy far FAR Away lol... OH did I forget Stargate :) my beta Zoe has seen my outline and her reaction was "this will be Epic on a grand scale." Im currently working on Chapter 4 I wont post until im atliest half way or more done with the story.

My 2nd story is one where Harry Grows up in a 2 family Duplex house with the Ponds (yes as in Amy Pond) as neighbors. His bed room is on the opposite side of the wall as the crack and his side of the crack is the time vortex. Harry is the same age as Amy and there the night the doctor crashes the Tardis in the back garden and watches as Amy interacts with the Doctor then harry goes out to the Tardis he feels its hurt and the Tardis gives Harry a gift that will change his life a damaged piece of Tardis Coral. Harry and Amy grow up with everyone thinking there off because they believe in the Raggity Doctor, harry helps Amy make her models and are just good friends. Harry goes off to Hogwarts at age 11 and Has the Trunk makers make his school trunk be a Police Box with charms on it to shrink it (harry wears it as a charm around his neck) rooms inside ex cetera He didn't see inside the Tardis. He puts the Coral piece in his Police box trunk and forgets about it and it grows taking over the Inside kinda but in a way harry dossent realize it, Magic makes it grow even faster. Harry Graduates and goes home the entire time he has stayed friends with Amy and tells her about Magic... Then the Doctor comes back and cant see Harry and convinces Amy Harry is a figment of her imagination adventure in sues . Harry kinda takes the place of Roy but the Crack Did something to Harry and his Magic... Rut ro what could I mean? lol

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